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Shootaround 12.16.10: A tale of two celebrations

Posted on: December 16, 2010 10:11 am
Posted by Royce Young
  • Mike Lupica of the New York Daily News: "They came down the stretch the way they did Wednesday night, into all the noise that kept rolling in from the past, out of the collective memory of the place. And on this night, it wasn't just the Knicks who were back like this, big as they were Wednesday night and big as they have been this season, but the Knicks vs. Celtics was back, too. It was as much a part of the Magic of the night as anything else. LeBron and them are here Friday night. It can't be better than what the Garden saw Wednesday night from the Knicks and Celtics. And what it felt. And what it remembered most of all. ... Twelve seconds left. Celtics ball. Game still tied. Knicks and the Celtics, going toe to toe again. All that. The last time they both had good records this late into a season was 18 years ago. When Doc Rivers, now the Celtics coach, was still a Knick. The ball ended up in Pierce's hands. Stoudemire ended up on him, right side. Pierce stepped back, made it. Four-tenths of a second left. Pierce ran a victory lap around the Garden. Finally the ball was in Stoudemire's hands again, then it was in the air. Then through the net. Ten years after the last basketball nights we had like this, one second too late."
  • John Canzano of The Oregonian: "I've advocated for a bold move from the front office. And as I'm shouting into the halls at One Center Court, what I hear in response is a mostly empty echo. Feels a lot like the big moves and major decisions are Seattle-driven and out of the hands of general manager Rich Cho. And so it's again incumbent upon owner Paul Allen to make a shift and redirect the franchise, as he did in giving up on his Jail Blazers Era. End this Frail Blazers era. The priority needs to be on collecting reliable players with healthy knees and keeping them that way. The longer the Blazers cling to the current roster, the longer they insist this can be salvaged by waiting it out, the longer they lean on wishing and not on sound basketball business, the longer it will take Portland to escape itself."
  • Seth of Posting and Toasting on the New York-Boston game: "Ugh. It's been over half an hour, I've taken my postgame shower, and I'm still a wreck. I think Joamiq summed up how a lot of us felt after that ending. Had Paul Pierce 's game-winning step-back J been the end of the story, I'd be okay right now. It was a bummer, but I saw that one coming. What I didn't see coming was a spot-on Amar'e Stoudemire three that sent me into a screaming, windmilling frenzy before I realized it was launched well after the buzzer sounded. The human nervous system is not equipped to deal with such an emotional swing."
  • Ryan DeGama of CelticsHub: "But to look at it from another angle, this was a superbly entertaining game in no small part because of the unrelenting offensive pressure the Celtics and Knicks applied to the other’s defense. What basketball fan wouldn’t enjoy this game? Both teams moved the ball, made cuts for layups, hit their jumpers, pushed the ball in transition, snagged offensive rebounds, hit crazy shots off the dribble – basically all the things you could want from an offense."
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