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Get your tissues: Jerry Sloan's resignation

Posted on: February 11, 2011 10:32 am
Jerry Sloan walks away a legend in an emotional press conference announcing his resignation.
Posted by Matt Moore

What? It's dusty in here. Quit looking at me like that. Like you've never cried at a coach retiring after 35 years of abject death glares.

As strange as yesterday was, it will pale in comparison to how bizarre it will be if Sloan were to coach elsewhere. Even his time on the Bulls seems like some strange out-of-place idea from another universe.  To see him elsewhere next season would be mistifying. That said, any team that is looking for a new head coach this summer is going to be making a lot of very loud calls should Sloan decide he's up for one more rodeo somewhere else. 

Seriously. It's like "Steel Magnolias" in here. 
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