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Lakers kill Cavs, LeBron says 'Karma is a b*****'

Posted on: January 12, 2011 12:58 am
Edited on: January 12, 2011 1:39 am
Posted by Royce Young

I could've sworn I was watching the opening round of the NCAA tournament there for a second. I just knew this had to be a 1-seed pummeling an overmatched 16.

But no, it was actually two professional teams playing, with only one actually playing. The Lakers topped the Cavaliers 112-57 Tuesday. That's a 55-point margin right there. A five and then another five after it. Fifty-five points. The Cavs scored 57 points and the Lakers beat them by 55. That's got to be some kind of something .

What does the coach of a team that just lost by 55 and scored only 57 points say? I bet Byron Scott probably didn't even go to the locker room after the game. He probably just walked straight to the team bus and waited until everyone else got on.

But what does LeBron James tweet while the Cavs take the worst beating in franchise history? Something like this:

"Crazy. Karma is a b****.. Gets you every time. Its not good to wish bad on anybody. God sees everything!"

Maybe it was a coincidence and LeBron wasn't even aware of the Cavs-Lakers game. Maybe he was talking about something entirely different. Or maybe he really is embracing this villain thing. I bet if LeBron could've tweeted that in Comic Sans, he would've.

He told us he was taking mental notes. He heard all the noise talked about him. But it does seem a bit weird to gloat about his old team taking such a walloping, doesn't it? I mean yes, he is playing for the hottest team in basketball. The Heat are clearly awesome. But to take joy in probably the most embarrassing loss in Cavalier history? Doesn't that just seem... cruel?

But then again, LeBron has to take some kind of satisfaction out of this. He did hear a lot coming from Cleveland about his decision to leave. He heard the boos. He heard the stuff being said about his family. He read Dan Gilbert's letter. He heard the chant, saw the signs, read the tweets coming at him. He's human. He felt all of that. So in his defense, this had to feel a bit vindicating for him. He took a lot out on them when he came back and dropped 38 in Cleveland's face, but it hasn't been this bad for the Cavs yet this season.

Still, this is just petty. It's unecessary. It's salt in an amputated leg. We all know the Cavs have fallen on hard times since LeBron's departure. He doesn't really need to point it out. And evidently, he thinks it's God's wrath for all the nasty things people said. I'm pretty sure God isn't punishing the Cavs because of what happened in The Decision fallout. Though Clevelanders might feel like they're being punished for something at this point.

There have been a lot of low points for the Cavaliers since LeBron left. It started with the beatdown following The Return, then the team lost 10 straight. But this game has to be rock bottom. I don't think it gets any worse for Cleveland. This is their 11th straight loss and the 21st out of 22. And not only that, it's a 55-point destruction in which their former favorite son tweeted about karma and God hating them.

(For the Lakers though, this is the lowest amount of points allowed in franchise history, topping the 66 allowed to the Bobcats. I guess the Lakers are getting back on track.)

But I guess Cavs fans can still take this one with them: The largest margin of victory in NBA history? The Cavs over the Heat in 1991 by 68, 148-80. So there's still that, Cleveland.

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Posted on: January 12, 2011 7:06 pm

Lakers kill Cavs, LeBron says 'Karma is a b*****'

"You know what, here in Cleveland I barely even hear LeBron mentioned outside of ESPN.  Seems the city has moved on.

I guess LeBron has not.  Gee, ya think it's because he knows he made a big mistake?  Only the tough survive here....... Thus Lebron went bye bye."

Made a bit mistake really because any Cleveland team has ever done anything significant. Let's be real Cleveland in all sports is terrible and have been. They have won nothing in any sport and his only big mistake was ever thinking he could win a championship in a crapbox town like that. One of the biggest big city slums of the US. I'm not a Lebron fan but for all the crap your pos owner was all about I'm glad he rubbed it in your face. The only reason he was so pissed other then your team is piss now is his frachise value fell so far.

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Posted on: January 12, 2011 7:00 pm

Lakers kill Cavs, LeBron says 'Karma is a b*****'

With LeBron Cavs 97 Lakers 112.   At the rate he was going his career would've been over by age 30.  Good decision on his part.  Just wish Barry Sanders would've done what LeBron did, we may have seen him break more records.

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Posted on: January 12, 2011 6:58 pm

Lakers kill Cavs, LeBron says 'Karma is a b*****'

The city of Clevelend obviously is not over it...they are just too damn ashamed to say anything.
What are they going to say?   This team made Lebron?
LBJ made this team, and put this city on the map.
The Pistons are better than the Cavs, that is sad.   The Lions are better than the Browns.   The Wings are better then whoever.   And the last time I saw the Indians win was in Major League.

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Posted on: January 12, 2011 6:48 pm

Lakers kill Cavs, LeBron says 'Karma is a b*****'

I find this hilarious! The silly LeBron was cool, but the big bad meany LeBron is great. He doesn't care what people think anymore and he's just playing his game.. love it.

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Posted on: January 12, 2011 6:40 pm

Lakers kill Cavs, LeBron says 'Karma is a b*****'

you are truly a dumbass. how can u sit there and even compare those three to lebron. he's right behind KD in scoring while playing alongside Wade, (who by the way is better than Durant himself), Rose averages barely an assist more then him a game even tho he's a damn point guard, and how is Melo even in the conversation. someone needs to smack ur mother for raising someone as stupid as you.

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Posted on: January 12, 2011 6:24 pm

Lakers kill Cavs, LeBron says 'Karma is a b*****'

Okay I am now coming to the conclusion that the NBA has become similar to the WWE in that everything is planned out ahead of time by script writers. Just as there are villians in WWE they have now written Lebron James in as the villian of the NBA. There is no other possible explination of comments like that. Hey Lebron, remember your own words about Karma when you lose in the playoffs because you were obviously wishing bad on the Cavs, the team that supported you for years. I can't wait until the finals when the script writers of the NBA have Kevin Durant outplay the Heat and become the new chosen one.

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Posted on: January 12, 2011 6:17 pm

Lakers kill Cavs, LeBron says 'Karma is a b*****'

Hey Cleveland, perhaps next time he is playing in your town you can actually man up and make him regret getting off the plane.  Remember, not all criminal records last forever.

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Posted on: January 12, 2011 6:15 pm

Lakers kill Cavs, LeBron says 'Karma is a b*****'

LeBron is an egotistical jerk who ran all of the sports in cleveland the people have moved on because we decided its for the best that he left we always bounce back and its better because we dont have 1 sports figure who is cocky and doesnt think anything of the area he grew up in. If karma really is a bitch LeBron will win nothing in Miami and he will turn out "30 years old with bad knees and no rings". Leberon will never be considered even close to the best never be compared to jordan, bird, or kobe again because he has to have his "friends" instead of a good overall team. Hint Hint Basketball is a team sport 3 people cannot win a champoinship by themselves.

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Posted on: January 12, 2011 6:11 pm

Lakers kill Cavs, LeBron says 'Karma is a b*****'

Karma? That idiot James doesn't have a clue about Karma. It's the good and bad acts of one's life. LeBron has never had a good act. He's the ultimate selfish, self-centered athlete wgho believes the world revolves around him. I mean who else can make Kobe likeable again?

In the end the Heat will lose to either Boston or Orlando and LeBron will again have no ring. He will be the Dan Marino of basketball. How's that you neanderthal?

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Posted on: January 12, 2011 5:46 pm

Lakers kill Cavs, LeBron says 'Karma is a b*****'

LEBRON WON THE WAR!!  It's over, Dan Gilbert is a joke of human beings...and Dan deserves a lot worse than this.

What war?  Also, despite not being an uber-talented 6-9, 275 lb. basketball player, Dan Gilbert has created a multi-million dollar empire that includes a mortgage lending company, an NBA basketball franchise and a soon to be built casino in downtown Cleveland.  Perhaps, as a Detroit fan, you are jealous that he left the only major city in America worse than Cleveland (detroit) and became on of us.  Sorry.  But at least you have hockey..... because a whole lot of people care about hockey.......  yup.

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