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Nets contemplating Plan B if Melo falls through

Posted on: February 21, 2011 9:53 pm
Edited on: February 22, 2011 2:36 am
Nets talking deal with Portland to swap Harris, Miller, Murphy, Przybilla. 
Posted by Matt Moore
UPDATE 2:33 a.m. EST: Well, obviously the Nets did not get Melo, so now they're going to have to come up with an alternate plan. Harris is going to be extremely prevalent in trade rumors from now through the deadline as the Nets know they have to move him now while he has value. The Blazers are clearly looking to move Andre Miller and have had interest in Harris for months. This could be the next domino now that Melo is gone. We'll have more on what the Anthony trade means for Denver on the Eye on Basketball blog. 

The New Jersey Nets are making a move one way or another. If they get Carmelo Anthony, great, awesome, good for them. If they don't, it looks like they have a plan they're formulating, except, it doesn't necessarily reflect a clear plan of action.

Ken Berger of reports that the Nets are in discussions with the Portland Trail Blazers for an advanced framework of the previously discussed deal for the two teams to swap point guards, with Andre Miller going to New Jersey and Devin Harris to Portland. Berger also reports that the deal includes Joely Przybilla going to New Jersey and Troy Muprhy. The Blazers would also get a pick.

The deal as constructed does not work under current terms financially, so there has to be another element in play. What's odd is that instead of Portland cutting costs, this saves New Jersey money if it goes through, $17.8 million worth, before the third element to make the deal work. But more confusing is why New Jersey is sending a pick, their best player, and their largest expiring for a set of expiring contracts? Bear in mind that the Oregonian reports that should Przybilla be traded, he'll immediately seek a buyout. This is a whole lot of money the Russian is looking to dump in the event Melo does not go through for the Nets.

Meanwhile, the Blazers would think use Murphy to swap with Golden State, according to the Record. 

Speaking of which, this does not mean that they've given up on the Melo deal, nor does it mean this is their only option. It's clear that one way or another, the New Jersey Nets' roster will not be the same Thursday night as it is right now, if Billy King has anything to say about it.  
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Posted on: February 22, 2011 1:56 pm
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Nets contemplating Plan B if Melo falls through

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Nets contemplating Plan B if Melo falls through

I think the proposed trade with the Blazers would be a big mistake for the Blazers. What Miller adds to the Blazers isn't seen in just statistics. He plays a savvy game. He calms the team when things start to get out of control. He scores when others can't seem to buy a shot. He's a clutch free throw shooter. He's totally unselfish in his game. He just adds so much. Giving up Pryzbilla is a mistake, too. First of all, he doesn't want to go. Why trade for a player who doesn't want to be there? Secondly, if his knee heals by next season, they gave up a very valuable asset for little return. Troy Murphy is a rental that couldn't find time on a losing team. I only know the basics of Harris's game, so I won't comment other than to say he has a hefty contract so he better be a good fit. As for the draft picks, there were 3 rookies playing for the Blazers this year. Elliot Williams blew his knee out, Armon Johnson got a little PT early but made too many mistakes to hold his position, and Luke Babbitt can't get off the bench. My point is that draft picks are gambles. you can't look at them as a sure way to build the team. Greg Oden seemed like a sure thing. Brandon Roy seemed like a sure thing. Both can play the game, but neither can stay healthy.
Suffice to say, I don't like the trade- especially in lieu of the fact that Portland has played its way into the 5th spot in the ultra competitive west despite the many injuries. Leave well enough alone.

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Nets contemplating Plan B if Melo falls through

I'm a Blazer fan but Kudos to the Nets and their new owner. Well played. They didn't over pay for Anthony and may have egged the nicks into giving up more than what they should have.

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Nets contemplating Plan B if Melo falls through

Agreed, Melo was overvalued in that trade.. It will  be interesting to see him play in D'Antonio's  system, has he ever not played in a set play system, even at Cuse?

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Nets contemplating Plan B if Melo falls through

Right on, take your time and draft the next superstar. Melo was over valued in my  opinion anyway.

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Nets contemplating Plan B if Melo falls through

Why??? Why would they wanna swap a younger Harris for an older Miller, who is less talented? Just for a change of scenery? Isn't much change in money either... They need to keep their picks and go after young talent in the summer, like try and land Paul or Williams.. or even Iggy. If they get one of them they can trade picks for mid-level players.. There is a reason bad teams get good draft picks, and the Nets have compiled a lot of draft picks... be smart with them!

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