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MeloDrama Update: Clippers are a no-go

Posted on: October 15, 2010 11:59 am
Melo still looking for trade, but not to Clippers, because they are the Clippers.
Posted by Matt Moore

Hidden beneath the glossy veneer of Carmelo Anthony's 30-point, 14 rebound performance last night is the fact that the situation regarding Carmelo's trade request still looms over the team. And recent reports suggest the problem is getting worse, not better, despite Melo dropping bombs on the floor.

The Denver Post today reports of a source confirming much of what KB let us in on last week : Melo still wants out, still wants the Knicks (which isn't happening), won't take a trade to the Sixers, and the Bulls deal won't be happening if the Bulls won't give up Joakim Noah (which they won't).
The interesting takeaway from the Post is that Melo won't agree to a trade to the Clippers.

Just to put this in perspective, the superstar who is specifically looking for a trade to a major market to expand his brand refuses to be traded to the NBA's second biggest market, to play alongside Blake Griffin, Eric Gordon, and Baron Davis. There are a lot of reasons, but the biggest rhymes with Stonald Derling.

So while the Clippers are off the table along with the Sixers, Kings, Wolves, and pretty much every other small market team, the Nets keep hanging around, dangling Derrick Favors in all his glorious "might take five years to drag something productive out of him" glory. For whatever reason, the Post's source thinks the Nuggets want Favors. Seems kind of risky to hinge trading your superstar on that kid, but hey. He's supposed to be the next Tim Duncan, or whatever.

Meanwhile, the situation continues to drag on, as Denver tries to figure out what it wants that Melo will agree to. Melo's still dropping huge numbers, so there's not much pressure on them. The question is just who will cave first to the other's requirements.

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Posted on: October 17, 2010 1:07 am

MeloDrama Update: Clippers are a no-go

Sorry Magic fans but Melo does not want to be on your team. He wants either N.Y. or Chicago. The Bulls should be his only choice cause the Knicks is garbage with or without Melo.

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Posted on: October 16, 2010 6:10 pm

MeloDrama Update: Clippers are a no-go

It seems to me that Melo would be a terrific fit in Orlando.  The Magic could bundle Vince Carter with Brandon Bass, for Melo's services.  Orlando would be fierce with Howard, Lewis and Melo.  In addition to this trade, the Magic should deal Malik Allen, Quentin Richardson and Jameer Nelson to Washington for Arenas and either Josh Howard or Adam Morrison.

Adding Melo and Arenas to the Magic would give the Magic the chance to really punish folks.  The starting squad would be Duhon, Arenas, Lewis, Melo and Howard.  The second squad would have Morrison/Howard, Jason Williams, Ryan Anderson, Gortat and Pietrus.  Not too shabby of a second squad.

The only person who would complain about this deal would be Melo's wife.

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Posted on: October 16, 2010 3:34 pm

MeloDrama Update: Clippers are a no-go

Why in the hell would he want to go to N.Y., so he can be home??? Even if he did go to N.Y. he still wouldn't win a championship with Amare or CP3 or Tony Parker. The best place for him to win out of his choices is the Bulls... BOTTOM LINE!!! Carmelo may as well stay in Denver and continue to try to improve that team rather then go to N.Y. I for one will be laughing hard if he does go to the sorry as Knicks and their dysfunctional team and owners. You N.Y. homers really need to stop being delusional in thinking that everything evolves around N.Y. If Carmelo was to read this, I would have to say is... Melo if you really want to contend for a championship the Bulls is the team where you need to be. I know you are from N.Y. and all but come on man... do you really think a fragile Stoudemire CP3 or Tony Parker would beat the Heat, Magic, Celtics, or even the Bulls??? Be realistic and try to contend for a championship. Chicago is your best bet out of the teams that you would like to be traded to.

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Posted on: October 16, 2010 8:03 am

MeloDrama Update: Clippers are a no-go

What is with you Bulls fans?

I love the optimism...  however what is the use with the dreaming...  there is and has been only 1 place Melo wants to go and everyone knows he will end up there either this year or next...  NY baby!

Melo will not go to the bulls or anywhere else...  and regardless of what all the sports writers and fans of every other team have to say...  Melo is in the drivers seat on this...  he can be patient because in the end Denver either trades him to where he wants to go (Knicks) or they lose him in free agency to the Knicks and get nothing back just like Cleveland and Toronto...

Thats it!

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Posted on: October 16, 2010 1:33 am

MeloDrama Update: Clippers are a no-go

You can't blame Melo for not wanting to go to Clippers.  Historically nothing good ever happens there.  He looked a bit out of shape in Thurs. nights game.  Nuggets are not looking good.  Billups only has a couple of years left and KMart can't play 35 minutes a night anymore.  JR Smith is a big question mark and Nene is injury prone.  Maybe Carmelo should try his best to get out of there no matter what.  He is a scoring machine like Bernard King,Dr. J, and 'Nique, but regarding Bulls you need Noah for rebounding and defense.

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Posted on: October 16, 2010 12:47 am

MeloDrama Update: Clippers are a no-go

Ok, its one of two places that Melo wants to go to, thats Chicago to win or N.Y. if he has to stay in Denver for the entire year. The Bulls have a good offer on the table, Deng, Gibson, Johnson, and picks. If Denver Doesnt want Dengs contract all they have to do is find a third team that has an exception for Deng and the deal is done. If they wait any longer, and Melo wants to go to the Bulls, they might not get as much so they may as well take the Bulls offer now or get less later. Its a no brainner cause N.Y. has nothing to offer. The hate for the Bulls is rediculous.

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Posted on: October 16, 2010 12:31 am

MeloDrama Update: Clippers are a no-go

I bet by seasons end Melo is a bull. He wants outta Denver, he wants to go to a contender, the bulls have a solid offer on the table. I bet later this season if the Nuggets see that he will not resign they take this offer so they get something outta him. Deng is a solid player, and Gibson is young and has potential, and then there is Johnson. Bulls need a superstar to compliment Rose so they have a one two punch. Rose, Brewer, Melo, Boozer when he is healthy, and Noah would be a killer lineup.

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Posted on: October 15, 2010 6:41 pm

MeloDrama Update: Clippers are a no-go

You are outside your mind if you think the knicks have any potential with a center that is always hurt and a sf who after losing in ny will ask for another trade

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Posted on: October 15, 2010 6:26 pm

MeloDrama Update: Clippers are a no-go have Danillo, Randolph and Chandler still on the team. Who are the Knicks moving to get Carmelo? Eddy Cury? Danillo - and very possibly Randolph - would have to be included in the deal. Look at the Bulls offer which was rejected by Denver: Luol Deng (18 and 7 and a good defender), Taj Gibson ( 9 and 9 in an All-Rookie season), James Johnson (insert crickets chirping here), picks and cash. And Denver passed on that. It's going to cost you Randolph and Danillo or Denver is going to have to lower their expectations. And when and if they do lower them, you have to beat a very solid Bulls offer.

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Posted on: October 15, 2010 5:44 pm

Melo has Nuggets chasing their own tails!

These are some of the same hoops LBJ made Cleveland jump thru.  Cleveland did everything it could think of to save the ship.  Anthony is fully aware that he has given the Nuggets an almost improssible situation.  I think that he is sitting back perversly watching this mad experiment that he created.  Essentially, he has limited them to three teams, New York, New Jersey and Chicago. 

The Cavs went thru the same craziness, created by James reluctance to give them any information about his plans.  They went crazy trying to please him.  The Nuggets are going crazy trying to make Anthony's limitations work.  There is a big part of me that thinks that this is a game and his plans all along are to play out the year and sign with NY next July. 

If I were the Nuggets, I'd be pulling in every favor I was owed, getting people to start spreading the rumor that next season's bargaining agreement is going to cost the players a ton of money.  It doesn't matter if it is real or not, all that matters is that Anthony starts sweating out taking a MUCH lower pay day.  Then you will see that list of trade options expand significantly! 

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