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Baron Davis is dunking and the Clips are winning

Posted on: January 13, 2011 11:15 am
Posted by Royce Young

It seems like it's been years since we've had a quality Baron Davis dunk. Seems like the last one stuck in my brain is his cram over Andrei Kirilenko when he was still with Golden State.

But last night against the Heat, Baron turned back the clock and stuffed one over Miami.

This makes three consecutive good games for Davis after starting the season relatively slow. Against the Heat, Davis had 20 points and nine assists and I think only one dribble-the-shot-clock-out-and-shoo
t-a-3 play. Progress!

But it's becoming evident as the Clippers start to win a little that Davis is absolutely vital in their success. He doesn't have to go for 20 and nine every night, but having him locked in and focused is big. He's got to be there to steady the ship when things get crazy. Like last night against the Heat, the Clippers led by 21. Naturally, they blew this lead.

Instead of completely wilting though, Davis was there to assert control and get his young guys where they needed to be. He hit a huge runner in the lane late, made some nice passes for easy looks and just played a stellar game.

The big knock on Davis has always been his desire and focus, but he looks rejuvinated to me. Playing with Blake Griffin and lobbing him all those oops seems to have Davis having fun again. The Clips' awful, horrible start to the season will essentially doom 2010-11, but there's a lot to play for. Los Angeles is now 13-24 and winner of eight of 11. They've beat six teams over .500. For reference, the Heat have beat eight. They have wins over the Thunder, the Heat, the Spurs, Chicago and beat New Orleans when it was the best in the league.

It's just about consistency for this young Clipper team. I thought Kenny Smith put it great last night on NBATV. He said that the Clippers have to start playing the course, not the opponent. In golf you don't worry about who you're paired with. You worry about the hole you're on. The Clippers clearly bring some extra focus and energy when they're playing a big name team. If they brought that against everyone, then they wouldn't have started the way they did.

But let's fantasize for a moment. What kind of record would the eight-seed in the West have this year? Right now Portland is eighth and hovering around .500. So let's say 41-41 gets you into the postseason. That would mean the Clips would need to go 28-17 the rest of the way. Doesn't that seem totally possible right now? Heck, I could see them going 30-15 at this point if they start playing every night.

Again, that's fantasy. The Clips could easily come back to earth and lose six straight at the drop of a hat. Young teams a like that. Combustible. There is a lot of talent there and while the hole might be too deep to get out of this year, there's at least a real reason to be excited about what's to come for the other tenant at Staples.

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Posted on: January 13, 2011 9:02 pm

Baron Davis is dunking and the Clips are winning

Clippers are the hottest team in LA. You can't find Clippers Jersies anywhere.....

Lakers stuff is just sittin' on the shelf.

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Posted on: January 13, 2011 1:56 pm

Baron Davis is dunking and the Clips are winning

Finally, the bulb has clicked on again for Davis. Davis, for pretty much his entire tenure here has been a major bust. He is to blame for his conditioning/lack of energy/motivation, but what I think is the difference over the past few weeks has been the style of play. Dunleavy tried to turn Davis into a half-court player. That is not what Davis is about. He is an elite up-tempo/running PG and that's what he needs to do to fully realize his skill-set and unfortunately motivation. We finally have the goods around him to run and the willingness to let him do it. I too agree, he is a key cog to the success of this team going forward, and while the playoffs maybe aren't realistic this year ( I could see us winning 28-30 coming home, but lets not forget the 11 GAME ROADTRIP in Feb = pure brutal ), with a little luck in the health dept. and no strange mis-management going forward ( and perhaps dealing Kaman for a Prince type deal ), this team could be an elite power real quick.

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