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Rose says Duke comments 'taken out of context'

Posted on: March 21, 2011 10:15 am
Edited on: March 21, 2011 10:17 am
Jalen Rose says his critical remarks about Duke University were taken out of context. Posted by Ben Golliver. jalen-rose

In this week's edition of the "story that won't go away", former University of Michigan basketball player and current NBA television analyst Jalen Rose has written a Wall Street Editorial in response to the criticism he received for making statements critical of Duke University in a recent documentary.

In case you've been living in a bunker for the last two weeks, Rose said in a documentary about Michigan's Fab 5 that he thought Duke's players were "Uncle Toms" when he was a teenager. 

That led former Duke basketball player Grant Hill, who was called a "bitch" in the movie, to respond in a New York Times editorial by calling the movie was "a sad and somewhat pathetic turn of events." Hill didn't, however, acknowledge that Rose was speaking about his past feelings rather than his current feelings. Former Duke player Elton Brand also weighed in, calling Rose's comments "ignorant" although he appeared to realize that Rose was speaking about his past feelings.

In his Wall Street Journal editorial, Rose said that his comments about Duke "were completely taken out of context", although he didn't specify by whom or call out Hill by name.
Addressing the elephant in the room, comments from the documentary regarding Duke University were completely taken out of context. I respect the success of Duke’s program and stated this was my opinion as a teenager growing up in the inner city of Detroit. I also acknowledged that Grant Hill had something I wanted growing up – a successful family. It’s a bit disappointing some people insinuated I think black people from successful families are Uncle Toms. What made the documentary must-see TV is the fact we showed brutal honesty and addressed every topic head on and without reservation.
This clarification wasn't really necessary for those who paid attention to what Rose said and actually watched the documentary, but after this story took hold and picked up sensationalistic steam Rose likely felt that he had no choice.

I'm not sure what the lesson here is except that Rose demonstrated that he is much more equipped to get his message out now as a media professional than he was 20 years ago as a young player. Deadspin summarized it nicely by concluding that the entire series of events simply proves that Rose is "part of the system now." On some level, that represents progress.
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Posted on: March 21, 2011 9:41 pm

Rose says Duke comments 'taken out of context'

I too am glad Rose was real in clarifying his comments.  I am from "the hood" and my wife was brought up in a very affluent neighborhood that was less than 10 miles from me but from my perspective it could have been the moon.  She went to the best of schools and excelled in leadership.  She was one of a few blacks in her school.  It hurt her tremendously when as a teenager she met other black people from my part of town and they made fun of her speech and mannerisms.  To this day she has a chip on her shoulder about it.  This kind of treatment is normally the result of immaturity and there is no real way to fix it other than talking to your kids about how they treat others or unitl it becomes more of the norm.  I know when as a teenager I encountered black kids that spoke and acted "white" I would always wonder if they were acting or if they were just being themselves. I later learned that being "black" and cool was not genetic.  I learned that the large majority of affluent blacks were just products of their environment just like I was.   My point being, If you grow up in Mexico you will probably speak Spanish and have the accent no matter what color you are.

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Posted on: March 21, 2011 3:22 pm

Rose says Duke comments 'taken out of context'

I am glad Rose clarify his words. As a young black man not associating myself to the inner city life style. I took offense to that of what he said. I have been called Uncle Tom in the past as well as in this present day. What Rose did 20 years ago was nothing more than intra racism. Go to youtube, and type in black on black racism. It is the worst form of racism, and that issue in the black community needs to be address. Just because someone doesn't talk in the same tone,or slang. It doesnt mean you put them down. Just because someone doesn't wear the same cloths as you, it doesnt mean you put them down. Rose is part of the system now but most young black men that torment other black men because they believe they are uncle Tom doesn't get to be on the level of Rose.

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