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The league shifts a blind eye to Garnett

Posted on: February 7, 2011 11:36 am
Edited on: February 7, 2011 11:51 am
League holds responsibility for setting guidelines on behavior as Garnett continues to ratchet up his behavior. 
Posted by Matt Moore

Kevin Garnett is a jerk.  At least, on the floor he is. He's known as a wonderful, sweet man off the floor. But on the court? Total jerk. Jerkface. Short-Euro-fighting, injured-on-the-bench-barking, junk-tapping, Bin-Laden-joking,  ejection-baiting jerk. And he's not at all sorry about it. Don't believe me? Ask CelticsBlog, made up of some of the most dedicated Celtics fans around:

The bottom line conclusion is that he comes across on the court as a really big jerk.  Theres just no way around that.  But that doesnt mean I will stop rooting for him.  It just means that I sometimes have to take him with a large grain of salt.  I dont like or always support everything he does, but I admit I give him more leash than I would if he was on any other team. 
I find myself thinking about my new son.  When he grows up and Lord willing starts to play basketball, KG will long since have retired.  But if he was old enough to play now, would I point to KG and tell him to model himself after him?  Absolutely not.  Rather, I would use him as an example of what it looks like when you allow yourself to be controlled too much by your emotion.  The same passion and competitiveness that drive him are what send him over the top.   It seems like he almost cant control himself after a certain point.  And thats scary. 
So what gives?  Why is he like this?  By all accounts hes a very sweet, funny, caring, and of course loyal guy to those hes close to off the court.  His teammates love him and hes very charismatic when he wants to be.  His story has been told what hes allowed people to see at least and I seem to remember there being someone that betrayed him early on, so now he doesnt trust other people and stays very private.  He also was greatly impacted by losing former teammate Malik Sealy.  I get that, but we all have losses in our lives.   Weve all been hurt or wronged in the past and Im not judging anyone on how they cope.  But just the same, we own our actions and how we react to those hurts and wrongs is on us.  Same goes for Kevin.
via Kevin Garnett Is a Jerk, But Hes Our Jerk - CelticsBlog.

The author, Jeff Clark, goes on to discuss how he'll continue to support Garnett because he's a fan.  And he should! And Garnett will likely continue acting the way he has. And he should! He's gotten away with it. If you can get into your opponent's head, fire yourself up, put more attention on yourself and vent your "intensity" or whatever, why not? 

That's the real issue in this situation. Garnett keeps doing what he does because the league almost never reacts to it out of some weird preferential treatment of Garnett. It's not because he's a superstar. It doesn't help Dwight Howard or Amar'e Stoudemire out of the messes they make. And it's not a matter of it being Boston (though their involvement in the Lakers-Celtics matchup probably steered the league away from suspending Garnett for hitting Channing Fry in the junk).  Plenty of big-market stars get tabbed with suspensions for their behavior. Instead, the league seems to at once feel bad for Garnett having been wasted in Minnesota for so long, and seek to hold him up as some sort of over-dramatic ideal. As we've talked about before, instead of Garnett abandoning Minnesota, it's seen as him escaping an unfair situation that held him down for too long. Even Minnesota fans continue to support Garnett, not just in this issue, but in his behavior, saying how you have to "get him." 

A lot of people feel like the new criticism of Garnett is unfair, that no one had a problem with it when he was in Minnesota, and it's only now that he's on a winning team that people like to throw stones. And maybe that's true. Or maybe it's because the internet wasn't the vast teeming system of displaced criticism it is now, and that having YouTube and message boards and blogs and League Pass Broadband means we see Garnett up close and personal a lot more, and some don't like what they see. He wants to hit himself or smash his head into a stanchion? Go ahead. But undercutting players, tapping them in the junk, and touching officials is stuff that falls far beyond what Dwight Howard and Stephen Jackson are routinely getting assessed fines and technicals for. 

Garnett won't apologize. Nor should he. How is he to know he's done anything wrong if the league continues to act as if he's done right?  As long as the league continues to allow Garnett to act however he wants without consequences for any subsequent games or even a fine, he should continue to press the limits. That's just getting the edge on your opponent, by any means available.
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Posted on: February 8, 2011 9:48 am

The league shifts a blind eye to Garnett

He didnt call him that, he called him a cancer to his team. Hardly the same thing. Mind writing in a normal font?

Wow. Didn't know you personally heard what he said.... did you have seats right on the floor for that game ?

Regardless of who the other player is or on what team they play for, if I had to guess or speculate I would lean towards believing the player complaining or in this case the player he said something to.   Why?  Because why would another player make something like that up?  How often does a player make up a story like that ?  On the other hand we all know why Garnett would deny saying it... that does make sense..

But like I said earlier, we'll never know...  for you to be as certain as you are is stupid.....

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Posted on: February 8, 2011 9:30 am

The league shifts a blind eye to Garnett

I agree with the point the writer mentions that nobody had much to say about KG when he was decaying in Minnesota for all of those years.  He did the same antics and had the same dirty play then.  What really shines a light on him now is how the NBA is trying to so-call "clean up" the image and the play on the floor and prevent the refs from being "shown up" on a nightly basis.  However, they allow KG to cuss out refs, push opposing players, hard foul everybody, do that stupid scowl and stare down opposing players, and basically act like a bully on the court.  KG says its passion, but come on....really?  Sticking your foot under a jump shooter is playing with passion?  Amar'e got a tech for simply raising his hands the other night!

He's a few tools short of a full tool chest and everybody knows it.  It will take just one Anthony Mason type encounter on the court or have him run into a team like the ol' Bad Boys from Detroit to turn him around.  Once that happens, KG will clam up into a corner and cry like the baby he really is. 

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Posted on: February 8, 2011 9:30 am

The league shifts a blind eye to Garnett

"The league allows him to be a jerk."

Seriously - THAT'S your argument??? If you're an azz, then you're an azz.  Period.  No one wants to take accountability for anything anymore, and fools like you that write idiotic "articles" like this are thus apologizing for wannabe thugs like KG.

I do agree with others that it's OK for him to do whatever out there - let's not take the passion out of sports or dumb it down.  And in the same vein, I'll be waiting for the day when some dude becomes KG's personal cancer and gives him the beat down of a lifetime.

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Posted on: February 8, 2011 9:04 am

The league shifts a blind eye to Garnett

Garnett is a jerk...But he is a that person you love on your team and hate if he is not on your team.  He does not get into trouble with the law.  He is quiet off the court.  He goes home, stays out of the public spot light and stays out of trouble.  He is intense on the floor and plays 110% all the time.  He is clutch at the end of games and brings an attitude a team needs to win.  It has developed players like Big Baby, Kendrick Perkins and Rajon Rondo.  I am a follower of the Celtics and these three were soft and punkish.  Garnett has had a huge effect on their growth.  These are rock solid tough players now in the mold of Garnett.  But I agree...Kevin Garnett is an absolute jerk on the floor.  He swears way too much and says inapporiate things.  But here we go again...It is my job to sit with my son and daugther and parent them.  My kid does not have a Garnett shirt.  He and she have Rondo and Allen t's...Garnett is sort of like a Rasheed Wallace, Kevin Youkilis, Jerome Harrison etc... Great on the team they are on but hated by every one else.  Spitting image of the GM of the Celtics who had the same image...Danny Ainge.  So yes he is a jerk but his energy and aggressive nature make him a force on the floor.  The greats usually are jerks in many senses.  Jordan is a jerk, Kobe is a jerk, Bird was a jerk, Lebron is a jerk.  Look at other sports...Roger Clemens jerk, Pedro Martinez jerk, Manny Ramirez, jerk, Reggie Jackson jerk, Many jerks out there...

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Posted on: February 8, 2011 7:57 am

The league shifts a blind eye to Garnett

He didnt call him that, he called him a cancer to his team. Hardly the same thing. Mind writing in a normal font?

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Posted on: February 8, 2011 7:55 am

The league shifts a blind eye to Garnett

There is no way he was getting ejected in that game moron, it was a playoff game. The Hawks without Pachulia are the same team

Since: Aug 23, 2006
Posted on: February 8, 2011 7:09 am

The league shifts a blind eye to Garnett

he backed down to Pachullia from ATL when he thought he could punk another Euro player, but instead he got head butted and then looked at the ref for assistance. he's not a jerk, he's just a sucka. 

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Posted on: February 8, 2011 6:04 am

The league shifts a blind eye to Garnett

Matt Moore, you my friend are unintelligent and a person with alot of hate. Just from the tone of this article I can tell you are NOT a Boston Celtics fan. The fact that you point to perhaps one or two uncited "Boston Fans" that say he's a jerk is not journalism. It is not journalism, and worse it is not professional. Garnett has done NOTHING to warrant a suspension, and guess what? You can't suspend or penalize someone for being a "jerk". It's not against the law to be an A--Hole, otherwise you'd be writing this from prison. No, specific actions must have specific consequences. For instance, Garnett tapping Channing Frye in the junk sucked, but it was clearly a mistake while closing out on a player (you can tell by his reaction), he then proceeded not to back down when challenged. He doesn't back down... you back down once and you lose any thought that you may be able to back it up. He plays the mind games better than anyone, pushes the limit yes...., but until he clearly violates some rule on the court (and even when he does, the LEAGUE, not Matt Moore, nor head hunters, will hand out the penalty), then shut you're mouth Matt. 

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Posted on: February 8, 2011 2:02 am

The league shifts a blind eye to Garnett

To summarize your continuous stupid ad hominem postings, you have no evidence. You are only speculating. You want to suspend a player, withhold pay and fine him on nothing but speculation. Like I said, the players' union's job is to have a problem with that, so good luck.

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Posted on: February 8, 2011 1:54 am

The league shifts a blind eye to Garnett

Whether it was a hard shot or not, if some guy goes for your junk, you should retaliate. Not right then and there, but a lot can go on under the basket that won't get noticed.

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