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Miami Heat sign PG Mike Bibby

Posted on: March 2, 2011 7:38 pm
Edited on: March 2, 2011 7:42 pm
The Miami Heat have officially signed point guard Mike Bibby. Posted by Ben Golliver. mike-bibby

In what was probably the worst kept secret of this year's buyout season, the Miami Heat officially announced on Wednesday that they have signed point guard Mike Bibby, who was bought out by the Washington Wizards earlier this week. To make the move, the Heat, who had a full roster, had to release point guard Carlos Arroyo.
"We want to welcome Mike Bibby as we continue to move into the direction of our championship dreams,” said HEAT President Pat Riley. “We feel Mike, with his vast postseason experience, long range game and point guard abilities, will give us a boost in the backcourt.”
Bibby, a 13-year NBA veteran, has appeared in 940 regular season games (934 starts) and averaged 15.4 points, 5.7 assists, 3.2 rebounds, 1.21 steals and 34.9 minutes while shooting 43.7 percent from the field, 37.9 percent from three-point range and 80.3 percent from the foul line. He has appeared in 58 games this season, 56 games (all starts) for the Atlanta Hawks and two games for the Washington Wizards, averaging 9.1 points, 3.6 assists, 2.5 rebounds and 29.3 minutes while shooting 42.9 percent from the field and 43.5 percent from three-point range.

Bibby will wear number 0.
Bibby had been traded to the Wizards by the Atlanta Hawks for Kirk Hinrich prior to last week's trade deadline, a move which he has admitted caught him by surprise. 

While this signing is not a game-changer in the race for Eastern Conference supremacy, any time a title contender can upgrade a key position - even if only marginally - it might as well do it. 

The best part of these moves remains the fact that Bibby agreed to forego roughly $6 million in future salary in his buyout agreement with the Wizards. The Heat's defenders like to defend them from the "evil super team" attacks by noting that they sacrificed money to team up for a chance at a title. Bibby now becomes the clear leader in the "sacrifice" clubhouse, well ahead of LeBron James and Chris Bosh. He put his money where his mouth is and deserves our collective applause.

At the time of the signing, the 43-17 Heat trailed the 43-15 and conference-leading Boston Celtics by just two games in the loss column.

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Posted on: March 3, 2011 8:56 pm

Miami Heat sign PG Mike Bibby

Since when did holding Noah or Kendrick Perkins to 6 points become an accomplishment. Nevermind the fact that both the Bulls and the Celtics beat heat. I believe Noah had just come back from an injury and Perkins was injured.

Bottom line is when the game is close they can't get a good shot. So, I guess Bibby is the answer, just like Mike Miller, Eddie House. If they can't run the don't score well. And Lebron really doesn't want the last shot. Why do you think he kept passing it to Mo Williams, and Donyell Marshall.

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Posted on: March 3, 2011 3:03 pm

Miami Heat sign PG Mike Bibby

Great move, Riley!  What makes you think that a washed up point guard is going to get the ball from LeClank when it counts?  Is Bibby supposed to supply the leadership that the so-called 'Coach Spo' can't and make LeClank actually run a 'play' in crunch time.  Riley is obviously spending too much time in front of the mirror.  What are these clowns going to do when the only thing between a legitimate big man and the hoop is Chris Posh?  Duck! 

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Posted on: March 3, 2011 1:51 pm

Miami Heat sign PG Mike Bibby

Ok buddy we will see. When it comes to a playoff series the Heat do not have consistant enough play downlow to take them far. All these one game meeting do not mean anything. When it comes playoff time the Heat will be wishing they added more depth in the front court.

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Posted on: March 3, 2011 1:17 pm

Miami Heat sign PG Mike Bibby

Oh really?? Is that why they have not beaten the Celtics even without a true center..Hahahaha..Maybe in 2 years...

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Posted on: March 3, 2011 10:56 am

Miami Heat sign PG Mike Bibby

Why is everyone talking so much about Heat's lack of a big man? Why do you need a big man? Well because the Lakers, Magic, and Celtics have size and you won't be able to match up!

LA Lakers - Beat em, and rather convincingly
Magic - Beat em
Celtics - Lost Kendo, so your main bigs are Glen Davis and Nenad Krstic. Depending on if O'Neal and O'Neal ever see the floor again
Bulls - Held Noah to like 6 points in the paint?

Look at Dampier's numbers. Seems like every game he's got 6 points (3/3 shooting) and 6-8 rebounds. Sounds like a guy that knows his damn role, and that's why he's starting now.

Point Guard seems like the more pressing need. There are very few teams that are solid at all 5 positions. It looks to me as if Miami's centers are doing a fine job at banging around.

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Posted on: March 3, 2011 10:22 am

Miami Heat sign PG Mike Bibby

I for one cannot wait for the game tonight, and to see the first possession with Bibby in the game, whether he starts, comes off the bench, or even is third wheel to Chalmers and House.

I will not be able to contain myself if Bibby is actually a traditional point distributer. Work Lebron and Wade off the Wings and get some ball movement going. That might be asking for a bit much considering the man has only been on the team for 24 hours and hasn't gotten down their rotations and such. It wouldn't surprise me if they basically interchange Chalmers with Bibby and just have him dribble up the court, pass to Lebron and stand at the 3 point line though.

I would really hope that they at least experiment with Bibby over the next month or so letting him handle. The familiarity will come, even at the cost of a lower seed. I promise you this Lebron/Wade isolation game will not get you anywhere in the playoffs.

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Posted on: March 3, 2011 8:26 am

Miami Heat sign PG Mike Bibby

I really shouldn't reply to such comments like yours, but they are so wrong, I'm hoping others reading will also realize your errors.
First, the "Decision" raised tons of money for CHILDREN so not a bad thing. If it was a terrible idea, why did ESPN play it up and agree to televise it?
Second, you wouldn't even have made the comments or refer to LeBron as the queen,  had he chosen to take his talents to the NEW YORK KNICKS! So clearly, your comments are based solely because he did not come to NY.
Third: Comparing baseball to basketball is comparing apples and oranges...
Fourth: NO ONE knows who is going to beat who in the playoffs..that's why they play the games. Gees, San Antonio let the Grizzlies beat them and I believe the Bulls lost last night to a sub .500 team. Does that mean the Spurs won't get far in the playoffs because they let a horrible team beat them?
The margin of victory in all the Heat's losses has been minimal and the games could have gone either way. I don't care if they lose every REGULAR season game to all the top 5 teams because REGULAR season means NOTHING. Who will remember any of those losses when it gets to playoff time? The Heat will have the advantage then, because all those other teams will be so over confident and cocky, it will be hard to get up for them.
I can see your comments after the Heat win, "well, they didn't do anything special..they had the best players and they were predicted to win it all".
So the Heat and their fans can't win with "people" like you so we'll just celebrate amongst ourselves and gladly give you and the rest of the JEALOUS heat haters, the finger!
Thank goodness the Knicks still suck and since you mentioned bout those Marlins winning the World Series beating the Yankees and winning TWO world series  since 1997.
Typical NY talk and all talk.

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Posted on: March 3, 2011 7:03 am

Miami Heat sign PG Mike Bibby

As a Hawks fan, I can tell you  that this will not help the Heat.  Bibby can bring the ball up and distribute to the big 3, but he cannot guard any point guard.  Rose, Rondo, Nelson and any one else can go by him without any trouble.  He was traded because he cannot play perimeter defense and he will have the same problem in Miami.  Just saying.

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Posted on: March 3, 2011 12:01 am

Miami Heat sign PG Mike Bibby

Stay classy, Heat bashers!

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Posted on: March 2, 2011 11:54 pm

Miami Heat sign PG Mike Bibby

I agree with praisedacubs and I am a Knicks fan.  At least we didn't get Melo in a show like The Decision and the team found a way to trade for him, even though it meant giving up some of our young players.  But I look and realize he is way better than they will ever be and Billups is battle tested.  Ever since the Mourning days and Pat Riley bolting to Miami, I have hated the Heat.  I give credit to Riley.  He knew what he was doing by dumping everyone so he had space for 3 max contracts.  It was like he planned it all along so he can buy Bosh and Lebron to join Wade.  And when Bosh signed, it was a forgone conclusion the Queen was going there.  That disgraceful show and the way he didn't even tell the Cavs he was leaving until that announcement and not even saying the name of his team, but boasting about his "talents" proves his enormous ego.  And Miami has a bunch of fair weather fans.  The Marlins barely fill the stadium and when the Heat have been poor, the place was half empty.  It is a football town and only now and in the Mourning days has basketball been big there.  And I used to be an LBJ fan.  But Bibby does not move them to favorites in the East because he has lost a lot in his game and they are still missing a big man.  I would not be surprised if Orlando beat them because of Howard, but I remember on Sunday they could not even beat a Knicks team who is just as small as they are.  But the best they do is the East finals, but they won't get past Boston and I'll be shocked if they got there because I forgot to mention something important, and that is they have a losing record against winning teams.

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