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Doc Rivers expects more from Celtics

Posted on: September 29, 2010 2:53 pm
Celtics coach not thrilled with C's condition, looking to compete consistently throughout the season.Posted by Matt Moore

The Celtics know the score. They know what they're doing. They know how to win titles. They have experience. They don't need practice. We're talking about practice. Okay, bad example. But training camp means very little to a team that really couldn't care less until the flowers are blooming in April. But apparently, there is a floor the Celtics shouldn't drop to, and according to Doc Rivers, they're flirting with it.

Rivers wasn't exactly blooming with pride over his older club's condition. From the Boston Globe :

"...I think that we’re not in great shape personally. I don’t think that we’ve come back in the condition that we want. So we’re going to have to come back in better shape."

This goes in tandem with other comments he made in reference to the Celtics' late-late-late last second surge last season. In essence, they lost the championship because Game 7 was on the road. Game 7 was on the road because they weren't in a position to get those wins mid-season. From the Boston Herald :

“What we did last year was play Game 7 on the road,” Rivers said. “If Game 7 was in Boston Garden it would have been very different. So that was on us. Last year was out of necessity. It wasn’t planned. It was planned if we had the injuries, then we had to make a tough call to start resting guys in the middle of the season. I hope as coach I don’t have to make that call this year."

Doc is not messing around.

What this could mean is a Celtics team that coasts less during the late winter months, a period in which the Celtics admitted they were "bored" last year. The competition is higher this year, with the Bulls, Knicks, and, you may have heard, Heat all improved considerably. As a result, Rivers likely wants to have his team back in 2008 form, seeking to destroy each and every team on the schedule. That's the kind of effort it may take this season. Rolling through Christmas and coasting through March should be a strategy of last restort, not the prototype. For all the talk of how the Celtics don't care or worry about the regular season, the C's late season swoon obviously took its toll on Rivers, who very nearly failed to return this season.

So now we get to see what kind of C's are ready for the regular season. Because it would appear that they did not dedicate themselves physically to another run over the summer. This is the time for that. The window is closing on the Celtics. If they want to toss a brick in the frame to prop it open, they're going to need to toss the pounds and work to be in the best condition they can be. The stakes are higher, now.

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Posted on: September 29, 2010 10:58 pm

Doc Rivers expects more from Celtics

Champions are in shape at training camp...Champions don't just talk about being hungry...they are hungry...

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Posted on: September 29, 2010 4:52 pm

Doc Rivers expects more from Celtics

it was the first day of training camp.  no one is in game shape at that point of the yr.  rivers is just doing what coaches do....find things to improve.  celtics will be fine with all the depth they have this yr.

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Posted on: September 29, 2010 4:35 pm

Doc Rivers expects more from Celtics

Wow, what a surprise a team with Shaq on the roster is out of condition.  Shaq hasn't been in condition since his first season with the Heat.  The big fatty will probably even have Garnett wearing a little spare tire around his gaunt frame.  That is why the Lakers ridded themselves of Shaq.  He was lazy and could not push away from the table.

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Posted on: September 29, 2010 4:31 pm

Doc Rivers expects more from Celtics

God Bless Doc always telling it the way he sees it, I watched Comcast new england last night and the only 4 players that knew what they were doing were The Big 3 and Rondo. Docs right another half a$$ed regular season this year wont cut it, When you have a roster thats more deep then the talent Miami went out and bought you have to win 60-65 games in the regular season none of this 50-55 that doesnt cut it. Doc is doing a great job already which is motivating his vetrans and preaching disipline amoungst his team, If this roster motivates and disiplines it's self and is commited to just winning no stat sh!t this could be one of the greatest celtics teams ever assembled, the 2010-2011 Celtics have the oppertunity to one of the biggest squads of hall of famers ever, we know Ray,Paul,KG and Shaq are hall of famers in about 20 yrs Rondo will be headed to the hall of fame and Jermaine O'Neal has few last career tries of bringing his name into the Hall of Fame because he has a oppertunity to Win the Championship. All in all everyone knows in new england the chant that needs to be said to motivate these guys and that is "Lets Go Celtics BEAT THE HEAT and BEAT LA!"

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