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Raptors ready to deal Andrea Bargnani?

Posted on: March 28, 2011 9:38 am
Edited on: March 28, 2011 9:38 am
Would the Toronto Raptors consider trading big man Andrea Bargnani? Posted by Ben Golliver. andrea-bargnani

It's been a fairly miserable decade for the Toronto Raptors, who have qualified for the playoffs just twice in the last 10 seasons and are headed for their fourth straight trip to the NBA Draft Lottery this year.

This season's struggles, of course, were to be expected, as franchise forward Chris Bosh flew the coop for South Beach, leaving a mishmashed, young roster led by perimeter-minded big man Andrea Bargnani in his wake. It's hard to take much from Toronto's struggles this season, but most fans and observers of the team would seem to agree that Bargnani does not possess the all-around game to be a No. 1 option on a quality playoff team.

The Toronto Star reports that there are those within the Raptors organization that are ready to trade Bargnani and move forward with rookie forward Ed Davis as the centerpiece.
There are voices within the team who’ll tell you that, with Davis establishing himself as an ascendant talent, the prudent way forward for the Raptors is to trade the Italian. [GM Bryan] Colangelo has a history of being unsentimental in his buying and selling of players, but he has shown an unusually strong attachment to the seven-footer he selected with the No. 1 overall pick in the 2006 draft.
Still, while Colangelo has insisted and insisted and insisted he can build a winning team with a one-dimensional shooter as the starting centre, he has failed and failed and failed to do so. So maybe it’s time to move on.

Perhaps the best argument for unloading the Roman goes something like this. If Davis is soon to grab a full-time role as the starting power forward, it’s asking too much of him to do it alongside a soft-to-the-touch centre who shows zero interest in sharing the frontcourt workload on defence and on the glass. Chris Bosh enjoyed the role so much he moved to Miami.
A smooth-shooting seven-footer who has already inked a long-term extension, Bargnani is an easy target for criticism despite averaging a career-high 21.9 points this season. He's not very adept at defense not very motivated on the boards and he's just now beginning to learn the value of getting to the free throw line. To top it off, Bargnani is now 25 and not particularly likely to take a quantum leap forward statistically in the future, as he has had all the touches he can handle this season.

The only (huge) problem with this scenario: Davis isn't ready to be the guy yet, not even close. He's averaging 11 points and 6.8 rebounds, solid numbers as a rookie, but he's started just 10 games and has never played 40 minutes in a game. Not once. And let's not forget that his career-high of 21 points is less than Bargnani's average this season.

In hopeless situations, especially those that are cyclically hopeless, dreaming of a better future is always tempting. Davis certainly could emerge into a centerpiece, a more traditional and balanced post player who would be easier to build around. It's just not that time yet. 

The Raptors are stuck with Bargnani for the time being, unless they're prepared to take another step backwards, which isn't easy to do when you're 20-53 on the season.

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Posted on: March 29, 2011 9:11 am

Raptors ready to deal Andrea Bargnani?

I like Bargnani. He's lethal with his jumpshot. I'm just afraid that many teams are realizing that Center's need to pound and not be finesse jumpshooters. He's like a taller Peja Stojankovic who has made a career in this league. Every team could use Drea, whether as a starter or off the bench, or as a PF or C. He'd fit more of a run and gun team though. Too bad Phoenix has no one to trade for him. Vince Carter and Channing Frye anybody?

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Posted on: March 29, 2011 3:15 am

Raptors ready to deal Andrea Bargnani?

Bargnani needs to get out of Toronto. No, rephrase - Toronto needs to get rid of Bargnani. What good is a 7footer big man that has the same stats as a 22ppg shooting guard, minus the defense. Bargnani needs to be a bench player to cover up his defensive/rebounding flaws as much as possible. As a starter, he gets way too exposed and teams will always get easy looks in the paint. This is especially true if Reggie Evans doesn't stay in Toronto next year. Teams will be having lay-up drills all game long. Oh, and also, how many years in a row does a team need to have a lottery pick to climb out of the lottery (especially in the weaker East division)? Ask the Craptors!

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Posted on: March 29, 2011 12:57 am

Raptors ready to deal Andrea Bargnani?

 A hard cap is the answer, and that is exactly what the owners are pushing for in the new CBA. Structure the NBA like the NFL. Do you really think players want to live in Green Bay, Minnesota etc? Hard caps create a competitive balance and prevents big market teams from simply outspending the small market teams (see: MLB) The NFL has it right and the NBA would be wise to follow their model.

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Posted on: March 28, 2011 8:21 pm

Raptors ready to deal Andrea Bargnani?

epiphany:  Contraction does not marginalize the fans in small markets.  Some of the smaller market teams put together winning formulas and actually have competed for championships in the past (Utah, Portland, Indiana, presently OKC, San Antonio, etc.).  I am just saying that it is time to trim the fat in the league.  Who can actually say that over the past decade teams like Toronto, Clippers, Wolves, Grizzlies, etc. have been good for the NBA.  They are a joke.  If the fans want to support a loser then let them pay. 

I would argue that most of the fans in these bad team markets actually come out to watch the great teams that come to play in the building (Lakers, Celtics, Spurs, Heat, etc.)  Bottom line is that elite players do not want to play for these franchises.  They will continue to be doormats for everyone to wipe their feet on.  If that is good for the league, then the NBA has become a WWF wrestling match.  You know ahead of time who is going to compete for championships on an annual basis.

Contraction is a necessary evil and the regular season should be shortened to around seventy games.

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Posted on: March 28, 2011 7:05 pm

Raptors ready to deal Andrea Bargnani?

Send Bargin Big man to the Warriors. This squad loves big men who can shoot and they don't play defense it is a perfect match.

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Posted on: March 28, 2011 4:31 pm

Raptors ready to deal Andrea Bargnani?

Bargnani is the quintessential European big man: Score first, everything else later. If he was still rolling around in Italy, he would be a superstar. Unfortunately for him (and the Raptors) he's not in Italy anymore. If you look, a lot of big guys who come into the league that started out abroad have to learn to play defense and to be tough rebounders. If they put in the work, it can be done. Look at Pau Gasol.

Contraction is ridiculous, and it marginalizes tons of fans in small markets who support their teams even though they may not put the best product out there. While teams may not be able to put together a 50 win season, it is shown over and over again that on any given night any team can beat another team. It makes professional basketball fun to watch.

As for getting rid of Bargnani, I think it would be a great idea for Toronto, but extremely problematic. Who is going to take a one dimensional 5? You can flash his 22 pts per game around all you want, but that scoring is severely negated by whomever Bargnani is defending (or I should say not defending) on the other team, plus the rebounds he is giving up. Should be interesting to see what Colangelo can put together. Im surprised he didn't try to unload Bargnani in that Suns deal somehow.

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Posted on: March 28, 2011 4:22 pm

Raptors ready to deal Andrea Bargnani?

The NBA should be about winning championships and not solely about where a franchise ranks on the Forbes list.  None of the stars want to play in Toronto, yet they will play in LA, Boston, Philly, Orlando, Miami, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Utah, New York, Denver, Chicago, Detroit,  etc...All of those franchises have at least competed for a championship over the past twenty years.  There are some franchises who will never compete for a title, and unfortunately Toronto is one of them.

Contraction is not the solution, for the NBA to get things right they need some other things and hopefully they'll get done in the next CBA.   The NBA desperately needs a hard cap.   Enough of this nonesense.  Enough of forcing small market teams to be a training ground for big market teams.   A hard cap would make it near impossible for teams like Miami to do what they did last off season.  It would make it near impossible for the Lakers and Celtics to dominate like they have in winning championship after championship.   And it shouldn't stop there.  The crazy rules that apply in the NBA shouldn't be there.  Like the rule where a team can trade for a player, buy him out and allow that player to go wherever he wants, normally a contender he just left.  What kind of nonesense is that?  What other league allows stupid crap like that to happen year after year?
Furthermore, make it even more appealing for a superstar to stay where he's at.  There isn't enough of a difference financially right now.... it's a joke.     Until they make these changes, only 5 or 6 teams have a chance to win a championship every year.... there is no other sport like it anymore.  Time for the NBA to change with the times and accomodate some small market teams.  I'm not talking about small market teams that can't sell tickets, I'm talking about keep the small market teams alive that do sell tickets.  I've never been a fan of keeping teams in cities that don't care about the sport they're in but in a case like Toronto's that's not the situation at all.  Fans love their Raptors,,, but it gets sickening for these fans to watch player after player leave year after year.....
Enough is enough.... either do that or yeah, contraction will make more sense in the long run.  No use keeping teams around that literally have ZERO chance of winning it all...ever.

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Posted on: March 28, 2011 4:15 pm

Raptors ready to deal Andrea Bargnani?

Here's Warner with more of his moronic babble... 
 Toronto should be contracted because they don't win championships? Along with what? 20 other teams? You're an idiot, eveyone on the CBS message boards knows that. Bosh, Carter played in Toronto a lot longer than they "had" to. If Denver is such a hot spot then why did Carmelo demand a trade and wouldn't sign an extension? What about Utah? Deron Williams went on record recently saying he couldn't get anyone to sign on in Utah, so you must know something that an NBA star doesn't about Utah. Do you try to make yourself look stupid or does it just happen? How about Detroit? I missed which big free agent star they have signed recently... Detroit is a beautiful city isn't it? Anyone in their right mind would rather live and play in Toronto than a dozen or so NBA cities. Have you ever been there Warner? Rhetorical question of course, Im sure you've never ventured out of your $ h it hole of a town (Castaic? that's really the name of a city? or is it a town?) Philly, how about them? who has signed there recently? I agree with the previous poster, you just don't think. Turkoglu signed with the Raptors not that long ago, and at the time was the most sought after free agent on the market. Please go back to the drawing board Warner, not every team can spend as much as the Lakers or Boston. Jump back on your bandwagon. 

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Posted on: March 28, 2011 4:03 pm

Raptors ready to deal Andrea Bargnani?

Hogan:  Don't take it so personal.  I know it is a business.  There are other franchises that should be contracted as well (Minnesota, LA Clippers, Memphis, etc.)  The NBA should be about winning championships and not solely about where a franchise ranks on the Forbes list.  None of the stars want to play in Toronto, yet they will play in LA, Boston, Philly, Orlando, Miami, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Utah, New York, Denver, Chicago, Detroit,  etc...All of those franchises have at least competed for a championship over the past twenty years.  There are some franchises who will never compete for a title, and unfortunately Toronto is one of them.  You could put a D League team (arguably what the Raptors are now) in Toronto and it will make money.  The reason being is because the basketball has nothing else to compete with.  Trust me, I read all of my statements before posting.

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Posted on: March 28, 2011 3:52 pm

Raptors ready to deal Andrea Bargnani?

What you get from Bargnani is 20 points 2 rebounds per game and most of the points come in the first half. He was Colangelo's biggest mistake picking him #1 overall with guys like LaMarcus available. Bosh wanted Aldridge and he was right. Thus it has taken way too long for Colangelo to admit his mistake because he is defined by the choice. 

Bargnani could help a contender if the contender has lots of grinders, lots of heart and lots of rebounders so a trade for this guy would be a good move for a few teams and Toronto could get a decent piece or two back for him. As a third option he would be fine.

As far as contraction, another solution is to stop allowing players to dictate where they will play. Right now everyone wants to play on 5 or 6 teams. Go like NHL did with a firm cap and only room for one or two top paid guys on each team. Stop allowing buyouts where a losing team pays the salary and a contender picks up a vet for nothing. Stop allowing guys to quit on teams and force trades. Then maybe contraction will not be necessary. Force the talent to be spread around. If not, contract to 6 teams and cut all the rest since they are not much better than D league.

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