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Jersey needs to bail on Melo

Posted on: December 14, 2010 11:59 am
Edited on: December 14, 2010 8:47 pm
As reports surface that Carmelo may still be amiable to the Nets, we ask the question: should the Nets be amiable to Melo?
Posted by Matt Moore

UPDATE: Now that the Nets have acquired two more picks in order to try and sweeten the deal , the Nets have commited themselves fully to this enterprise. In doing so, they're hedging more of their future on trying to land the forward All-Star, while a source told's Ken Berger, "they can't get it done." The Nets are like that business owner who's staff is revolting and isn't turninga profit but keeps trying to buy expensive new curtains instead of changing the product to try and lure customers. The crusade continues. At this point, even if they are able to force a trade through, you have to wonder what they're going to be surrendering in terms of future assets.

Reports have come tumbling in with the tumbling tumbleweeds that the Nets are not out of the Carmelo Anthony race. They remain interested in the acquisition of Melo, and officials have met to discuss the matter. 

Here's the thing. 

They shouldn't be. 

(For more on the Melo situation with New York, read Ken Berger's latest update .)

That ship has sailed, and it's time to move on for the Nets. At this point, New Jersey isn't just trying to jam a square peg into a round hole, they're trying to stuff $17 million in there as well. The problem that exists now isn't one of a deal. It's not about trying to convince Denver to take Derrick Favors, two first round picks, and whatever leftover assets they want thrown in. That's not the problem here. It's a problem. It's just not the problem. No, instead, New Jersey is trying to acquire a star that doesn't want to play for them. And if you don't have a star for more than five months, you don't really have a star to start with. 

Throughout this process, Carmelo Anthony has maintained the inside track on the steering wheel of this vehicle (I'm mixing metaphors; roll with it; I'm doing it again). He's been in control the entire way in terms of directing how this thing has been led. If Anthony had decided that Newark, and later Brooklyn, was the right place to plant his flag for the new empire of Melo, all he would have to do is inform Denver that was the case, that he would not re-sign in Denver, and they would likely start extorting the most assets out of New Jersey, including possibly a series of brand new Yo! cars. (Note: They could not actually trade for Yo! cars. But if they could, you can bet Donald Sterling would be dishing for one, possibly in exchange for Eric Gordon.)

What's missed in this situation, as it was in LeBron's situation, is how easy it is for Melo to decide it. Sure, Denver holds his rights, and can ship him off to basketball Siberia if they want (say hey, David Kahn). But they won't. Because doing so damages relations with the next star they try and acquire. It damages relations with all of Carmelo Anthony's agent's clients (and that's a list of people you don't want to alienate). And it damages their relations with their current players who wonder if the same will happen to them. It's not plausible. So you try and make the best of the situation, get what you can, and go forward. 

But Melo hasn't done that. He hasn't assented. He's remained on the fence. He's seeing three teams (at least) jostle and struggle and bend over backwards trying to acquire his services. He's holding his own in-season version of what LeBron did for two weeks in July, holding court. He's just doing it behind the scenes. And he knows where he wants to go. There could be somewhere else he wants to go. But there's not. Because if there was, he'd be there by now. 

Meanwhile, the Nets are hijacking themselves, their season, and their future, trying to figure out how to get Melo. Guys know they could be moved at any time, as soon as Melo gives his OK to an extend-and-trade to New Jersey. But what's worse is that the way that the Nets are still showing interest in a player who isn't 100% interested in them. This isn't to say that players don't change their minds when they arrive somewhere. But it is to say that if you want to build a championship team, you need leadership that wants to take your team, your team  to the title. And Anthony at this point is looking for a comfy situation where he can get good endorsement deals. It's possible that in two years, the Nets will be in a position to offer that. But they can't now. 

Finally, this could end up being a blessing in disguise. In 2012, under whatever bizarre new CBA world we're living in, the following players could be free agents: Chris Paul, Derrick Rose, Dwight Howard, Russell Westbrook, and Kevin Love, among others. While pulling Derrick Rose out of Chicago would require a pretty big crowbar, Paul and Howard have both shown reticence to commit to a team that won't contend. Westbrook may eventually tire of being Robin to Durant's Batman, and Kevin Love ... well, Kevin Love plays for the Timberwolves

There are other options out there, and perhaps by that time, with the team in Brooklyn (no offense to the Garden State), and a more established hierarchy of who to build around, the Nets can move forward. Right now, they're trying to force their way into a superstar's heart. You have to take your opportunities where you can find them. But you also can't force the hot person to date you when they seem so interested in flirting with your sibling. 

Time to walk away, comrades.


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Posted on: December 16, 2010 12:52 pm

Jersey needs to bail on Melo

Carmelo will ultimately decide where he wants to go. I believe he will end up getting traded to the knicks before the deadline because carmelo will refuse to sign the extension otherwise therefore making any other teams attempt at getting him pointless because he will only be there for the remainder of the season. Carmelo has made it very clear he wants to be on the knicks and no where else. And another thing. I dont get what the big deal is whith the nets moving to brooklyn. They will be playing in an area no different then newark(a dump), they will always be the second class team in ny(just like the mets are to the yankees, islanders are to the rangers and jets are to the giants or like the clippers are to the lakers), they will always be in the knicks shadow and the knicks will always be New York Cities team not the nets. The should have just taken there sorry act somewhere else, somewhere far away.

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Posted on: December 15, 2010 8:03 pm

Jersey needs to bail on Melo

eLone, you're really dense. Melo's not a Knick cause they don't have what Denver wants. There never was any serious discussions between the teams. On the other hand, the Nets already offered a package that Denver was interested in, had a third team involved, and did everything under the sun to get him. Melo doesn't want to play in a swamp, or in Crooklyn, period!

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Posted on: December 15, 2010 10:56 am

Jersey needs to bail on Melo

Amen.  I am a big Nets fans, as much as 'Melo is the perfect player at the perfect position for my team [whose offense consists right now of one single play - Harris (when he's no hurt every 3rd game) driving to the basket, getting stopped, and then either 1) passing the ball to a triple-teamed Lopez down low that will get stolen, 2), passing out to Morrow or Outlaw for a 3-pointer that will only get made 25% of the time, or 3) Harris heaving up  a wild shot himself that will clang off the rim with 80% certainty] if 'Melo does not want to play here, than stop trying to force the issue. Let it Go !!!!! He's not going to play here right now, and Chris Paul is not coming with him.

Let him go to the Knicks and him mess up the first decent chemistry they have had in a decade.  Soon after, Amare's knee will give out again, just like everybody expected in the first place, 'Melo will start crying like the spolied whiner he is proving to be right now, and then he will beg the Nets to take him along when they go to Brooklyn.

Let's hope hope the Nets are not stupid and actually realize this. I can only hope they are really trying to dupe the other teams into thinking they are acquiring these picks in order to snag 'Melo now, when they actually are trying to get these assets in hopes of putting the rest of the team in place NOW for a run at 'Melo and Paul LATER, after their MSG Dream Team goes up in smoke..or at least that is how it goes in a Nets fan's dreams. Sadly, the reality is that we are probably going to wind up with a few more <20 win seasons, and Mikhail will sell the team.

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Posted on: December 15, 2010 2:29 am

Jersey needs to bail on Melo

Rose cant thrive without the ball...Amare can. Neither are a great fit as Melos wingman though.

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Posted on: December 14, 2010 5:15 pm

Jersey needs to bail on Melo

The idea that if Melo would've gone to the Nets, he'd be a Net - is ridiculous. Hey, Melo wants to be a Knick, but he's not a Knick - so where's the logic?  Denver hesitated on the original trade.

And did you really just say that Melo + Rose can't co-exist?  You do realize that same logic would mean Amar'e + Melo can't co-exist right?

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Posted on: December 14, 2010 4:07 pm

Jersey needs to bail on Melo

Jersey also needs to bail on Snooki.

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Posted on: December 14, 2010 3:58 pm

Jersey needs to bail on Melo

Oh, and I can guarantee he won't end up in NJ, if he was going to it would have happened already.  Denver loses leverage and value as time goes on.  Also anyone who thinkg Melo won't play this out to the end should see Cliff Lee with regard to the importance of living where you heart tells you to., Melo is going to make a lot of

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Posted on: December 14, 2010 3:43 pm

Jersey needs to bail on Melo

Yes, I can tell you he wouldn't be in just as good a situation with the Bulls.  Melo and Derrick Rose both need to dominate the ball starting outside the arc to be effective.  Melo actaully fits into New York very well, contrary to a lot of peoples assesment, think abou tit this way, he is a better version of Wilson Chandler, the two have very similarly styled games.

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Posted on: December 14, 2010 12:36 pm

Jersey needs to bail on Melo

Sorry don't agree with the logic here. Melo has always included the Nets and Bulls on the list of teams he wants to play for. The fact that he wants to play for the Knicks the most doesn't mean the Nuggets should grant his wish, especially since he's bailing on the organization while he's still under contract.

A good look at a player who didn't want to get traded to a struggling team is Jason Kidd. He was sent to the Nets and was very unhappy about it. However, they suddenly started winning thanks to his elite play, and went to two NBA Finals. He then extended his contract and was happy until ownership changed and the commmitment to winning disappeared from the organization.

If the Bulls and Nets can offer a better package for Melo, then they should do it. If he doesn't want to sign the extension with them, he can stay in Denver. If he wants to bail out on guaranteed money with the looming CBA, then he can take that risk.

Nuggets have a lot of leverage here, especially after Melo said the extension is his #1 priority. Just because he wants the Knicks doesn't mean he'll get them. Can anyone tell me he wouldn't be in just as good a situation with the Bulls?

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