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Shaquille O'Neal out indefinitely with sore foot

Posted on: March 7, 2011 9:51 am
Edited on: March 7, 2011 1:36 pm
Boston Celtics center Shaquille O'Neal is out indefinitely with a foot injury. Posted by Ben Golliver. shaq-asw

Update: The Boston Globe reports on Monday that O'Neal will miss at least a week.
Boston Celtics center Shaquille O'Neal, plagued by various nagging injuries, has played in just 36 games this season and hasn't made an appearance since February 1. reports that O'Neals absence will continue indefinitely due to "right foot soreness."  
The Celtics have no idea when the 7-foot-1 center, who turned 39 years old Sunday, will return to action. When asked about O'Neal and a likely return date, coach Doc Rivers acknowledged he had no idea. "[O'Neal] worked out with us the other day," Rivers said. "Some of the pain returned."
Rivers spoke with Ed Lacerte, the team's head trainer. "Eddie just said don't expect him anytime soon," Rivers said.
The Celtics haven't missed a beat in O'Neal's absence, or anyone else's for that matter. Boston has seen virtually every member of its rotation miss time due to injury this season - and they recently traded starting center Kendrick Perkins - but it hasn't impacted their ability to roll through the regular season. 

Without O'Neal, the Celtics have played more small ball as they work to integrate center Nenad Krstic (acquired for Perkins) and free agent big man Troy Murphy, who was signed to bolster their frontcourt depth. As of Monday, the Celtics sat atop the Eastern Conference with a sparkling 46-15 record.

O'Neals numbers have taken a big hit this year - he's averaging 9.3 points and 4.9 rebounds in 20.7 minutes - and the end is fast approaching. At this point of the season and at this juncture of the 39 year old O'Neal's career, it's naive to maintain hope that he will be in tip top shape come playoff time. With that said, his raw size and ability to give fouls against guys like Dwight Howard, Joakim Noah and Andrew Bynum would be a huge asset for Rivers. But Boston's roster is as asset-rich as any in the league, even with a sidelined Shaq. 

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Posted on: March 9, 2011 12:33 pm

Shaquille O'Neal out indefinitely with sore foot

Bizona:  You have me all wrong.  I don't love to hate.  I love to hate on that punk RichyRiches because he is an incredulous troll.  I just see this completely different that you do.  The Celtics worried me with Perkins in there pushing on Bynum.  As a Laker fan, I have seen Krstic's play and there is no fear there.  He is lucky to be collecting checks in the NBA.  I don't think the Celtics have given up on winning, but this does not make them better.  Look at your center position for the playoff run.  You have Krstic, Shaq (who won't make it through the playoff run guaranteed,) JOneal (another stiff you can't count on,) and you have Davis who will be having off season knee surgery guaranteed.  Answer me this question, is that a championship front line?  Did the Celtics really need Green's help or did they need a big man inside?  We are seeing what happens to a team with no presence on the inside and a bunch of perimeter scorers (ala Miami Heat.) 

If you haven't noticed, the Clippers are filling out a solid roster and will be a playoff team next season.  Look at their roster.  If it wasn't for their horrible start and injuries they would be vying for a spot at the bottom of the Western Conference playoff bracket.  OK, maybe the pick will be #16 or #17, but still that won't land you a player to plug in and start.  That will be a #9 or #10 guy off the bench at best.

Perkins was the heart and soul of that Celtic starting lineup.  He was the guy who battled in the trenches.  That is gone now.  Yeah, you
still have an aging Garnett and Allen, Pierce is solid for another two to three seasons, and Rondo is young, but the middle is missing.  Believe me, all of us Laker fans let out a hugh sigh when we heard this trade had gone through.  It makes the Thunder a lot more difficult to battle against, but it weakens the ultimate nemesis now and in the future.  Big bodied centers are very hard to come by and the Celtics let their young one head off to Oklahoma.

Lastly, no Celtic fan has answered this question yet.  How come all Celtic fans whine that if they had Perkins in the lineup last year they would have beaten the Lakers.  Now with him gone the Celtics are better?  Really?  If he comes back and that knee supports him for the rest of his career without problems the Celtics are better off?  That doesn't make any sense to me.

By the way, the Lakers don't run their organization solely as a business.  Yeah, Dr. Buss is making serious dough as being the owner, but he also spends money as well.  He has no trouble paying that luxury tax as long as the Lakers keep winning.  The Lakers pride themselves in being run by the Buss family and taking care of its current and former players.  If you ask me the Celtics did not treat their starting center with much respect.  They dumped him while injured.  Celtic faithful better hope that doesn't come back to haunt them.

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Posted on: March 9, 2011 8:50 am

Shaquille O'Neal out indefinitely with sore foot

"Sell out response"? I saw that on the bus this morning and cracked up. Thanks for the laugh. I don't even know what that means in this context.

I'm not sure what you want or expect. Of course Celtics fans were waiting for their starting center to return. You state that as if you've discovered some great secret that no one else has figured out yet. lol What you don't seem to have figured out is that he's not a Celtic anymore. Therefore - see if you can follow the line of reasoning here - he won't be returning to the Celtics. Simple as that. So Celtics fans either move on or completely give up on their team. That ain't going to happen and it would be stupid if it did. You seem to want to convince me that the Celtics have given up on winning and that, yet again, is foolishness on your part. This team is still built to win now, yet has put themselves in a better position for the future and the cold hard fact you are ignoring is that regardless of how much Perk meant to the Celtics in years past, a playing Jeff Green and Nenad Krstic is better than a non-playing Kendrick Perkins and Nate Robinson. As for the draft pick, if you think the Clippers are going to be one of the top 10 teams in the league next year, I've got a bridge to Russia you might be interested in buying. Again, more foolishness from you. lol

Another piece of foolishness of yours is when you state "Ainge and the management saw that the numbers weren't going to work and it was business" as if that's a bad thing. Ever notice how the teams that don't run things like a business never win a damn thing?

Truth is, you're just one of those people who, for whatever reason, loves to hate and is either unable or unwilling to put that hate aside. It's who your are and what you do. You're on these boards trolling and talking trash about the teams you hate far more than you talk about your own teams. You don't like the Celtics and you'll never give them credit for anything. If this deal had been proposed but not completed, you'd be criticizing them for not doing it. But hey, that's what makes you and your posts entertaining, if not insightful or informative.

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Posted on: March 8, 2011 11:27 pm

Shaquille O'Neal out indefinitely with sore foot

That is a sell out response.  Every Celtic fan was counting on Perkins returning to the lineup for the playoffs.  Anybody who says the team is better without him is denying the truth.  What I can see is that Green is a nice player, but he is not a big in the middle to D up Howard, Noah, Bynum, et al.  I can see the value of the trade for the Thunder!  Where do you think that 1st round pick is going to fall?  Number twenty or so?  That will be a D leaguer at best.  The truth is Perkins was dumped because Ainge and the management saw that the numbers weren't going to work and it was business.  It wasn't what was making the team better.

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Posted on: March 8, 2011 11:08 pm

Shaquille O'Neal out indefinitely with sore foot

I'm not "writing off" Perk as a "role player." He was a hell of a lot more than that and last year he probably would have put us over the top had he not gone done with the injury. But things change and every NBA fan should know that. I love Perk and will always root for him when he's not playing the Celtics, but we got two players who are contributing right now plus a 1st round pick for two guys who are not playing. On top of it, we wouldn't have been able to sign Perk this summer. If you can't see the value of this trade to the Celtics, I don't know what to tell you. And never mind who they've played since the trade...they didn't have Perk for more than a handful of games this season and they still own the second best record in the league. As important as he was, they learned to make do without.

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Posted on: March 8, 2011 7:33 pm

Shaquille O'Neal out indefinitely with sore foot

Bizona:  Who have they played since the trade?  I am talking about making a run at a championship not beating bad teams during the regular season.  I am just wondering why all the Celtic faithful said a month ago when Perkins gets back we will be unbeatable and that the Celtics would have beaten the Lakers last season if Perkins remained healthful.  Now, when Perkins is gone, the Celtic faithful are writing him off as nothing more than a role player.  All of the sudden Kristic, Murphy, J Oneal, and the two injured fat guys make the Celtics better.  Am I really that delusional?  I am just confused how Perkins was the man that would have put the Celtics over the top last season, and suddenly he is a cast off that means nothing.  I think the Celtic faithful are in denial and if anybody thinks this trade was good for the green, stand by when the playoffs start.

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Posted on: March 8, 2011 2:19 pm

Shaquille O'Neal out indefinitely with sore foot

WarnertoHolt, what the heck are you laughing at? I get that you hate the Celtics and, as such, you don't want to give them any credit for anything, but is it too much to ask that you try to base your posts in some semblance of reality? What is the Celtics' record since the trade? What is the Celtics' record this season in game that Perk didn't play or didn't start? How many games has Perk played for the Thunder?

Seriously man, sometimes you just look foolish.

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Posted on: March 7, 2011 11:36 pm

Shaquille O'Neal out indefinitely with sore foot

Major truth on Shaq.  Green gonna roll with good games with Chicago.  Heat, Majic and Lakers might not even been seen by the Green in the playoffs. 

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Posted on: March 7, 2011 11:12 pm

Shaquille O'Neal out indefinitely with sore foot


"Don't worry Celtic fans."
Don't worry, we're not.  Thanks, though.

"Perkins will be back soon."

No, he won't, and we know that.  It's all good.

"good luck riding Krstic, Murphy, J Oneal, and One legged fat baby davis"
Thanks.  You forgot Shaq.  Oh, and we'll probably ride four All-Stars and Jeff Green, as well.

"It is going to be ugly if Krstic, Murphy, and J Oneal have to handle Bynum, Gasol and Odom."

You forgot Shaq again.  Clearly, they're resting him for the playoff run.  That's a pretty big "IF."

You should really focus on getting past the Thunder and Spurs first...

"Nice work Ainge!"

I agree.  We were going to lose Kendrick Perkins this off-season.  It is awesome to have a young, talented Jeff Green here to provide some athleticism and perimeter defense.  He's a versatile player.

"By the way, that picture of Shaq seems that he hasn't been working out too much."
Looks the same as he has the past ten years...  Still stronger and more powerful than Bynum.  He's here to bang with Dwight Howard and Bynum, if necessary.

The Celtics are enjoying their season at the top of the Eastern Conference.  They're enjoying the second-best record in the league.  It's nice to know that if the Lakers make if through the West, we'll have home-court advantage.

Instead of bashing the Celtics, maybe you should ask yourself if the Lakers can even make it out of the West this year.

Then ask youself...  "The Celtics took us seven games last year, without Kendrick Perkins there to close game six and game seven.  Do they have better means of guarding the Lakers front line with Shaq (hopefully, a well-rested Shaq who will be motivated to win a fifth title, especially if it's against Kobe), Troy Murphy, Nenad Kristic, and Jermaine O'Neal than they did last year with just RASHEED WALLACE?"

They earned the top spot in the east when Perkins was out and Shaq was starting.

We'll have Shaq/Murphy/Kristic/Jermaine instead of Rasheed Wallace.

And that's not taking into account how much better Rajon Rondo got this year.  Or how much better shape Paul Pierce is in.  Or Jeff Green, in general.

Don't worry, Celtics fans aren't worrying.  Good luck out west...

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Posted on: March 7, 2011 8:50 pm

Shaquille O'Neal out indefinitely with sore foot

Don't worry Celtic fans...Perkins will be back soon....HAHAHAHAHA...nice trade...good luck riding Krstic, Murphy, J Oneal, and One legged fat baby davis through the playoffs.  I know all of the Celtic faithful got to see that championship front line yesterday against the Spurs.  It is going to be ugly if Krstic, Murphy, and J Oneal have to handle Bynum, Gasol and Odom.  Nice work Ainge!  By the way, that picture of Shaq seems that he hasn't been working out too much.  Too many pepperoni pizzas.

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Posted on: March 7, 2011 6:26 pm

Shaquille O'Neal out indefinitely with sore foot


I'm glad that Nenad Kristic, Shaq, Jermaine, and Troy Murphy don't scare you...

Tell me, did Kendrick Perkins SCARE you?  Was he the reason the Celtics threaten the Lakers?

A better question, did Rasheed Wallace SCARE you last year? 

I don't think Troy Murphy is some clown trolling in the gutter.  In addition to gaining a quality role player, they STOPPED the Heat from acquiring him.

I'm going to re-post a comment I made earlier.  Perhaps you Lakers fan should worry about getting past the Spurs and Thunder before you come make fun of the Celtics, who are enjoying the best record in the East, and the second-best record in the entire league.  That's right, home-court advantage over your Lakers, if necessary.

"Still, if the Lake show can get by the West and either face Boston or Miami in the finals with the minimal front lines that those two teams possess it will be easier to collect banner #17."

I'm glad you stated that you are more concerned about the Thunder now... I think the Spurs are the real deal this year, and something worth worrying about, especially with home court advantage.

However, you just stated that the Celtics have a "minimal" front lines.  So, think about this:

You guys collected banner #16 in a SEVEN-GAME series with the Celtics.  They did not have Kendrick Perkins to close Game #6 or #7...  You won the title in Game 7 when RASHEED WALLACE was relied on to hold down the fort at center.  This year, if Shaq gets healthy, you'll have to deal with a hungry Diesel, Nenad Kristic, and Troy Murphy (PF technically, I know).  They still have Glen Davis and Kevin Garnett of course... 

I like the Celtics chances in a seven games series with Shaq, Kristic, and Murphy to bang around with Pau Gasol and Bynum, rather than Rasheed.  ESPECIALLY if the Celtics have home court advantage this time around...

So, instead of bashing the Celtics for this trade, maybe you should consider that they're a little better than the banged up team you guys took down in Game 7 (Especially with Pierce in better shape this year and Rajon Rondo has improved).  Also, they gave the valuable asset to OKC Thunder, a team which won two games in the first game last year, prior to Russel Westbrook's excellent improvement this year.

I think and hope the Lakers run is over, no three-peat.  I enjoy a good debate, and look forward to you response.  Take care.

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