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Pistons sold to Tom Gores, pending NBA approval

Posted on: April 8, 2011 2:20 pm
Edited on: April 8, 2011 2:25 pm
The Detroit Pistons have reportedly been sold to investor Tom Gores pending league approval. Posted by Ben Golliver.

The months of waiting are apparently over. 

Back in early February, we noted that investor Tom Gores had a deal in place to purchase the Detroit Pistons from Karen Davidson. Throughout All-Star Weekend, the sale seemed imminent, however it failed to materialize. Last week, Ken Berger of reported that the negotiations were "far enough along to expect the matter to come to a vote by the Board of Governors April 14-15 in New York."

On Friday, the Detroit Free Press reports that Gores has signed an agreement to purchase the Detroit Pistons and the team's building for $420 million, pending league approval, of course.
Gores, a Los Angeles-based financier who grew up in the Flint area, has signed a purchase agreement to acquire the team and other Palace Sports & Entertainment properties. It still must be approved by the NBA.
“I am very proud to have this opportunity to be part of such a tremendous organization,” Gores said in a released statement. “I know it’s been a long process, and I appreciate the patience and support of the Detroit community. I have been impressed with the Davidson family and the way it has protected and built such a storied franchise. I grew up here, I am glad to be back, and I am very excited about all the possibilities looking forward.”
In a statement obtained by the Free Press, Pistons owner Karen Davidson said today: "We are pleased to welcome Tom Gores as the new owner of the Detroit Pistons and Palace Sports and Entertainment.
The Pistons have been a disaster on and off the court all season, with a player mutiny against coach John Kuester highlighting all sorts of minor squabbles. President Joe Dumars was unable to make any roster moves, apparently because of the ownership uncertainty, and the team just accepted its fate, heading back to the NBA Draft Lottery for the second straight season.

Will Kuester be retained? Will the roster be overhauled? Those are questions for another day. Right now, it's time to party for Pistons fans, who wasted a year of their life watching their team spins its wheels in ugly fashion.

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Posted on: April 9, 2011 2:44 am

Pistons sold to Tom Gores, pending NBA approval

Do I think that Dumars has been a great GM? No but he haqs been pretty good. His signing of Gordon and Villanueva can definately be questioned. While Gordon makes a lot of money I do believe he can be a key component to a winning team if we had a coach that would use him properly. Villanueva is completely useless and no one can argue he was a good signing at all. Dumars has made some good moves though like seeing the potential in Ben Wallace and Billups. The one thing everyone points out is the drafting of Darko and it turned out terrible, but at the time I dont know too may teams who were going to pass on the opprtunity to get a supposedly skilled seven footer.

Where you can kill Dumars is his handling of the coaches and his insistence on making Stuckey a starting point guard. Dumars has changed coaches far too often and has made a couple horrible choices in Michael Curry and John Kuester. Kuester has been a train wreck all season and if he is back next year you can count on a high draft choice.

I'm going to stay optomistic that Dumars can make some moves and get this team moving in the right direction I just hope he hires the right coach.

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Posted on: April 8, 2011 4:49 pm

Pistons sold to Tom Gores, pending NBA approval

One full season wasted so the widow of a billionare could get a few more dollars... big surprise there.  So glad that this has finally happened, and now we can move forward.

Looking to next season is all we Pistons fans can do right now, and while I'll admit we aren't close to winning anything significant, it doesn't seem all that bad

PG- Stuckey  SG- ??  SF- Daye  PF- Jerebko  C- Monroe

For the first time in his young career, I like what I'm seeing from Stuckey.  He actually played the last dozen-plus games like a true PG, that being said his diva attitude has to get shelved or he needs to be moved (he's a restricted FA). Will Bynum is a quality backup who brings energy to the floor and can put the biscuit in the basket.

The Pistons biggest need is at the two spot.  Ben Gordon isn't a starting SG, he's undersized and plays no D, but is solid off the bench.  Even though he's making way too much money, we're paying him so he'll play.  Rip should be done in Detroit.  If his services are retained it would be a complete shocker to most Pistons fans.  McGrady gets lumped in with Rip too, by his own choosing.  He did a heck of a job this year as a starting PG, but that Princess attitude isn't needed or wanted in Detroit.  Thanks for showing Stuckey how to do it though.

Teyshaun is a free agent and it's all but a fact that he won't be wearing the Red, White, and Blue next year.  He, like Rip, has been a quality Piston for years, however it's time to move on.  He's a great defender with a good offensive game, not a high energy guy but definitely not a sore spot in any lineup. He'll find a home on a contender next season, likely as part of an off-season sign-and-trade.  Austin Daye steps into the starting SF role, and while his offense is further along than Prince's was at this stage of his career, his defense is not and needs work.  Daye has been coming along nicely though and will score points for a young team next year.  We need a back up here.

Jerebko will be coming back after missing a full season due to an achilles injury.  Everything about this guy right now is a question mark.  He's young (24), big (6'11" 230+ lbs), and plays with tons of enthusiasm.  His rookie year of '09-'10 he averaged 9.3 pts and 6.0 rebs, and if the injury doesn't slow him down there's alot to like, but nothing is for sure here.  Charlie V, like Ben Gordon, is being paid a lot more than he's worth and will continue to see minutes from the bench by default.  Jason Maxiell is under-sized depth, but a banger down low, we could do worse.

What can you say about Greg Monroe?  Outside of John Wall, this year's number one overall pick, it's hard to argue any rookie has been better.  He got better seemingly every game, and he's a quality person.  He also has the pedigree of being a Georgetown center, and I love that fact.  Big Ben is under contract for one more year, but he's not making much (1.9 million I believe), and there are rumors stating that he might retire after the season.  Nothing but respect for the big guy, if he comes back we have a great back up for our rotation, if he retires we have a big need for a big back up.

John Kuester is done.  It's not right to seemingly let the players get their way here, but in all honesty he didn't make a very strong case for himself with or without "shoot-aroung-gate." 
; Personally I've wanted to see Bill Laimbeer coaching here for a few years now, and I'd love to see him get the job.  That said, I have no real idea what's going to happen here.  I will say this though, Kevin Love has been a force since Laimbeer got their, and I believe he has one season left on his deal... one could hope, can't he?

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Posted on: April 8, 2011 3:43 pm

Pistons sold to Tom Gores, pending NBA approval

DomkeKing, I complete understand what you're saying, but I would be quite as hard on Dumars as that. While I agreee that some of his moves have been difficult to understand (the Darko drafting comes to mind rather quickly, not to mention the free-agent signings you referenced) I would suggest that his real error was to think that the core of his team consisted of true championship-level players. What he had was a team that played well together, but one that essentially had no real star-power. Their one and only championship during their heady run in the early 2000s came at the expense of a Lakers team that was fractured and squabbling. On talent, the Pistons never should have won that title and I cannot belive that against the Spurs they would haev prevailed. In addition, that 2004 championship was due to Rasheed Wallace for once playing up to his potential. That was lightning in a bottle, but Rasheed is not reliable (as Dumars learned to his distress) and the rest of that roster were mainly complimentary players. Even Chauncey Billups, as much as I love his game, is not a guy who can single-handedly carry a franchise to the top.

But Dumars did build a team that contended for a long time and he mistakenly tried to fill in holes instead of realizing that Detroit could not really compete with teams built around true superstars. And then he hung on to his core too long, as you very properly highlight. but that is not a sin that is unique to the Pistons - virtually every franchise has had that event occur. Look at Boston after the great Larry Bird-led run in the 1980s. They were utterly irrelevant for twenty years because they hung onto their core too long. Same thing in Phoenix with Steve Nash. Or Miami between the 2006 title and the Lebaby/Posh signings last summer. Utah with Stockton and Malone comes to mind as well, though Stockton did not hang on too long in my opinion - he left before he degraded. The Chicago Bulls blew up their roster prematurely, otheriwse I would bet that they too would be on this list. And the Lakers aren't exempt either - they had some really mediocre and borderline awful teams until they persuaded Shaq to come over from Orlando. This kind of decision-making is endemic in the NBA and so I would not penalize Dumars for making the same mistake virtually every other GM has made.

That being said, I am glad to see that the long uncertainty around the Pistons is finally beginning to lift. That is a proud franchise and it deserves to have the flexibility to try to rebuild - a felxibility that was all too absent the past year or so while the negotiations dragged on. I hope Gores will put the money and effort in to restoring the Pistons - they have a ton of history and a solid fan base that deserves better than what they got this season. So I hope that their new owner is a guy who can appreciate and rebuild that history.

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Posted on: April 8, 2011 3:21 pm

Pistons sold to Tom Gores, pending NBA approval

)I hope Gores keeps Dumars and allows him to get ceative in reshaping this team.

If Dumars stays I'm done with the Detroit Pistons.  I think he's done an AWFUL job and I'm not talking about this year when his hands were tied either.    Dumar's hands weren't tied 2 or 3 or even 4 years ago where he watched an uninterested veteran team do nothing.  Three or four years ago guys like Prince and Hamilton were easily tradeable and he would have gotten tremendous value back for guys like that.   Instead he sat on his hands, let them stay and watched the team become an embarassment.   
It doesn't stop there though.  When NOBODY ELSE was willing to pay Charlie or Ben Gordon big money the Pistons stepped up, they bid against themselves and picked up 2 absolutely useless players for a rebuilding team.  But there it is..... that word.... "rebuilding".... Dumars was never willing to do that.   He was never willing to dump the veterans he has now and had a while back to rebuild.  He was ok with trying to be mediocre instead which obviously didn't work out very well for him.  He was so desperate he picked up Ben Wallace for God sakes.  First he lets Ben become a free agent when he was actually worth something and teams wanted him instead of trading him for something long before he left.  And then he didn't want to match an offer and keep him.  So what does good ol Joe do? He waits until Ben is USELESS BEYOND BELIEF and signs him to a contract !!!!  And if that isn't bad enough, he keeps him for another year after that !!!  Great job !!!
And this year is the biggest joke of all.    Some of the same players he's protected and gone down with disrespect his coach.   Instead of suspending them long term he lets them play shortly thereafter??? WHAT????  I don't care if he would have used developmental players in their place and lost 20 games in a row.....  a good gm on a bad team would send a message to his team very quickly.   The message would be the coach rules and you as unprofessional players burn......  and if you don't or can't suspend them for long, bench them or keep them in the pressbox.... nobody would have stopped him, not even the sale of the team would have stopped him from paying 3 guys minimum wage from on top of whatever the team salary is today.  And if he's not going to do that, then fire the coach !!!!  That would have been wrong but at least he picks a side and does something !!!!  
I know i'm only one person and it means nothing..... but I won't watch or follow another Pistons game if that YAHOO DUMARS is still GM.   He's a joke of a gm and an embarassment to hard working gm's in the NBA.....

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Posted on: April 8, 2011 2:51 pm

Pistons sold to Tom Gores, pending NBA approval

It is about time this deal got done. The lack of movement on this deal sunk the Dumars chances of moving any of the dead weight on this roster. I hope now this is resolved we will be able to unload some of the terrible players on this team (eg...Charlie VillaNO-D)I hope Gores keeps Dumars and allows him to get ceative in reshaping this team.

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