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Knicks lose, Melo plays bad and skips reporters

Posted on: March 19, 2011 12:35 am
Edited on: March 19, 2011 12:36 am
Posted by Royce Young

Just when you think things are turning for the Knicks. Just when you think maybe, maybe, they're figuring it out. After a big win over the Grizzlies behind like 50 3-pointers, there was reason to feel like potentially things were starting to square away.

Then the Knicks did what they've become pretty good at: They dropped a curious game to the lowly Detroit Pistons. They were outscored 29-17 in the fourth quarter and while the defense let them down in a big way, even more so Carmelo Anthony just didn't show up. The new Knick star went 2-12 (0-5 in the fourth quarter) for just six points in a game that was easily his worst since coming "home" to New York.

After the awful game, Anthony skipped speaking to reporters and headed straight for the team bus. Two no-shows for Melo in one night. One on the court, one off it.

A lot of people have been huffing about that and for good reason because it's an unprofessional move, but it happens. Players "skip" more than you think. It's when players of Melo's standing do it that we take notice. For obvious reasons, especially considering the circumstances.

I'm sure Melo wasn't psyched about being asked why he missed 10 of his 12 shots so he got out of there. It's definitely not something to freak over. But you know it's a story. I know it's a story. That's why I'm sitting here on a Friday night writing about it. A player of Melo's stature sneaks out of the arena and heads to the bus without answering for his grenade of a game? That's news, even if maybe it really shouldn't be.

At the same time, I find it kind of interesting that he did. (See, here I go on it.) Think back to all the questions Anthony answered while he was in Denver with all the rumors. Think how he stood and did an incredible job of handling probing questions about every little nugget of speculation that dropped. And on top of it, played his butt off for the Nuggets. It was admirable.

And now he drops a stinker for the Knicks and he skips town? I find that a little weird. Actually more than weird. It's kind of alarming. Again, nothing against Anthony because like I said, players "skipping" post-game activities happens, but my thing is why now? Seems like after a game like this is when you've got to talk. You've got to stand there and say the right things. The Knicks have dropped three of four with this one coming to a team they're supposed to be way better than. They look unorganized and with Anthony's 2-12 stinkbomb, New York was pretty much lost.

It's easy to stand there and answers questions when you're winning. It's easy to nod, smile and say, "I've got to give credit to my teammates," when you scored 45. It's nights like this where picking up your head to face the music isn't easy. It's tough. Is it Melo's duty to do it? Yeah, I guess. He wanted to be the face of New York basketball and so in good or bad, he has to carry that. But it's his choice and he made it.

The bigger story though is about where the Knicks stand in mid-March, not about Melo's houdini act with the media. The loss means New York is just two games above .500 and back to wondering where they stand. Long gone are the thoughts the Knicks could actually challenge for the fifth seed in the East. Now they'll be lucky to hold off the charging (or at least prodding) 76ers. The team stinks defensively and if their stars aren't starring, they're in trouble. Toney Douglas isn't going to go 9-12 from deep every night. I really hope that hasn't become the gameplan because if so, they're in worse shape than we thought.

But what we're all going to be talking about is how Melo "hid" in the bus, refusing to speak after the game. It looks bad. It sounds bad. Really, it probably is bad. We all like players that face the music, that hold their head high after a bad one. Melo instead tried to run from it. But like I said, it happens. You think Melo was happy with the way he played? You think he was really stoked about telling us how bad he played? So he decided to just sit this one out. Some will hold it against him and I can understand why.

But look on the bright side Melo. At least Mike D'Antoni didn't say you were crying on the bus. See, it could be worse.

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Posted on: March 21, 2011 5:59 pm

Knicks lose, Melo plays bad and skips reporters

Mr. Young obviously wasn't watching Melo much this season, or listening when he faced reporters anywhere besides New York.  Melo did play hard for stretches of time, and he scored his points as he usually does, but he played the same defense that Knicks fans are now enjoying, and he's definitely not a hustle player like Wade, James, or Bryant, so he drifted in and out in most games.  As far as being "professional" in handling the media, he never bad-mouthed the organization, the city, or the fans, but he also never spoke straight, and he left his teammates and Nuggets fans out to dry for 3/4 of the season, so if that is professional, then that ain't saying much.  Melo wants to be "The Man" but he isn't mature enough to realize how hard he needs to bust it to be The Man.  His effort on defense is laughable, and his selfish play on offense ruins the teams flow and is a disincentive to play hard for his teammates.  Denver is quite happy to have Felton, Chandler, and Galinari.  It may take a while to figure out who takes the big shot at the end of a game, but the way they are playing right now, it is likely that many games will be well enough in hand that no one needs to make a late game-winning shot.  Enjoy your "Superstar"  New York.

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Posted on: March 21, 2011 3:32 am

Knicks lose, Melo plays bad and skips reporters

actually (per 33rd&8th), basketball isnt at simple. Which is why we all love it.  D'Antoni may have a winning record, but not in playoff time. His notion of basketball wont take this team very far. Unlike Skiles, who with the right personel (and some breaks regards injuries) well might.  Melo plays no defense and neither does Amare. Together this is a serious problem. I predicted, i have to say, that NY would implode and Denver surge. Defense defense defense. The NBA is made up of guys who can score. They scored in college or Europe.....what the league has a shortage of is defensive stoppers. Which is why even if they  dont make headlines, guys like Jeff Taylor will get drafted pretty high...or Chris Singleton. Melo has never been a guy who could carry a team. Not to the finals. Nowitski cant either for some of the same reasons. Boston lost its mojo when it traded its interior defense. OKC became a serious threat when they aquired that defense. So it goes.

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Posted on: March 19, 2011 6:47 pm

Knicks lose, Melo plays bad and skips reporters

Carmelo Anthony is going to get D'antoni fired because he can't play the system.  There will be consequences to the foolish trade that D'antoni didn't protest and allowed too many good role players to go in a few weeks ago.  Most of the media and Dolan's cable is turning their head to what's been going on thse past 14 games and giving Melo a free pass for now, but they'll have to come to truth about what the real problem is with the team once the new coach comes in and the Melo team is still playing poorly.  Melo is probably the most overrated basketball player in the entire league

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Posted on: March 19, 2011 3:39 pm

Knicks lose, Melo plays bad and skips reporters

Please stop reading the headlines and speak fact.  Amare is top 10 in the league in blocks; 19 is rebounds, but plays no defense?  If the knicks play their style, both teams will score a lot of points.  That is simply because there are more shot attempts.  This team, to win, will get stops in spurts, and on most nights that will more than suffice.  Basketball is pretty simple, score more points than the other team, right?  Some coache's approaches on how to accomplish varies.  That simple. D'Antoni, still has a winning record as a head coach, a better record that the hard nosed defensive minded Scott Skiles, right?  The knicks on the season still score more points than they allow, right?  So the rest is hot air.  The Knicks never had a chance to win it all this year, but that is more because of the roster not principles. 

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Posted on: March 19, 2011 3:26 pm

Knicks lose, Melo plays bad and skips reporters

I think thos is being made to be a bigger deal than it should be.  I watched the game last night and it was more than an "off night" there was something wrong with Melo.  So maybe its something personal, and for that, I can respect not answering to: "Do you think Chris Wilcox fouled you on that drive?"   I think as fans, we sometimes feel that we deserve unfettered access to the players, which I think is complete bs as well.  These guys are regular people, and sometimes, like the rest of us, we want to be left alone for whatever reason.  Its not about class, its not about only wanting to talk when things are good.  Why can't we just lay off.  A high percentage of today's coverage of the Knicks is about Melo bailing on he press.  No one is really talking about Amare's comments about the system.  Is there a "buy-in" problem?  That's a basketball story.  How about when we do a story on defense, and how bad they are, break down the fundamental flaws?  That's a story.  Not someone not answering the press after the game.  Out of an 82 game season, how many times did Pat Ewing (because that is who many are using as a comparison for this instance) actually sit down for the press to answer questions?  None, because this whole post-game press conference is a David Stern idea to personalize the game.  Give the guy a break.

Also, for the Nuggets fansm you often forget that Karl has never been able to really win with stars.  He also had a big 3 at one time, surrounded with better role players than the Knicks or Miami have, and still could never get past the 2nd round in the east.  People forget that he had Ray Allen in his prime, Big Dog, and Cassell. So this current scrappy make-up of the Nuggets is right up his alley, but still won't make it out of the first round. 

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Posted on: March 19, 2011 3:25 pm

Knicks lose, Melo plays bad and skips reporters

Pretty harsh article on Melo. In my opinion. The guy has handled himself very professional during a season of big three spoof in Miami. The Detroit mess. Cleveland embarasing season of heartlessness. Perkolating Perkins pot of Rubbish. Is its really that big of a deal to skip an interview when we know how pissed the player himself is about his production. Melo wears his emotions on his sleeve. He is a competitor and a very tough critic  of himself. Every player, star or not, has  throw away game's throughout the season. Games they want to or need to forget. What the hell is a reporter gonna report on that we don't know already. I really don't think it looks as bad as Royce says. Amare and Melo are way ahead of schedule if you put them up against how well the big three are doing in Miami. The Knicks will be fine, the Nuggets should not begrudge his leaving, and Royce Young ought to be able to come up with some better shiat than " as the ball bounces, so are the days of our basketball lives" crap!

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Posted on: March 19, 2011 3:18 pm

Knicks lose, Melo plays bad and skips reporters

Mike D'Antoni is overrated as a coach. Has no idea how to coach defense, and apparently from his time in Phoenix and New York, doesn't care to. He makes sure he gets players onto his teams that are prolific offensively but poor defensively - Nash, Stoudemire and now Anthony.

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Posted on: March 19, 2011 12:25 pm

Knicks lose, Melo plays bad and skips reporters

Word of advice Melo. We would ALL like to have our cake and eat it too, but it just doesn' happen that way. Look at the bright side, you're Home Sweet Home, but you're on a team that SUCKS!! I'm a Nugget fan for life, not just when they are doing well, so on that note, I think you were the missing link and we're glad you went Home. The one I feel sorry for is Amare, because he had false hopes that YOU were going to make a dfference. Not the fact that NY gave up really good starters that know how to play BOTH ends of the court, just for YOU. All I got to say is, Thanks for moving back home.

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Posted on: March 19, 2011 12:12 pm

Knicks lose, Melo plays bad and skips reporters

But look on the bright side Melo. At least Mike D'Antoni didn't say you were crying on the bus. See, it could be worse

That's actually very funny, well done.

All you hear is the Nuggets and Knicks records since the trade.  Nuggets playing great team ball and the Knicks not playing any defense whatsoever.  The Knicks dropping down to now the 7th seed.  I have no ill will towards Melo, and actually am one of the few Nuggets fans who hope that he does well in the big apple.  I might be completely wrong but I'd not want to be a top team playing the Knicks in the first round.  It's one of those teams that could beat anyone or lose to anyone.  One of those teams, like it's newest star player, excells at times against the best, which they will be forced to play against with their falling record.  Fans of New York need to keep supporting Melo though, because as us Nuggets fans know he's a pretty high maintence player.  Hang in there Melo, you'll be fine....maybe.

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Posted on: March 19, 2011 9:08 am

Knicks lose, Melo plays bad and skips reporters

Baby! Shows what kind of class he has!

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