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Denver is looking for more than just Chandler

Posted on: February 8, 2011 4:11 pm
Edited on: February 8, 2011 4:13 pm
Posted by Royce Young

Forget all this Carmelo Anthony to the Lakers talk. As Ken Berger reports, someone is just trying to ruffle the Knicks feathers.

So let's get back to painfully covering every bit of the Melo-to-New York stuff. As Berger first reported last week, there's a three-team trade being floated involving the Knicks, Timberwolves and Nuggets. Denver would get Wilson Chandler from New York plus Corey Brewer and a first-round pick from Minnesota.

But most feel like this just isn't near enough for Carmelo Stinking Anthony, so according to, the Nuggets are hunting for more.

The initial discussions revolved strictly around Chandler, but now Denver is asking for some of New York's younger assets in Danilo Gallinari and Landry Fields, plus Chandler.

I bet opposing general managers are getting pretty sick of the Nuggets saying, "OK, so how about you throw in a little more too."

Rookie Andy Rautins and Kelenna Azuibuike and his expiring contract were also mentioned earlier as well.

The Knicks would likely balk a bit more at including that much, seeing as they know they can just get Carmelo in free agency over the summer. As much as Denver thinks it has some leverage in this game, all that passed out the window when the Nets pulled out. Melo wants to play in New York and he'll get there one way or another. So while of course the Nuggets can ask for more, the Knicks can just wait until July and keep their young players.

What it comes down to, is if the Knicks feel like adding Melo this year gives them a legitimate chance in the postseason. If so, they might be more inclined to deal some of their younger talent.

It has to be somewhat tempting for New York to just get it over with now and have Carmelo. Once they hit the right mark, Denver will pull the trigger. The trade deadline is rapidly approaching and the Nuggets don't want to get burned. So while they can keep asking for the Knicks to add this or add that, at some point they're just going to have to lay the cards on the table and make the call.

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Posted on: February 12, 2011 5:10 pm

Give them Gallinari too!

Against the Lakers he was 4-15 and 0-6 from three point range and his defense was a JOKE.Against the Clippers he was 3-13 and 1-8 from three point range. And his defense was a JOKE.
In both these games he got more minutes than any other Knick. WHY IS HE STARTING? He is A BUM! If Denver wants him they can HAVE HIM. Even if we get NOTHING in return. If this is what holds up the Carmelo trade than the entire Knicks front office should be fired. Especially D'Antoni. 

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Posted on: February 9, 2011 2:26 pm

Denver is looking for more than just Chandler

It's just not the Nuggets who have overplayed their hand, but Carmelo himself.  By making it public how adamant he is about playing for the Knicks he created a sitaution that made it unlikely the Knicks would make a huge deal to trade for him mid-season and give up a lot of assets since it's safe to assume he would come via free agency anyways.

When the Nets backed out (which likely had more to do with Melo not wanting to go their than Prokorhov's excuse) it became clear it was New York or no where.  Immediately after the Nets pulled out World Wide Wes tried involving Chicago.  The Knicks made a formal offer (which is quite the low-ball offer) and since Denver hated it they and Melo's agents are trying to facilitate fake deals to get the Knicks to up their offer.

If Walsh remains in control of the situation he won't bite, because frankly he didn't bite on the New Jersey offer.  I firmly believe that the Nuggets facilitated that and dragged it out as long as they did knowing Melo wouldn't sign off on it, but in hopes that Walsh would bite and offer Gallo, Field and Randolph.  He called their bluff, and will not fall for these.

Melo to the Knicks via the Chandler/Randolph trade, or free agency.

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Posted on: February 9, 2011 10:13 am

Denver is looking for more than just Chandler

The Lakers deal is a bunch a B.S. that is why they won't make the deal with L.A..  There are sources also saying that they already asked for Bynum strait up for Melo and L.A. said No.  The Nuggets know that Melo is 95% likely to go to the Knicks at some point.  Unless Dolan makes a huge mistake and includes all three of the Knicks best young players, Gallo, Chandler, and fields will never leave in the same deal.  If Dolan lets the GM do the deal I bet the Knicks still get Melo and don't give up more than 2 of those three young players at most.  Randolph also leaving with those three young players would be a massive mistake for the Knicks.  It's not like one of the league's best offenses is all of a sudden going to become a contender with subtracting their three best role players and adding another scorer who cannot play defense for crap.  The Knicks would be a better team without Melo if they had to give up those three players.  At least they try and play defense and some of them are very competent defenders already.  Mason becomes their starting two guard and Mozgov becomes the starting center.  Wow, that team is dangerous!

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Posted on: February 8, 2011 8:12 pm

Denver is looking for more than just Chandler

If Carmelo is willing to go to L.A. Denver would be better off trading him there and not N.Y. Who would you rather have Wilson Chandler or Andrew Bynum? You aren't going to get much else from N.Y. and L.A. might try to accomodate the Nuggets a bit more because they don't feel like they're gonna get Anthony this summer anyway. The only problem is that the Nuggets overplayed their hand with the Nets and still think they have loads of leverage. I think the Nuggets front office botches the whole think and they lose Carmelo for nothing at the end of the season.

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Posted on: February 8, 2011 7:46 pm

Denver is looking for more than just Chandler

Of course this is a sweatheart deal for the Knicks, and they should offer a bit more to try and get this done now, with Rautins or Azu or Walker (who Denver previously liked) but they are getting out of control when they have a deal, then come back and say "i want more and more"  Knicks should not give up Fields or Gallo as they have the leverage. Keep them both so you dont gut the team of the young talent.   Lakers deal is bogus anyways. 

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Posted on: February 8, 2011 5:44 pm

Denver is looking for more than just Chandler

The nuggests are getting out of control here, i cant believe that they would try to get Chandler, Gallo and Fields not to mention the pick ups from the T-wolves.  I couldnt imagine them wanting to get worked over like the Cavs did last yr when Lebum James walked away from them.  If the Nuggets want to avoid that they should just take the offer that is on the table ad at least walk away with something rather than nothing.  The Knicks are holding all the cards in this deal, Chandler isnt going to sign again with the Knicks next yr so it doesnt hurt trading him to sweeten the deal , Curry is a chump and Randolph...yea Randolph he is expendable.  I hope this deal gets done before the deadline if not, well i guess the Knicks still win.

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