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Kobe Bryant: Andrew Bynum needs to 'fall in line'

Posted on: May 11, 2011 4:17 pm
Edited on: May 11, 2011 4:21 pm
Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant says center Andrew Bynum will have to "fall in line" on offense next season. Posted by Ben Golliver. kobe-bynum

What a week for Los Angeles Lakers center Andrew Bynum. First, he unleashes the dirtiest play in recent memory to get himself ejected from his team's last game of the season, a disappointing loss to the Dallas Mavericks. Then, he apologizes for the hit but gets slapped with a five-game suspension that will cost him hundreds of thousands of dollars.

During his exit interview, reported that Bynum tried to look forward to next year with optimism, predicting that he will be a bigger part of the team's offense next season.
"Offensively for me, this series and throughout the playoffs I was just being more aggressive, just give us a solid option. I did a decent job at that, had a decent playoffs this year, but it wasn't enough. I just [want to] come back expecting that next year I'll be a bigger part of the team and I'll work to be a bigger part of the team."

"In order for this team, if it was to be the same, [playing a greater offensive role] would have to be the case," he reiterated.
On Wednesday, Lakers All-Star guard Kobe Bryant, the team's leading scorer, poo-pooed that idea according to
But Bryant made it clear that the food chain for the Lakers won’t be changing anytime soon, at least not on his watch.

“Well, it’s tough to do on this team,” he said of moving Bynum up on the list of offensive priorities. “Ultimately, he’ll have to fall in line. Because I’m gonna shoot the ball. We all know that. Pau is going to get his touches. He’s no. 2. And then [Andrew] will have to fall in line.”

For the record, Bryant was No. 2 in the entire league in field goal attempts last season, averaging 20.1 shots per game. Pau Gasol shot 13.7, Lamar Odom shot 10.9, Ron Artest shot 8.0, Shannon Bryown shot 7.8 and then, finally, Bynum shot 7.6. There's no way Bynum, who looked like the second best center in the NBA for major stretches during the playoffs, should have five teammates taking more shots than him. I understand the "get in line" sentiment but that's a ridiculously long line. I'd be frustrated too.

Clearly, the No. 1 thing holding back Bynum is his persistent injury problems. It's hard to design an offensive system around a player who regularly misses games and has dealt with knee surgeries. It's much easier to say "play defense and rebound the scraps" than it is to create two highly-functional offensive worlds: one for when Bynum is playing and one for when he is out with injury.

This is clearly an issue to keep an eye on, assuming that Bynum isn't traded this offseason. The longer he stays healthy, the less patient he's going to be.  The situation has implosion or explosion written all over it.

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Posted on: May 11, 2011 9:54 pm

Kobe Bryant: Andrew Bynum needs to 'fall in line'

The playoffs were over so they couldn't suspend him this season..  I do agree that  5 games was not enough -he should have had to sit out the entire next season -maybe take anger management classes.

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Posted on: May 11, 2011 9:01 pm

Kobe Bryant: Andrew Bynum needs to 'fall in line'

Who cares about him getting suspended for the 1st 5 games of the season. It should have been when it really counted... In the damn PLAY-OFFS. What a big joke that little suspension is.

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Posted on: May 11, 2011 9:00 pm

Kobe Bryant: Andrew Bynum needs to 'fall in line'

Trade Bynum away if we are serious about winning? Are you serious? We've won two NBA Championships with Bynum! If we ran our offense through Bynum and not Gasol we'd still be playing in the playoffs. Since someone stole Gasol's balls this playofs, I think we should get rid of Gasol. Bynum was dominate in the playoffs. As much as I love Kobe, it's time to realize Bynum is the man in LA. If not, then we need to trade him and lose for the rest of Bryants career. We can trade him for Dwight Howard but then we will be neglecting Howard on offense as well. Trade Gasol and Lamar and his reality show for Dwight Howard and call it a day. Let's go Lakers!

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Posted on: May 11, 2011 6:50 pm

Kobe Bryant: Andrew Bynum needs to 'fall in line'

I agree with Bynum 100%, they continued to feed the wrong big-man in the series. Bynum is the big-man that did not get the right amount of touches.

The other guy was distracted and Mentally "Soft"  There will be problems next season without Phil there to smooth things over.  Kobe will be very unhappy if it is any other way.  


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Posted on: May 11, 2011 5:45 pm

Kobe Bryant: Andrew Bynum needs to 'fall in line'

"fall in line"? What does that mean anyway? I have been saying that Andrew Bynum was a bad fit with the Lakers and now the whole world knows why. Trade Bynum away if they are serious in winning. The Lakers laready have one bully in Ron Artest do they really need two?

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Posted on: May 11, 2011 5:40 pm

Kobe Bryant: Andrew Bynum needs to 'fall in line'

Kobe is the A-Rod of basketball - a selfish me-first brat who happens to be very good at his chosen sport but can't get the idea of "team." I hope the Lakers miss the playoffs for the next ten years.

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Posted on: May 11, 2011 5:30 pm

Kobe Bryant: Andrew Bynum needs to 'fall in line'

I read Bryant's statement to echo what Jerry West said the day after the massacre.  That "some players" on this team can't play in the triangle offense.  They won two championships with Bynum injured or playing a supporting role - rebounding and defense.  They've proven their offense works with the other guys.  Bynum's inability to be effective within the offense led to stagnation on the offensive end.  In my opinion, for the Lakers to exploit Bynum's potential they're going to have to change the offense.  Or, as Bryant said, Bynum will have to "fall in line" and learn to play within it.

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Posted on: May 11, 2011 5:01 pm

Kobe Bryant: Andrew Bynum needs to 'fall in line'

Guess if Kobe feels that way we can expect to be out again early.  All the kid is asking for is his number to be called a few times instead of just scoring off put backs.  Give him a break.

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