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Arenas' comments forced Leonsis to trade him?

Posted on: February 4, 2011 2:47 pm
Posted by Royce Young

Ted Leonsis went on record saying he didn't want to see Gilbert Arenas traded and that Arenas was part of the Wizards long term future.

And then Arenas was traded a few weeks later.

Most saw it as the usual NBA person says one thing and doesn't mean it story, but according to Michael Lee of the Washington Post, Leonsis really didn't want to see Arenas moved, until Arenas started talking.

The idea of trading Arenas was given a thumbs up after Leonsis became angry with some comments from the point guard. Lee writes: "A person with knowledge of the situation said Leonsis became upset after hearing that Arenas was telling those close to him that a home loss to the Los Angeles Lakers would be his final game in a Wizards uniform and that he was likely headed to Orlando. The comment was a surprise to Leonsis, according to the source, because he was unaware of any trade discussions involving Arenas. Arenas played the next game, a loss in New Jersey, but was dealt two days later."

Honestly, I don't really get it. So Leonsis was upset because Arenas thought he was going to be traded? I'm sure he did because his name was associated with a ton of rumors and after the Wizards, you know, drafted John Wall, Arenas became expendable.

But maybe Leonsis was looking for a reason to move Arenas and he found it because of the comments. Who knows.

Arenas returns to Washington for the first time tonight as the Wizards host the Magic. Arenas was of course dealt to Orlando Dec. 18 for Rashard Lewis.

I'm sure there's no hard feelings on Arenas' side of things because he was very appreciative of the Wizards when he left. He had some good years there accompanied by some serious turmoil, but was always a fan favorite.

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Posted on: February 4, 2011 6:33 pm

Arenas' comments forced Leonsis to trade him?

      The Lizards are much better off without Arenas and his stupid shenanigains.  Let Orlando deal with him and his outrageous salary.

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Posted on: February 4, 2011 4:30 pm

Arenas' comments forced Leonsis to trade him?

As good a player Arenas is, and as much as he did for the Wizards franchise, his ultimate downfall (outside of the whole handgun routine) was that he never learned to keep mum. Sure, a lot of ballers are outspoken, but it's not very often that one will supersede their place in the hierarchy of the team to the degree Arenas did. You'll expect a smart mouth like him to talk trash about things related directly to games, as he overshot his pull within the organization. He's a player, he should talk about games, leave the managerial talk to managers and maybe coaches.
As a relation to the real world, because let's face it, the NBA is not reflective of the real world, would you speak to a media outlet, being highly critical and cynical about something that the VP of your company is working on behind closed doors? Of course not. You don't undermine the hierarchy of the system without facing some kind of repercussions for it. Outside of Kobe, Dirk, and Tim Duncan, I don't think any player in the NBA would has the pull with their organization to be able to get away with saying something like that and not cause a huge ruckus.

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