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How Kohl's political retirement affects Bucks

Posted on: May 16, 2011 10:43 am
Edited on: May 16, 2011 10:45 am

Posted by Matt Moore

Last week Bucks owner Senator Robert Kohl announced he would not seek another term in 2012.  Immediately, Bucks fans turned their attentions to what this means for the future of the Bucks with Kohl no longer taking in political income. Kohl was pretty clear on Friday about his intentions to remain in the ownership group and move forward as the Bucks try and find a new arena deal. 
On Friday, Kohl said he would continue to own the Bucks. "I feel good about my run as owner of the team," he said.

As Kohl well knows, the Bucks operate in one of the smallest markets in the National Basketball Association and plays in an aging arena that limits the amount of revenue the team can generate. Kohl has said for years that he loses money each year on the franchise, but he has never specifically cited a figure.

"I'm fully expecting we will continue to be here," Kohl said of the Bucks. "That in the years to come, we will find a way as a community and as a state to build a modern complex. And that in generations to come, the Bucks will continue to be a part of the landscape in Milwaukee."
via Kohl now can focus on Bucks' future - JSOnline.

Kohl has maintained for years that he would only sell to a group that was committed to keeping the team in Wisconsin. But with Kohl 76 and the Bucks one of the  more prominent money bleeds in the league, without a new arena deal it'll be difficult for Kohl to maintain his control over what happens to the Bucks past his ownership. On the flip side, however, Kohl's free time could mean he is more able to commit to working to solve problems both in the arena and basketball departments. The Bucks' slide backwards this season took the wind out of the momentum they had created last season. The only way a new arena happens is if public interest spikes.

Kohl's certainly saying the things you want to hear as a Bucks fan. But this is a period of change, and that can also lead to transition. The future of the Bucks isn't certain until new ownership and a new arena are in place. Kohl's role in the CBA negotiations centered around revenue sharing this summer could be significant.
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