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Kobe Bryant: Andrew Bynum needs to 'fall in line'

Posted on: May 11, 2011 4:17 pm
Edited on: May 11, 2011 4:21 pm
Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant says center Andrew Bynum will have to "fall in line" on offense next season. Posted by Ben Golliver. kobe-bynum

What a week for Los Angeles Lakers center Andrew Bynum. First, he unleashes the dirtiest play in recent memory to get himself ejected from his team's last game of the season, a disappointing loss to the Dallas Mavericks. Then, he apologizes for the hit but gets slapped with a five-game suspension that will cost him hundreds of thousands of dollars.

During his exit interview, reported that Bynum tried to look forward to next year with optimism, predicting that he will be a bigger part of the team's offense next season.
"Offensively for me, this series and throughout the playoffs I was just being more aggressive, just give us a solid option. I did a decent job at that, had a decent playoffs this year, but it wasn't enough. I just [want to] come back expecting that next year I'll be a bigger part of the team and I'll work to be a bigger part of the team."

"In order for this team, if it was to be the same, [playing a greater offensive role] would have to be the case," he reiterated.
On Wednesday, Lakers All-Star guard Kobe Bryant, the team's leading scorer, poo-pooed that idea according to
But Bryant made it clear that the food chain for the Lakers won’t be changing anytime soon, at least not on his watch.

“Well, it’s tough to do on this team,” he said of moving Bynum up on the list of offensive priorities. “Ultimately, he’ll have to fall in line. Because I’m gonna shoot the ball. We all know that. Pau is going to get his touches. He’s no. 2. And then [Andrew] will have to fall in line.”

For the record, Bryant was No. 2 in the entire league in field goal attempts last season, averaging 20.1 shots per game. Pau Gasol shot 13.7, Lamar Odom shot 10.9, Ron Artest shot 8.0, Shannon Bryown shot 7.8 and then, finally, Bynum shot 7.6. There's no way Bynum, who looked like the second best center in the NBA for major stretches during the playoffs, should have five teammates taking more shots than him. I understand the "get in line" sentiment but that's a ridiculously long line. I'd be frustrated too.

Clearly, the No. 1 thing holding back Bynum is his persistent injury problems. It's hard to design an offensive system around a player who regularly misses games and has dealt with knee surgeries. It's much easier to say "play defense and rebound the scraps" than it is to create two highly-functional offensive worlds: one for when Bynum is playing and one for when he is out with injury.

This is clearly an issue to keep an eye on, assuming that Bynum isn't traded this offseason. The longer he stays healthy, the less patient he's going to be.  The situation has implosion or explosion written all over it.

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Posted on: May 12, 2011 11:50 am

Kobe Bryant: Andrew Bynum needs to 'fall in line'

Kobe didn't say "5" people taking more shots than him.  He said Kobe #1, Pau #2...., and he's right.  For a guy who misses so much, Andrew can't dictate how things are gonna go.  Jump In Line Private !!

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Posted on: May 12, 2011 11:49 am

Kobe Bryant: Andrew Bynum needs to 'fall in line'

It doesn't matter because it is very likely that Bynum and Artest end up gone in a trade to either Orlando for Howard or New Orleans for Paul. Though Paul doesnt make too much sense because the triangle doesnt need a good point guard to be succesful. It is obvious that the real problem for the chemistry on the Lakers is Bynum. Everyone tried to blame Pau but the line to get Pau would be very long if he was available. By the way. Has anyone else noticed that Marc Gasol is almost as good as his brother statistically and he is a free agent after this year? Maybe that trade wasn't as big a steal as everyone was saying.

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Posted on: May 12, 2011 11:27 am

Kobe Bryant: Andrew Bynum needs to 'fall in line'

Besides injuries, until Bynum can consistently knock down mid-range jumpshots, he's not getting more shots than Gasol. He needs to further improve his footwork in the paint and develop some big-man moves. Right now, he's a bull in a china shop. Too many offensive fouls. Kareem needs to teach him the skyhook.

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Posted on: May 12, 2011 11:10 am

Kobe Bryant: Andrew Bynum needs to 'fall in line'

X factor 09, I dont think anyone is trying to defend Bynums behavior, it was the most embarrassing play Ive seen in professional sports since A-rod tried to swipe at the glove of the 1st baseman acouple of years back, the point is Kobe has declined in ability the past couple of years and its been since the three-peat since he was truly dominant, even his 82 point performance when showcased by sportscenter was like a loop of the same play over and over , pull-up jumper, pullup 3, pullup jumper,be honest, how many times have you seen kobe (in recent years) dribble into double or triple coverage, get hemmed up,turn the ball over and then throw up his arms with the old "wheres the foul?" cry while everyone else continues to play? Bynum last year went on a 20pt, 20reb. tear that lasted almost a month before he got hurt. the lakers were UNBEATABLE while that was going on, his inconsistency imo is due to #24 insisting he is still unguardable,and refusing to give up the rock, just LAST NIGHT the guy said they lost because due to his inability to practice, the rest of the lakers were able to coast through the sessions without him demanding more from them,COME ON!! would you want a teammate so eager to throw you under the bus?The NBA is still an inside-out league, when you have dominance on the box, you win, there are not 5 better centers in the league then Andrew right now,HIs foul on Berrea was a pathetic cheap shot( ive seen many many of those over the years Mchale,clotheslining Rambis,Laimbeer clotheslining...everyone)but dont crucify him for it, wherever he plays going forward, if he can stay healthy, he will be an allstar.

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Posted on: May 12, 2011 10:53 am

Kobe Bryant: Andrew Bynum needs to 'fall in line'

The Lakers need Bynum if the Kobe Bryant is to remain highly competitive. Artest has outlived his usefullness, Odom is a good player but inconsistent, Pau can be a very good second option but his career is now on the downswig (10 year vet), Bynum is young, big & talented. (albeight injury prone) he needs to have a biiger role in the Lakers as we have come to know are to continue. If not the Lakers will be reduced to second round fodder. That is of course unless the Lakers & Magic swing a deal for Dwight Howard. Bynum & #1 pick. Orlando will ose him for nothing next year, and they got eliminated in the first round with him.

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Posted on: May 12, 2011 10:26 am

Kobe Bryant: Andrew Bynum needs to 'fall in line'

I totally agree with Kobe's comments to a degree. I think Kobe will obviously be the number 1 option as long as he is in LA. Pau should be number two, but Bynum should usurp Shannon Brown, Ron Artest and Lamar Odom. The league is so thin at centre that Bynum should have a decided advantage on a nightly basis. His major problem is that he can't stay healthy. If they can't depend on him to play consistently, then he will never be a focal point of the offense.

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Posted on: May 12, 2011 10:20 am

Kobe Bryant: Andrew Bynum needs to 'fall in line'

Kobe can say whatever he likes! He has proved himself in L.A. as the man. He has all kinds of titles and has done it with several different starting lineups. He is the captain and has earned his right to lead his team anyway he seems fit. Bynam is unproven and overated and this is the first time he is even healthy going into his offseason. If Bynum stays healthy, which is highly unlikely, he will have to prove he deserves a chance to move up the food chain and stop with the baby games bullshit he like to pull. And inregards to the suspension, he should have been suspended half the year for the foul. He could have seriously injured him.

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Posted on: May 12, 2011 9:59 am

Kobe Bryant: Andrew Bynum needs to 'fall in line'

Andrew Bynum is the newest OVER-RATED player in the NBA. The guy blows! He complains that he wants to score more and be more a focal point in what the Lake show do offensively. Well, lets start with one thing at a time. The Elbow! Does anyone really think that a measily 5 games will do the trick with this guy? People clammer that he'll lose 900 k in salaryfor 5 games as being punishment enough. How does make 900k for 5 ball games is beyond me to begin with. But this ACT is not the first for Bynum and everytime it seems as if the blows to other players get more severe. Tell me you didn't think back to Michael Beasley when you saw JJ Barea go down. These are not ticky tacky foul calls here folks. He is giving these guys a hard way down for simple layups. I tell you this much, Bynum should be thanking his lucky stars that JJ did not get hurt during that play becasue that would be the only thing holding this suspension back from being what it should have been...10 games. Maybe then he'll learn his place on the floor. As for the Big Sleezy wanting the ball more often, if he were able to stay on the court longer than the floor wipes maybe they might give his opinion two seconds to think it over. But since he isn't quite all there and won't be taken serious, well no more all there than Artest(which you never want to be an Artest category). What he should do is simply shut his YAP and be thankful that he's ridden the coat-tails of Odom, Bryant and Pau the last 3 years or so. So suck it up Buttercup and be thankful you get to put that jersey on instead of the Timberwolves. What a turd!

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Posted on: May 12, 2011 9:50 am

Kobe Bryant: Andrew Bynum needs to 'fall in line'

For all you Kobe lovers...

You can heap all the praise on Kobe that you want.  You can bring up his past accomplishments (which are indeed many), and try and talk everyone else into believing he's one of the best of all time.  As another poster said, he's not even the best Laker of all time.  In fact, I wouldn't put him no higher than 3rd behind Magic and Kareem, and I could make an argument about a few more too.

However, all of that is opinion.  Here are some facts.

The Mavericks were perfectly content to let Kobe shoot his 20 shots a game, make his 23 points a game, and shut everyone else down.  However, Chandler and Heywood were having fits guarding Bynum.  They weren't able to consistently block him out, and he was able to muscle his way in time after time.  In game 2 of the series, Bynum was the second leading scorer for the Lakers, behind 20 Shots a Game.  In game 3, he was the LEADING scorer.  He was the second leading scorer for the series.

Maybe, just maybe, if Kobe was a leader and a team player, he would have started feeding the offense through Bynum.  He would have forced the Mavericks to come up with SOME answer for Bynum, which would have probably freed Gasol up (although as poorly as he played in this series, I'm not convinced it would have helped his game).

I don't like the Lakers, so I'm glad they refused to adjust.  If they had, by making Bynum a true part of the offense, that series might have been completely different.

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Posted on: May 12, 2011 9:50 am

Kobe Bryant: Andrew Bynum needs to 'fall in line'

I don't like the Lakers, so I think Kobe should continue to shoot more than almost anyone in the league and keep the rest of his teammates from getting involved.  I would much rather have my team play Kobe and 4 guys standing around waiting for Kobe to shoot than to play a whole other team.

While the point is correct about Bynum's injuries, there is NO WAY a team with this much talent should have one guy shooting that much.  "I'm gonna shoot the ball, we all know that"?  Yes we do, and if you aren't good enough to adjust your game to make your team better you can just shoot and shoot and shoot all you want, and then go inside and watch the rest of the playoffs on tv like the rest of us.

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