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The Knicks and Nets have a real rivalry now

Posted on: February 23, 2011 2:54 pm
Edited on: February 23, 2011 3:08 pm
With the Nets' acquisition of Deron Williams, the Nets-Knicks rivalry is officially on.
Posted by Matt Moore

Bear in mind that were this Denver and Utah on the flip side, this wouldn't be a rivalry. Not really. They certainly have one by being division opponents, but not really. And that's not really fair, because it should be the mechanics, and not the market that decides such things. But it is. Media's based on the coasts, and particularly in the New York area. So here we are. And while neither of these teams will be competing for a championship for at least another year, there is a very real rivalry now in New York, which will only intensify between now and when the Nets relocate to Brooklyn in 2012. 

This all started this summer when the Nets installed billboards across from Madison Square Garden. James Dolan was so irritated that the called Jay-Z to complain about it. Shockingly, that didn't really do anything, because I'm pretty sure Jay-Z could care less what James Dolan thinks. Then the LeBron James courting began, and it was clear that both teams were taking veiled shots at the other in their meetings, despite the fact that Pat Riley was running the game from the start. Once that was over with, the Melo era started, and that got downright ugly. Knicks fans mocked Nets fans for Melo not wanting to sign there, Nets fans mocked Knicks fans for not having the pieces to trade for him. And when the Knicks pulled off the deal Monday, it was seen as a huge win for the Knicks and a big loss for Mikhail Prokhorov, who backed out of the talks for Anthony, then got dragged back in, met with Melo, and still couldn't close the deal, leaving him still without an All-Star to call his own.

Things got so bad on Tuesday, the Carnegie Deli put a new Carmelo sandwich on the menu, complete with, get this... Russian dressing! Because Prokhorov was nothing more than dressing! It's a metaphor, you see. 

On Wednesday, things went to the next level. The Jazz took an earlier version of what the Nets had offered the Nuggets for Anthony in exchange for Deron Williams. Speculation is now rampant that Prokhorov deliberately entered negotiations with the Nuggets over All-Star Weekend just to drive up the price for Anthony, forcing the Knicks to give up four starters, and a pick. It also brought Isiah Thomas out from the rock he was hiding under, and created tension in the Knicks' front office. Then Prokhorov flipped the deal to get Deron Williams, the Nets have an All-Star, flexibility, still a number of picks, and Brook Lopez, a legit center which the Knicks lack. 

And when did this trade go down? Oh, that's right, the very same day the Knicks are introducing Carmelo Anthony before a game against the Bucks. Thunder = stolen. 

This is about to get good. As the Knicks and Nets both improve thanks to their billionaire owners and the market ability to draw free agents, bidding wars are likely to continue. This is going to have impacts on the rest of the league as these owners may seek not to limit themselves with a hard cap in the upcoming CBA talks to allow themselves the ability to outspend the rest of the league, and especially, each other. This is an arms race, now, with the Knicks up one All-Star, and two more on the market in 2012. There are now three All-Stars in the tri-state area, with the Nets becoming the Brooklyn Nets (or at least Brooklyn somethings), and trying to hone in on the Knicks' market. If the Amar'e-Melo combination hampers their abilty to build role player support, the Nets will be there with a managed approach of assets (even with Travis Outlaw's horrific contract). If the Nets inabilty to move players they overpaid for this summer leaves them short an All-Star compliment and Brook Lopez fails to improve, the Knicks will be there with two spotlight stars. 

The fans are the biggest part of this, with the Knicks the New York basketball aristocracy, and the Nets the plucky underdog about to make a big splash.  This is the perception, despite the fact that the Knicks have been terrible for a decade and the Nets have been to the Finals during that time.  Again, facts really aren't the currency of trade in this marketplace. Just lots of yelling. And garlic. 

Prepare for even more high dramatics in the most over-covered area in sports. The fun's just getting started. 


Since: Feb 11, 2008
Posted on: February 23, 2011 5:09 pm

The Knicks and Nets have a real rivalry now

I love Melo, and he is great, but.......

D. Williams is a better at his position than Melo is at his...

Since: Jan 9, 2007
Posted on: February 23, 2011 4:52 pm

The Knicks and Nets have a real rivalry now

Also, Carmelo Antony > 3 derron williams' - who is by the way a d)uche for makking an icon like jerry sloan quit. But u deserve it, u are jersey.

Since: Jan 9, 2007
Posted on: February 23, 2011 4:50 pm

The Knicks and Nets have a real rivalry now

To Matt Moore: aka the writer of this garbage:
"And when did this trade go down? Oh, that's right, the very same day the Knicks are introducing before a game against the . = stolen. "

first of all, the NBA TRADE DEADLINE is almost over, so trades HAVE TO GO DOWN around now.
Second, the nets have sucked since jason kidd left. LAst years nets team was worse than any Knicks team could even fathom.
U are terrible. This was the first an last time, i ever click on anyuthing with ur name attached to it. terrible.

Since: Feb 11, 2008
Posted on: February 23, 2011 4:27 pm

The Knicks and Nets have a real rivalry now

Before there's a rivalry, don't they have to be good first? Neither team is.... not yet....

I must say I haven't been this excited for the nets since Petro was running up and down the floor^^

The Nets do need a shooter to loosen up the defense for the pick and roll...
Lopez and Williams could be quite a duo, dymanic even!!!

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