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Rudy Gay's timetable set at 4-6 months

Posted on: March 23, 2011 2:53 pm
Edited on: March 23, 2011 3:23 pm
Posted by Royce Young  

According to the Commercial Appeal, Rudy Gay's timetable for recovery is set at 4-6 months meaning that he will likely be ready to go for training camp next season.

Of course, that's if there is a next season.

The blow of Gay being out may be more of a mental shot to the Grizzlies than anything else. They had been fighting and scrapping for that eight seed the past month without him, thinking if they could just stay in it, they'd have some serious reinforcements coming. Now Gay won't be there to help and the reality of relying on Tony Allen and Sam Young is sinking in.

But Memphis can certainly hang tough. Zach Randolph has quietly had an MVP-worthy season carrying the load for the Grizzlies inside while Marc Gasol, Allen, Mike Conley and Darrell Arthur have all stepped up. Gay gave the Grizzlies that extra umph though. He was the player that could isolate and score at the end of games, that could close and that was reliable.

Like I said, Memphis can survive the push from the Rockets (and Suns), but surely this hurts them more mentally than anything else. Now knowing that Gay is gone until next season stings. What you see is what you get right now and that might not be enough to hold off a couple of charging teams. But the Grizzlies have made it this far without Gay, so maybe they can hold on a little longer.
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