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Kings staying, won't file for relocation

Posted on: May 2, 2011 11:47 am
Edited on: May 2, 2011 12:28 pm
Posted by Royce Young

There they stayed. The Kings aren't moving. At least for now.

According to numerous outlets, the Kings have ended their relocation bid to Anaheim and will remain in Sacramento, at least for another year.

The Maloofs, in a press release said:
Out of respect to Kings fans and the regional business community, we have decided to remain in Sacramento for the 2011-12 season. The fans’ spirit and energy, specifically our season ticket holders, has been remarkable and we are truly thankful for their loyalty. We also are greatly appreciative of the support from our corporate sponsors as well as other local businesses that have come forward in recent weeks.

Additionally, we would like to take this opportunity to send a heartfelt thank you to the loyal and hardworking team members within our organization. From the game night staff to the front office, coaches, and players, we are grateful for their professionalism and devotion.
Also, the release thanked Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson but also mentioned the ominous future for the city as well. "However, if an arena plan cannot be finalized in a timely fashion, the NBA¹s relocation committee has assured Maloof Sports and Entertainment that it will support an application to move the franchise to another market starting in 2012-13."


It really shouldn't come as a huge surprise as the NBA had recommended the team stay in Sacramento to go along with about 50 other signs and reasons the Kings should remain in town. Of course that didn't stop the Maloofs from pursuing every available option to continue the relocation process. But in the end, without the league's support and a sketchy plan, they decided to withdraw.

Good move. Er, I guess good non-move. You know what I mean.

Still, at the heart of this is the arena. While the Kings bought themselves another year in Sacramento, the franchise needs to move ground (literally or at the least figuratively) on a new arena otherwise we'll be watching this same scenario unfold next year. The interesting part then will be if Sacramento still doesn't make progress and the team seeks relocation, is Anaheim the choice? Something tells me no because of all the blowback there was from that.

(This would be a pretty good time to start building your own new arena, Seattle. That is, if you want a new team.)

I don't know enough about the current situation in Sacremento to say whether or not a new arena is likely, but obviously that's the issue going forward. Get that built and the team is there for at least another 20 years. Don't, and this whole thing will come back and the NBA might not be willing to step in next time. The threat of relocation is real and the Maloofs are serious. No business owner wants to lose money. That's not the point of owning a business. So if things don't progress, they'll look at their options.

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Posted on: May 3, 2011 12:01 pm

Kings staying, won't file for relocation

NoCal-  Thank you for the information....I had no idea that President Obama was a Navy fact, I was under the impression that he was never in the military at all, that he was handed everything he has ever achieved, and rides the coat tails of his predecessors...Thank you NoCal, I am a smarter American because of you.

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Posted on: May 3, 2011 11:52 am

Kings staying, won't file for relocation

Who_dey09 - What arena would an NBA team call home in Cincinnati?  Riverfront Coliseum is a serious dump.

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Posted on: May 3, 2011 11:49 am

Kings staying, won't file for relocation

My repsonse was to the idiot NoCal buc. Moron.

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Posted on: May 3, 2011 1:07 am

Kings staying, won't file for relocation

Move the team back to Cincinnati!

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Posted on: May 2, 2011 10:55 pm

Kings staying, won't file for relocation

Mr. Bison; you are dead on in your evaluation of the 2 Maloof stooges. "Out of the box" thinking just isn't in the 2 clowns makeup. I can assure you that their father would NEVER hold a city hostage as his 2 oldest sons have done. The man was a great guy who treated people with ultimate respect; no matter where they came from or their social status. This whole fiasco is akin to having a hot,popular girlfriend that treated you right only for the Maloof jerks seaching out a supermodel only to have her giving them the brushoff. They sheepishly must return to Sacramento and fake commitment to a town they want no part of. It's not Sac Town's fault that the Palms and Las Vegas economy has gone down the drain, so I strongly urge that the NBA recommend that someone with some real vision to purchase the franchise.

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Posted on: May 2, 2011 10:10 pm

Kings staying, won't file for relocation

No one says the Maloofs need to shoulder the burden themselves, not every owner can be Robert Kraft who built Gillette stadium with his own dollars.
BUT the owners of the team CAN and SHOULD be on the hook for some of the cost, they can think of it as an investment that if they so choose can be sold back to city in small chunks each year.
They can create a stadium corporation where they attract investors to both invest in the team - small percentage and the arena - larger %, then take that capital and use it along with city funds to build an arena or renovate the current arena.
They can then each year offer to buy any shares from investors in the stadium corporation in the team itself , the arena or both, they could also have the city buy the shares of the arena from the investors each year.
There's also naming rights not just on the arena itself but how about creating an area where fans can do the basketball version of tailgating before the game where you have restaurants, maybe even a sports bar, there's rent possibilities right there from tenants as well as naming rights of the concourse within the arena - case in point, when the Sonics were in Seattle they could have done the same thing, get Boeing to sponsor it and call it "The Boeing Hangar at Key Arena".
You can make it THE place to be before and after the game doing pre and post game and offer lots of dining choices and it's all REVENUE!!!!!!
They need out of the box thinking to get this arena deal done, get some of the smart folks who help run their parents casino to help them identify ways to generate revenue, be CREATIVE and not expect the tax payer to fot the bill.
Oh and BTW a third NBA team in L.A. makes about as much sense a peanut butter & mayonaise sandwich, it makes about as much sense as moving an NBA team from the # 14 media market in the country to the 53rd...oh wait.... David Stern already allowed that to happen but you get the point it makes no sense!
If the NBA TRULY wants a team in Orange County tell Donald "The Slumlord" Sterling he needs to move east and bring the Clip show to the O.C.!

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Kings staying, won't file for relocation

Why is this filthy Okie Royce Young commenting on Seattle building an arena?
You wouldn't have a job without Mayor McCheese I just giving in because he was embarassed in court. 
Stick to your Daily Blunder blog.  Don't talk about Seattle until you can broadcast your games in HD without ESPN/ABC.

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Posted on: May 2, 2011 6:57 pm

Kings staying, won't file for relocation

Speaking as a Seattle fan:

1. I would not want to steal a team from another city, I know the pain
2. I would not want a team owned by the Magoof brothers
3. I would not want a team until a competent commisioner is in place who stops extorting the fans/communities

I love basketball, but would not want us to be a victim again.  If you think Seattle deserved to lose the Sonics, you do not know what you are talking about.

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