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Kobe misses shootaround with "aches and chills"

Posted on: February 14, 2011 2:46 pm
Kobe Bryant misses shootaruond with "aches and chills" and is a game-time decision against Bobcats
Posted by Matt Moore

Kobe Bryant missed shootaround Monday with "aches and chills" according to 

Kobe Bryant missed his team’s Monday morning shootaround in Charlotte with “aches” and “chills,” according to the Lakers’ PR staff, and will be a game-time decision for a 4 p.m. Pacific tip against the Bobcats. 
Phil Jackson said he’ll just have to wait and see how Bryant feels in advance of the game before determining his status. Of course, since he is the same Kobe Bryant who generally plays through everything, many of his teammates expect him to play.
via Bryant Under the Weather in Charlotte « Lakers Blog.

It's yet another piece of rough news in regards to the Lakers facing the Bobcats. the Lakers are 2-4 since 2007-2008 against the 'Cats. In those six games, Bryant has averaged 25 points per game, but has shot just 40%, including a 2-12-shooting, 5-points performance last February that actually netted a win for the Lakers. So maybe Byrant missing the game isn't the absolute worst thing that could happen.

Then again, Bryant will typically play through anything, and trying to keep him off the floor is something that requires a crowbar and several security personnel.  The possibility for a "Flu Game" is what the media will be looking for, even though in general, no one plays well when they feel sick. Because they feel sick. That's what makes Jordan's "Flu Game" so legendary.

The Lakers could use a win tonight, though, after dropping yesterday's game to Orlando. The four game road streak had everyone feeling better about L.A. A two-game downturn would dampen that enthusiasm somewhat, even with the "just missed shots" feel of the Orlando loss and this one possibly without Bryant. The good news is they play Cleveland to end the trip, so that's pretty much an assured win. 

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Breaking NBA News! Jackson Steps Down; Kobe In

Breaking NBA News! Jackson Steps Down; Kobe Steps In!

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Posted on: February 14, 2011 8:05 pm

Kobe misses shootaround with "aches and chills"

When you do a good job in whatever field you are good at, you have and get a certain amount of respect from your peers, those that work for you and the management team that hire you.

I don’t know what most of the individuals on this board do for a living, however, I am pretty sure you are successful at it and earn enough to take care of your family, no matter where you stand on the economical ladder.

I also would guess that you would have the respect of your bosses, peers and others in the industry which you work.

Phil Jackson is the head basketball coach of the Los Angeles. He has 11 NBA championship rings. If I wanted information and. or was writing a book about successful professional basketball coaches, he might would be one of the first on my itinerary to interview about the topic. He should know about substitution patterns, the best five to have on the court to win at anyone given time.

I would not question his reasoning for what he did on the basketball court as a basketball coach. He is the master at that. Not only that but he is paid handsomely for doing his job. 

Those that would question him about what happens on the basketball court I would like to know what team you coach or currently coached, how many NBA championships you have, what is your success rate in coaching in the NBA.

But then everyone has an opinion and may express this opinion on this and other forums.

I think that when playoff time arrive Phil will have the Lakers focused on the task at hand and run right up to another NBA championship. Then he would have 12 rings and ride off into the sunset where it will take a miracle for someone to break his record of 12 NBA championship rings.


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Posted on: February 14, 2011 6:55 pm

Kobe misses shootaround with "aches and chills"

There is no way anyone can be upset with the loss from yesterday, Phil has far too many rings and will go down as the greatest coach ever so lets not question his decision making on this game, things will not go your way every single game. Lets not forget that Mr. Sloan retired without a ring to his credit and is arguably one of the greatest coaches as well. The problem is going to be the Bobcats even with Kobe on the floor you all have seen the stats. After losing 7 of the last 9 which include 3 in L.A. we've got our hands full. As of now the regular season means nothing, we're just jockying for position. Titles are the only thing that count.......... 

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Kobe misses shootaround with "aches and chills"

When do the playoffs start? Until then for top teams not much matters. Lakers, Celts play for one thing titles. Just so different when teams can play up to 7 games in a row vs each other compared to 1 game and then next team during regualr season. That is why playoffs are for the best teams like Lakers and Celts. Why when healthy no one has beaten them but each other now for last 3 years.

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Posted on: February 14, 2011 4:34 pm

Kobe misses shootaround with "aches and chills"

kobetheman24, one wonders how Phil has managed all these years without your sage advice. I'll be sure to forward it to him.

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Kobe misses shootaround with "aches and chills"

ah,,,, give the poor guy a day off,,,,he works hard when he's on the court.. one of teh few that will come to work each time he steps on the basketball court.....

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Kobe misses shootaround with "aches and chills"

That's a sorry a$$ lost game on Sunday.  Substitution was a key as was the minutes for Kobe.  The substituion for the Lakers is almost like clock work - take or give a minute for desparity.  You shoud substitue and maintain personnel according to what is working and/or what is not.  You are behind and you have an inefective group of guys trying to hold down the fort for what - for them to come in and erase the deficit and hopefully do enough to win the game?  Come on, Phil. you're too old fashion and your Zen is inefective - change your ways - when you call for a timeout to try and turn things around, tell your people how it really is and tell them what you want to see - you want to see a bunch of "black swans" and notjhing else!!!! No more "shake and bakes for Kobe when you're behind and your team isn't playing aggressive-domination basketball.

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