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The league shifts a blind eye to Garnett

Posted on: February 7, 2011 11:36 am
Edited on: February 7, 2011 11:51 am
League holds responsibility for setting guidelines on behavior as Garnett continues to ratchet up his behavior. 
Posted by Matt Moore

Kevin Garnett is a jerk.  At least, on the floor he is. He's known as a wonderful, sweet man off the floor. But on the court? Total jerk. Jerkface. Short-Euro-fighting, injured-on-the-bench-barking, junk-tapping, Bin-Laden-joking,  ejection-baiting jerk. And he's not at all sorry about it. Don't believe me? Ask CelticsBlog, made up of some of the most dedicated Celtics fans around:

The bottom line conclusion is that he comes across on the court as a really big jerk.  Theres just no way around that.  But that doesnt mean I will stop rooting for him.  It just means that I sometimes have to take him with a large grain of salt.  I dont like or always support everything he does, but I admit I give him more leash than I would if he was on any other team. 
I find myself thinking about my new son.  When he grows up and Lord willing starts to play basketball, KG will long since have retired.  But if he was old enough to play now, would I point to KG and tell him to model himself after him?  Absolutely not.  Rather, I would use him as an example of what it looks like when you allow yourself to be controlled too much by your emotion.  The same passion and competitiveness that drive him are what send him over the top.   It seems like he almost cant control himself after a certain point.  And thats scary. 
So what gives?  Why is he like this?  By all accounts hes a very sweet, funny, caring, and of course loyal guy to those hes close to off the court.  His teammates love him and hes very charismatic when he wants to be.  His story has been told what hes allowed people to see at least and I seem to remember there being someone that betrayed him early on, so now he doesnt trust other people and stays very private.  He also was greatly impacted by losing former teammate Malik Sealy.  I get that, but we all have losses in our lives.   Weve all been hurt or wronged in the past and Im not judging anyone on how they cope.  But just the same, we own our actions and how we react to those hurts and wrongs is on us.  Same goes for Kevin.
via Kevin Garnett Is a Jerk, But Hes Our Jerk - CelticsBlog.

The author, Jeff Clark, goes on to discuss how he'll continue to support Garnett because he's a fan.  And he should! And Garnett will likely continue acting the way he has. And he should! He's gotten away with it. If you can get into your opponent's head, fire yourself up, put more attention on yourself and vent your "intensity" or whatever, why not? 

That's the real issue in this situation. Garnett keeps doing what he does because the league almost never reacts to it out of some weird preferential treatment of Garnett. It's not because he's a superstar. It doesn't help Dwight Howard or Amar'e Stoudemire out of the messes they make. And it's not a matter of it being Boston (though their involvement in the Lakers-Celtics matchup probably steered the league away from suspending Garnett for hitting Channing Fry in the junk).  Plenty of big-market stars get tabbed with suspensions for their behavior. Instead, the league seems to at once feel bad for Garnett having been wasted in Minnesota for so long, and seek to hold him up as some sort of over-dramatic ideal. As we've talked about before, instead of Garnett abandoning Minnesota, it's seen as him escaping an unfair situation that held him down for too long. Even Minnesota fans continue to support Garnett, not just in this issue, but in his behavior, saying how you have to "get him." 

A lot of people feel like the new criticism of Garnett is unfair, that no one had a problem with it when he was in Minnesota, and it's only now that he's on a winning team that people like to throw stones. And maybe that's true. Or maybe it's because the internet wasn't the vast teeming system of displaced criticism it is now, and that having YouTube and message boards and blogs and League Pass Broadband means we see Garnett up close and personal a lot more, and some don't like what they see. He wants to hit himself or smash his head into a stanchion? Go ahead. But undercutting players, tapping them in the junk, and touching officials is stuff that falls far beyond what Dwight Howard and Stephen Jackson are routinely getting assessed fines and technicals for. 

Garnett won't apologize. Nor should he. How is he to know he's done anything wrong if the league continues to act as if he's done right?  As long as the league continues to allow Garnett to act however he wants without consequences for any subsequent games or even a fine, he should continue to press the limits. That's just getting the edge on your opponent, by any means available.
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Posted on: February 8, 2011 12:55 am

The league shifts a blind eye to Garnett

Kevin Garnett is a jerk on the court?  Who cares?

My God this country is full of a bunch of Nancys!   Your opponents are not your friends when the game is going on. KG does not play in a church, county, city or intramural league.  He doesn't play basketball against children.  He plays for money,.... against grown men.  And he plays to win, its what he gets paid to do.  He also plays angry... we should all be used to this.  It's the NBA.  When he got to the league, most everybody played the same way.  And then for some reason, being nice became important.    He's not a librarian, a kindergarten teacher, a nurse or your kids recess lady.  It's a sport, he's an athlete.  They aren't all going to be Joe Dumars.

Let me know when he punches a fan in the face.... then he's a jerk.  No way should anyone ever think this guys a thug.  Thugs aren't good teammates, thugs aren't hard workers, and thugs usually aren't champions.  KG is all three,.... and I'm no Celtics fan!  But I love watching this guy play basketball.

If you guys don't.... well..... hope you enjoy watching your kids figure skating pagent next weekend.

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Posted on: February 8, 2011 12:27 am

The league shifts a blind eye to Garnett

I think it has just spiraled out of control. You watch some players & their past discretions get them in trouble now. The league could have put a stop to this years ago but they didn't. As in the one article if my children want to look at someone & how to handle themselves one name comes to mind. Grant Hill. He has been a class act for years. I'm sure the Garnett is a good person & I also understand the heat of the moment but the whole calling Villenueva a cancer patient etc. is just to much. Hey I got an idea.....Shut up &I play basketball!!!!!

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Posted on: February 8, 2011 12:26 am

The league shifts a blind eye to Garnett

Garnett is a b*tch, he needs he block knocked off

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Posted on: February 7, 2011 11:46 pm

The league shifts a blind eye to Garnett

"How is he to know he's done anything wrong if the league continues to act as if he's done right?".
I am sorry, I thought he was an adult, not a baby. He knows he is doing wrong on the court, the same way LeBron does when he gets away with a rant or action that would cost Howard a T or Artest an ejection. They still do the wrong thing and do so knowingly. Why - maybe because they are selfish. I seem to recall seeing comments in the past about Garnetts behaviour off the court being very similar to that on the court (something about a Chicago niteclub), so how is it that Matts research proved that they were untrue and that Kevin is a wonderful sweet man off the court.
He is an amazing athlete, but he is also an amazing $%^#wit. he is not just some jerk.
Perhaps we should have an NBA HoS (Hall of Shame), for the Garnetts of the NBA. It is the actions of Garnett and others that make basketball fans the world over throw out the "overpaid thug" cliches and bash the quality of the NBA.

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Posted on: February 7, 2011 11:45 pm

The league shifts a blind eye to Garnett

In other words, you are okay with people being considered guilty until proven innocent.
Seriously?  Do you actually think this way?  So close-minded, without the ability to reason? 

Guy runs out of a department store with a purse in his hand, a knife in the other, and a mask over his face.  Woman behind him is laying on the ground yelling Stop!  He stole my purse!  A normal human being will look at the scene without having to say "Wait, there's no EVIDENCE he really did this.  I'll wait until the court rules before I decide he did something wrong here".  Good luck with that ridiculous mindset - something I suppose you "aspire to".  Clownshoes.

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Posted on: February 7, 2011 11:43 pm

The league shifts a blind eye to Garnett

Garnett is out of control. He obviously has serious anger issues. His antics and behaviors on the court are no longer acceptable.  He should be fined, punished and suspended. Too bad the NBA protects this guy the way they do.

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Posted on: February 7, 2011 11:07 pm

The league shifts a blind eye to Garnett

I laugh at him. He's totally a fake tough guy. Corny as hell and I can't wait until someone gets sick of him and beats that tail.

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Posted on: February 7, 2011 11:00 pm

The league shifts a blind eye to Garnett

In other words, you are okay with people being considered guilty until proven innocent. That's supposed to be something to aspire to? You, and whoever you think "everyone" is, can keep it. Just remember it will be applied to you too.

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Posted on: February 7, 2011 10:56 pm

The league shifts a blind eye to Garnett

Well, the assumption is that, if you intend to hit someone in the balls, you'll hit him in the balls (i.e., the guy will feel it). This guy felt no pain. He was accidentally brushed in the balls and decided to Hollywood off that. If you have proof otherwise, I'd like to hear it.

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Posted on: February 7, 2011 10:41 pm

The league shifts a blind eye to Garnett

I think he is a real jerk.  He may be nice off the court, but so was Reggie Miller.  And as a Knicks fan, I felt he was the biggest jerk of any player on the court.  And as much trash talking that went on with him and the Knicks fans and players, he would never intentionally foul players in their balls.  He just tries to foul his opponents hard with the intention of hurting them.  He is this generation's version of Reggie Miller and Tim Hardaway.  And because of his superstar status and the fact he is a Celtic, he gets away with it.  He gets a minor fine and does not get suspended.  If the league didn't do it, the team should have at least suspended him a game.  They should let him know that his behavior cannot be tolerated.  They don't even need to suspend him, just bench him and have him back up Big Baby for a game.  Otherwise, he will never learn his lesson and keep doing it.  It bothers me how players like him, Queen James, Wade, and Kobe can pretty much get away with anything, but when they even get touched in the slightest manner, the officials call a foul.  But Howard does not get equal treatment.  Last I checked, he is the best center in the game, but he doesn't get the favorable calls like the Queen, Garnett, and Kobe.  Eventually, Garnett's jerky behavior is going to hurt someone and only then will the league punish him.  It's sad, but this league only cares about protecting its superstars.

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