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Sacramento plans arena regardless of Kings' plan

Posted on: February 21, 2011 11:28 am
Sacramento leadership reaffirms commitment to building new arena regardless of whether the Kings relocate or not.
Posted by Matt Moore

Saturday night David Stern acknowledged that Kings' ownership had met with Anaheim officials regarding a possible relocation, as reports surfaced that the Maloofs were considering filing for relocation before the March 1st deadline.  On Sunday, a Sacramento city council member responded in the best way possible, by simply saying the council was intent on finding funding to build a new arena regardless of whether the Kings move or not. From News 10 KXTV in Sacramento:

City Councilwoman Angelique Ashby Sunday said Sacramento will continue working on plans to build a new sports arena, even if the Sacramento Kings leave the city. She said a new arena "serves this community on multiple levels" beyond being a place to play basketball.

Ashby said a new arena is a good idea even if it's star tenant has left town. "I hope they stay but if the Kings chose to leave, we will miss them and wish them well," she said. "We will welcome other opportunities to enrich this region."
via Sacramento city councilmember promises to continue push for arena | | Sacramento, California | Local News.

Pretty smart move. It maintains the city's backbone and leverage while giving the Maloofs something to consider.  The onl problem is that Ms. Ashby isn't the problem. The public is the problem. The economy is the problem. The spiraling economy for NBA small-market teams, especially those who struggle with being competitive during a rebuilding project, that is the problem. And Anaheim is a sure thing. It has a building, ownership support, and the sacred L.A. regional market cow from which to suckle, as Donald Sterling has for years in good years and bad. Okay, more like good year, and bad, but you get what I mean. 

The next eight days are going to be very interesting in Sacramento.

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Posted on: February 23, 2011 9:35 am

Sacramento plans arena regardless of Kings' plan

Good point Bison but all of what you are suggesting has been tried already.  You asked where is Kevin Johnson in all of this?  He's been out hustling trying to get "partners" to team up with the city of Sacramento and Yolo County to assist in the funding.  He's been at the arena, on TV, on the News, and corporate centers in Nor Cal doing what he can to get an arena built.  KJ is not the issue.  As a matter of fact I'd even go on to say he's the reason there is still talk of an arena being built in the first place because the previous mayor didn't want to have anything to do with having professional sports in Sacramento.  Being the state capital I think this area does more in shouldering the burdens of state problems rather than just city problems, especially when it comes to putting things on the ballot come November.  For example, the school budget in this state is rediculous and cuts are everywhere.  You can't even get a decent book in a public school in any school district in the state.  Teachers do one of the most important jobs yet receives the smallest salary because of the budget.  But when the decision to increase taxes to pay for Staples Center infrastructure, The Duck Pond in Anaheim, and even Pac Bell Park in SF (although it was privately financied but publicly funded infrastructure) the voters in LA, Anaheim, and SF said "Yes" because they knew what the benefit of having a new arena would do for the local economy.  I know LA, Southern California, and San Francisco are not in the same demographics as Sacramento, but that's precisely my point.  If Sacramento wants to be known as a professional sports city it has to step up and get it done, not always the owners by themselves.  Sure, the Maloofs could build an arena, lease some rooms, sell their own tickets, heck...they could even pay for the freeways and streets and huge parking garage.  But why would they do that when they have seen attendance for the cities ONLY PROFESSIONAL TEAM drastically decline over the years?  Why would they do that when they have NO SUPPORT from the city the reside in? 

You have a point regarding owners getting rich off of arenas that are publicly financied but that would be completely valid if the owners in this case are financial leaches on the city.  The Maloofs haven't done that.  Here's an up any true basketball fan in Seattle and ask them how they feel about the Sonics moving to OKC.  They regret it up there and they still have the Seahawks, Mariners, and UW up there. All because an owner, who had the money and wanted to work with the city to build an arena, ran into red tape and brick walls because the city and voters didn't want to increase a luxury tax that most of the residents wouldn't have to pay anyways.

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Posted on: February 21, 2011 7:49 pm

Sacramento plans arena regardless of Kings' plan

Ah but see that is why they DO need to foot the bill!
If they're the businessmen you claim them to be then they could make MILLIONS of dollars in PROFITS every year by getting paid for events to be held in THEIR arena!
Not to mention the money they would earn from ticketmaster for the right to sell the tickets to the events, increased concession revenue brings in more money from the concessionaire, also more money from any security company you hire the security out to.
I will also say that the most successful arenas in the country have a staff of people who aggressively work to bring acts to those arenas, the circus,rodeo, pro wrestling, UFC, Ice shows, concerts, also why not compete with the local convetion center to bring in wedding expos and job fairs? How about the state high school hoops championships? I mean you ARE in the state freakin capital!
Oh my jeez how you people can be so shortsighted is beyond me, hey how about trying to get an NBA D-League team in there - The Kings share the Reno big horns with the Warriors tell me both of those teams wouldn't like to watch their potential prospects a lot easier than having to fly to Reno? There's also NEVER been an NBA All Star game in Sacramento, did you know that? Heck the Thomas & Mack Center in Vegas got one and Arco has NEVER had one which is a shame.
I know people yell about hotel rooms and that Sacramento isn't a very "flashy" or "sexy" city , well enither is Cleveland yet they hosted the '97 game, they held one in Oakland in 2000, Denver isn't a "sexy" city but they hosted it in 2005.
WHERE is Kevin Johnson in all this? How come you don't hear him working his buddy David Stern to get the game in Sacramento or the Maloofs for that matter?
Now if the Maloofs don't want to be a landlord or do any of the things I outlined above to generate more revenue then they HAVE to contribute SOMETHING to the cost of the arena which the way I figure it not counting playoff games would equal out to about 15-17% opf the cost of the new arena based upon 42 home dates in a 365 day year OR they can pay rent- full market value mind you  - not this reduced rate stuff,for use of the space for those 42 games, they get their ticket revenue, a small  - 5% of concessions & parking and 90% of the take from merch sales and they would need to sell the suites too OR if the arena had to then it's a 60-40 split with them on top because their product IS the reason those suite "owners" would be buying.
I get sick of seeing owners get free arenas and make the tax payer foot most of the bill and i'm a VERY big sports fan.
I just think that if these owners are such great businessmen to have accumulated the wealth they have to buy these franchises WHY don't they take that same business acumen when it comes to their teams and maximizing revenue?
It just boggles the mind but as for me one thing that does not boggle my mind and I will always hold firm to is NO free arenas for pro sports owners, it MUST be a partnership otherwise you get treated like any other tennant.

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Posted on: February 21, 2011 6:32 pm

Sacramento plans arena regardless of Kings' plan

Before everyone starts taking jabs at the Maloofs let's give them the benefit of the doubt.  They have done absolutely all they can to keep the Kings in Sacramento.  Everything.  They've invested millions into keeping the Kings in Sactown and probably one of the many teams who take a lost on their P and L sheets at the end of every season just to have a basketball team in Sacramento.  They make their loan payments on time, every time, for every thing they own as far as the Kings are concerned.  And they offered to to ASSIST in the funding for the building of a new arena.  I'm not a Kings fan at all (go Lakers) but I live in Nor Cal and I get so sick and tired of people in this area bad mouthing the Maloofs for wanting to relocate.  Guess what Kings fans, when adding a few cents extra in taxes was put on the ballot to build a new arena the people in Sacramento County voted "NO."  Every incentive and project that comes on the ballot every year to build a new arena is shot down by voters or somebody in the city managers office.  It's not fair for the Maloofs to foot the entire bill to build an arena downtown when their team will only occupy it 42 out of 365 days.  That's not even half the time.  Also, for those who don't remember, there was a time where the Maloofs said, "OK, Sac, screw it...we'll pay for the arena, you just put it on the ballot to increase the taxes and get a bond to pay for the infrastructure."  In other words, all the taxpayers had to do was pay for the freeways and street access to get in and out of the arena.  The voters said NO.  Now the councilmen's are coming out saying they are going to build an arena regardless of if the Kings are leaving?  Puh-lease!  Who is going to be there tenants?  Neil Diamond?  Justin Beber?  The Circus?  Ok, that's 3 days, what about the other 362 days out of the year. 

Sacramento cries an moans so much about wanting to get respect and becoming a major city in this country but whenever it's time to anty up the voters shribble up in a corner.  Don't blame the Maloofs when they become the Anaheim Kings.  Blame the voters.  

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Posted on: February 21, 2011 5:36 pm

Sacramento plans arena regardless of Kings' plan

The only thing that doesn't add up is that if they did move to Vegas then the NBA would have to ask the sports books not to take any action on NBA games, not just excluding the Kings games otherwise they cast a shadow on the league and the LAST thing David Stern wants especially with an impending labor dispute is to have to deal with THIS kind of fire too.
Let's also not forget that the only arena in the area is the Thomas & Mack Center which is nowhere near NBA quality let alone better than Arco and I don't forsee the Maloofs adding onto Thomas & mack with their own dough when they could very well do it to Arco.
That all being said maybe there's some land right by the Palms they want to build an arena on and if they want to and aren't asking Nevadans to pay for it or most of it then your point is 100% on target and this was all about relocating to Vegas from the get go.
I'll say this, if the NBA makes the first step as the first major professional sports league (sorry, as much as I enjoyed the colorfulness and some of the ideas of the XFL I won't count them) to have a franchise based in Vegas who's next? - Coyotes moving up from Phoenix? - would make financial and attendance sense but there may not be much of a home ice advantage if it becomes a mecca for opposing teams fans to come to Vegas to cheer on their team and party for a weekend, the NFL? I dunno, Goodell wouldn't put a franchise there, heck Rozell made Joe Namath sell his stake in Bachelors III in 1968 because "unsavory" characters were patrons at his bar ie: mob guys, the league was afraid of a gambling scandal and having even a hint of mob influence that close to Namath gave him the willies - no pun intended.
MLB has had too many gambling problems in particular Pete Rose and it would just open up a flood gate of Pete Rose lovers to pine for Charlie "I'll take the Reds +225" Hustle to be in the HOF because if it's ok to have a team in Vegas why can't we let a degenerate gambler into the HOF oh and of course you'd have to pardon the Black Sox too - in particular Shoeless Joe who never took a dime and was as illiterate as the day was long and couldn't make heads nor tails of the notes Arnolds Rothsteins boys handed him with instructions on them.
It's a slippery slope, one Stern wants nothing to do with, not right now at least and it makes NO sense having 3 NBA teams in the L.A. area, Stern knows it, the rest of the owners know it so the Kings are going NOWHERE, just ride it out, make Joe & Gaving use their slot money to pay for their own arena or bring some of Mommy & Daddy's money to the party to build themselves a palace git for the Kings! - THAT pun WAS intended!

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Posted on: February 21, 2011 5:23 pm

Sacramento plans arena regardless of Kings' plan

Here's an idea for the Maloofs why don't you take some of your Casino money and actually INVEST in the arenas yourselves! Man what a novel idea! instead of just renting where you live why not OWN it!
Get mom & Dad involved, make it an all Maloof venture where they buy the land and are partners in the "Maloof Stadium company" along with any other investors you can bring on, then you use the money along with the naming rights that you sell to PAY for the construction of either a new arena or refurbish Arco.
You can then pay back & buy out the partners in the stadium corporation once the teams financials are out at the end of the year and do that until any non Maloof is bought out THEN you focus on buying Mom & Dad out.
If that makes you uncomfortable then renovate Arco, add suites and other ammenities, that major construiction if plannewd properly should take no more than an NBA season, MAYBE a season and a half and then you have a great building with new suites you can make money on.
Other additions and changes can be done in offseasons in the future, heck the Red Sox have done it every season for over 10 years now.
That also means that you'd have to find a new place to play for at least a season maybe a season and a half, might I suggest sharing Oracle arena with the Warriors, i'm sure the league can schedule your season much like they schedule the Lakers & Clippers in the same arena.
If that wouldn't work why not the Cow Palace in Daly City? It was good enough for the Warriors from '62-'64 and again from '66-'71.
You don't get a free arena, you don't get to pay $1 a year for the land in rent, NOTHING like that at all.
You gentleman are part owners of a major Las Vegas property to suggest even in this down economy you don't have access to funding for an arena that doesn't require the tax payers taking on most of the burden is lucrious at best and a lie at the worst.
Come on Joe & Gavin don't do King fans like that! As Da Mayor told Mookie in "Do the right thing" - "Doctor...always do the right thing" take heed to that and if you want a new arena payt for it yourself, THAT would be "Doing the right thing".

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Posted on: February 21, 2011 3:09 pm

Sacramento plans arena regardless of Kings' plan

Looks like the move to Las Vegas conspiracy is coming to fruition. These guys, like the OKC owner, have had a clear agenda. They pretend like they want to stay, but they all want the spotlight and all the money that comes with a big city.

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Posted on: February 21, 2011 1:26 pm

Sacramento plans arena regardless of Kings' plan

These spoiled brats are straight up LOSERS!

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