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Magic / Suns / Wizards trades: winners & losers

Posted on: December 18, 2010 4:08 pm
Edited on: August 14, 2011 9:41 pm
Who are the winners and losers of Saturday's trades between the Orlando Magic, Phoenix Suns and Washington Wizards? Posted by Ben Golliver john-wall-steve-nash Earlier Saturday, the Orlando Magic, Phoenix Suns and Washington Wizards agreed on trades that sent tons of pieces moving
That's a lot to take in. So who are the winners and losers of Saturday's trades?'s senior NBA writer Ken Berger and the NBA Facts & Rumors team weighs in round table style.

Ken Berger --  Hedo Turkoglu: He was lazy and inconsistent in Toronto, and didn't fit in at all in Phoenix. So what does he get to go with his $45 million? He gets traded to a contender, of course. And not just a contender, but the contender whose style and surroundings fit his game and personality. I don't know if Hedo can just flip the switch and go back to being the 2008-09 Hedo, but I know this: No knock on Jay Triano or Alvin Gentry, but Turkoglu will be held to a higher standard by Stan Van Gundy. Stan knows what an engaged, motivated Hedo can do, and he won't accept any less. And Hedo would be embarrassed if he gave any less to the organization that was gracious enough to have him back after he bolted on them for free agency, where the grass most definitely was not greener. Royce Young -- John Wall: He's been quietly waiting for the keys to the car and now he finally gets them. Ernie Grunfield and Flip Saunders tried to convince people Gilbert Arenas and Wall could co-exist in some kind of super-backcourt. And really, they probably could've, but this was more about the symbolic gesture of handing over the reins to Wall. He was never looking over his shoulder at Arenas, but now there's no question as to what's going on in Washington. It's full on rebuilding around Wall and that's got to make the top pick feel good about where he's at and where his team is headed.  Matt Moore -- Jason Richardson: Richardson shot a lot of threes in Phoenix. He'll shoot a lot of threes in ORlando. But now he'll do it on a team with the best center in basketball, and be in a position to be the guy down the stretch on an Eastern Conference Finalist team. While the Magic don't run and gun like Phoenix and Golden State have, he excelled in Larry Brown's Charlotte too. This gives him the ability to make the most of his prime and he should get plenty of looks. If he can run the pick and roll to any degree with Dwight Howard, he could be looking at the best year of his career.  Ben Golliver -- Marcin Gortat: There's nothing worse than watching a talented, agile, physical big man rotting away on the bench, and that's exactly what was happening in Orlando, as Gortat rode the pine behind MVP candidate Dwight Howard for the first four years of his NBA career. There was talk that Gortat would get pried away in free agency, but the Magic chose to retain him, and it probably felt to him like he would never get a shot. Instead, Gortat is headed to a team that desperately needs his defense and rebounding and is sure to give him plenty of playing time. He's also uniting with an elite point guard in Steve Nash, who will make his life easy on offense. Surely, Gortat's patience is about to pay off in a big way.  Losers

Ken Berger -- Alvin Gentry: The Suns' coach goes from scaring the Lakers in the Western Conference Finals to losing Amar'e Stoudemire to now losing J-Rich. But hey, he gets to coach Vince Carter. (Vince is a nice guy, but he's just playing out the string.) Who's next to go, Steve Nash? Well, yeah, he could be. If the Suns are in rebuilding/cost-cutting mode, I wouldn't rule anything out. Gentry deserves better. Matt Moore -- Ernie Grunfeld: That's it? We know Gilbert Arenas was untradeable. We forgive you for that. But to not get a pick or cash? Here's a question. Has Grunfeld won any trade in the past three years? Have they improved with any decision he's made outside of drafting John Wall, which was un-screw-up-able? Wizards fans weren't going to win in this trade, but Ted Leonsis may want to take a look if this is a business move, why they didn't really make that much money overall on it.  Ben Golliver -- Rashard Lewis: First, the prep-to-pro's talents and numbers fell off a cliff, and now he goes from Orlando, one of the league's championship contenders, to the Wizards, a Southeast Division basement dweller. Expectations for Lewis are starting off abysmally low and his fit is questionable, as Washington's frontcourt includes Andray Blatche, who plays heavy minutes, and rookie forwards Trevor Booker and Kevin Seraphin, who will need playing time going forward if they are to develop. Washington also has youngsters on the wing, so a full-time shift of Lewis to the small forward position isn't particularly ideal for rebuilding efforts either. Given the length of his contract, he is sure to be the bane of Wizards' fans existences, which is no fun, because he was able to hide out reasonably well in small-market Orlando, thanks to the team's winning and the large shadow cast by Howard. Royce Young -- Steve Nash: Nash has already expressed some level of disappointment with Jason Richardson leaving for Orlando on Twitter, saying, "Everyone wish [Richardson] the best in Orlando. Great player and great teammate! He will be missed. Damn." But now it's clear the Suns are trying to begin some sort of rebuilding project, something the 36-year-old Nash can't be excited about. The Suns almost made the NBA Finals last season behind the quality scoring of Richardson and now they get a near washed-up Vince Carter. Can't feel good for Nash right now as he sees his window closing quickly. 

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Posted on: December 18, 2010 8:30 pm

Magic / Suns / Wizards trades: winners & losers

Excuse me sure, do you watch basketball at all? If you do then you would know that Arenas doesn't wear the number zero anymore

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Posted on: December 18, 2010 8:26 pm

Magic / Suns / Wizards trades: winners & losers

Have to respond to a few comments. Firstly Carter is spineless and heartless so even if his numbers go up it will only be because Nash is feeding him like the baby he is. Carter is one of those guys with tons of potential but he never wanted to win badly enough. Now he is slower and older.

Arenas will be on a short leash and if he does not behave Dwight and the Magic will pummell him. He also already has a solid relationship with Magic management. He is a huge talent- will he be a Vick or a TO? Time will tell.

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Magic / Suns / Wizards trades: winners & losers

Absolutely love this deal...First you get Turk to run the pick and roll with D`12 again, second J-rich and Arenas will be able to add much needed scoring, and lastly bye shard you were great a couple of years ago but not now give us a month or so and the Magic will be a improved team.

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Posted on: December 18, 2010 6:48 pm

Magic / Suns / Wizards trades: winners & losers

I don't think Vince Carter is washed-up, yet.  I think he counts as one of the winners here.  He's leaving a coach and system that has no idea how to use him.  And, he's going to a place where Steve Nash is.  Expect Carter's scoring to go back up to career norms.

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Posted on: December 18, 2010 6:46 pm

Magic / Suns / Wizards trades: winners & losers


I have an idea as a Mavs fan... Yes Steve Nash back to the Mavs... He could share minutes with Jason Kidd and give the Mavs the extra piece to win the west.  Dirk would be the happiest player in the NBA and it would work.

What would it cost.....

My Guess it would cost you.  

1. JJ Barrera
2. C Butler or Marrion to make the Money work
3. Rodney B.. ( that french gaurd )
and maybe a first rounder

Why would Phoenix do it ?  They have thrown the towel in already with moves today. They get a good back up Gaurd in JJ, Rodney will be an above average Gaurd for future, expiring contact in Butler, and a pick..

Why not do it.. Lastly Steve has been great for the Suns and being he is on his last legs, why not get something for him.  They are not winning this year or any time soon.....

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Posted on: December 18, 2010 6:33 pm

Magic / Suns / Wizards trades: winners & losers

In one swipe the Magic rid themselves of Rashad and Vince. With these two guys, their mediocre indifferent play, the Magic go nowhere. Now the slate is wiped clean- they picked up lots of baggage in return but I think the baggage can be handled by Van Gundy.

Gilbert, leave your guns at home, Jason- fire away and Hedo- Van Gundy- give him the gears when he gets slack.

What was Washington thinking? Taking on an ineffective overpaid wanna be for Arenas? Better to take a few drafct picks and keep your options open.

Suns- put Nash out of his misery and trade him too.

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Magic / Suns / Wizards trades: winners & losers

Gentry deserves better? This guy is a clown. The only reason he gets jobs, is the teams hiring him have no standards. This guy can't coach his way out of a paper bag. What's his life time record Berger?

Arenas will go to Orlando and mess up whatever chemistry they had. He's the TO of the NBA. The number zero on his back is his IQ.

Stan Van Gundy can have Nash, Kobe, Durant, Howard and Anthony and he'd still find a way to choke in the post-season. He's a fatheaded, hotheaded loser. Jeff has all the coaching ability in that family. All Stan got was the hair.

Vince Carter is  Dominique Wilins redux. He's all flash, no substance and most of all ringless.

Turkoglu is a decent player. He'll help the Magic, but somehow his coach will find a way to misuse him.

Washington is a joke. Phoenix has thrown in the towel. Orlando is a very talented team with a coach who is better at driving a Pinto then a Porshe. In the end, all these players will be watching Boston and LA play again in the NBA Finals.

So as far as this deal goes... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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Posted on: December 18, 2010 5:25 pm

Magic / Suns / Wizards trades: winners & losers

Zards traded one overpriced bum for another, but they get a year or maybe two years off their cap-killing contract commitments.  It moves one year (or maybe two years) closer the day they can be players in the FA market.  Lewis is only there as a byproduct of the shaving of a year off the cap-killing Arenas contract.  BTW, Matt Moore, Grunfeld won the Hinrich trade BIG time. 

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