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Eddie House gets his Scarface on

Posted on: October 17, 2010 2:18 pm
Edited on: October 17, 2010 5:45 pm

Miami Heat guard Eddie House is not overly concerned with your opinion. Posted by Ben Golliver.

Back on July 29, roly-poly rifleman Eddie House left the New York Knicks (after a midseason trade from the Boston Celtics) in his rear view to sign on as a free agent hired gun for the Miami Heat. The brash, plump guard made the biggest no-brainer in the history of Earth, joining a stacked roster that already included LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh and is poised to compete for an NBA title for the next 173 seasons.

House's role with the Heat isn't complicated: he will be expected to space the floor, knock down the open shot, provide some change-of-pace hustle and, apparently, go on Tony Montana style rants to keep things interesting and to ratchet up a "Heat against the world" mentality.

Ethan J. Skolnick of the Palm Beach Post says good night to Miami's new bad guy.

"I think, you know what, honestly, I don't give a (expletive) about nobody else on the outside," House said. "It doesn't matter about anybody out there. I don't care what their expectations are. We have our expectations and our goals. We are going to achieve them. That's the bottom line."

 "So, at the end of the day, middle fingers to all the haters," House said.

In the big screen rendition of this scene, I think Heat forward Juwan Howard could fill in nicely as Chico, the quiet, mature, mustachioed bodyguard who keeps Eddie House from breaking any laws or turning over too many dining room tables.

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Posted on: October 18, 2010 11:42 am

Eddie House gets his Scarface on

"roly-poly rifleman", "The brash, plump guard"
Hey Edward, stop flipping off the world and get your roly poly plump ass into shape so you can help brush Mike Miller's beautiful flowing locks every time out. Another little guy running his mouth, so typical.

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Posted on: October 17, 2010 3:14 pm

Eddie House gets his Scarface on

Eddie House is a career 41% shooter.  Averages over 7 pts. a game during regular season and just over 4 a game in the playoffs.  So why are there articles written about him? If he doesn't average at least 10 pts. a game this year he will have no excuses.  He should be like Sedale Threatt or Wes Matthews Sr. back in the day

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