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Report: Bulls to pursue Dwight Howard

Posted on: June 1, 2011 11:48 am
Edited on: June 1, 2011 11:49 am
Posted by Matt Moore

You want to know the real problem with the market inequality in the NBA? It's not the profit-margin differential. (Yes, it is.) It's not the lack of competitive equality. (Yes, it's that, too.) It's not the inability of small markets to sign or keep stars. (Yes, it so much is.) The real problem is that both fans, media, and sometimes team authorities start to believe when they're good that they can just go out and get anyone. Have a good team but need a point guard? "SIGN CP3!" even though he's under contract, the fans cry. Need a wing defender? "We can just go get Gerald Wallace, right?" is often the discussion. And in the case of Dwight Howard, no matter what he says, every big market and their fanbase will think they can go get him. Including, apparently, the Chicago Bulls.

Mike Wilbon of ESPN said last Friday on air that "credible people" in Chicago indicated to him that the Bulls intend to make a play for Dwight Howard. This was prior to Howard's outburst saying he loved Orlando and wants to be there and all the other things everyone says on their way out of town as is the new model A.D. (After Decision), and before rumors of a contract extension being worked on came out. 

Here's a question. Why would the Bulls think they need to upgrade so badly that they would go after a player who would demand the player cost in trade of Dwight Howard? Didn't they win 60 games this year? Didn't they get the top seed in the East? Weren't they right there in the four games they lost to Miami in the Conference Finals? And wasn't all of that success predicated on a "greater than the sum of its parts" approach to the roster, using timely and well-considered contributions from multiple players as opposed to raw star power? 

To acquire Howard, the Bulls would have to give up some combination of Joakim Noah, Luol Deng, and Carlos Boozer, plus some young talent and some picks. It's not an impossible situation, those are good players. The Magic would never come near Boozer's contract unless it was laden with a ton of other assets, but those other guys are worth the price, as long as, again, a lot of other nice things are thrown in. It would mean sacrificing the things that made the Bulls so good this year. Their depth down low (even with Asik coming back). Boozer's post offense. And most importantly, Deng's slashing, cutting, perimeter shooting and defense, which was downright phenomenal this season. 

And how would Howard work in Chicago? In case you haven't noticed, Derrick Rose likes to shoot quite a bit. Those are touches Dwight Howard's not getting, and he feels he needs the ball to be productive. Rose isn't a great alley-oop passer or high lobber out of the pick and roll. Yes, Howard makes it exceptionally easier by being a freak of nature, but there's still a zillion reasons why this wouldn't be a perfect fit. 

And what about what the Magic would demand they take back? Orlando's not doing this deal without sending back either Gilbert Arenas or Hedo Turkoglu's contracts. Those are sinkholes on the Bulls' roster, far more than Boozer, even with them being shorter. Do the Bulls really want to wind up paying the luxury tax just to get the Defensive Player of the Year and an MVP candidate with incredible size, speed, agility and finishing ability? 

Okay, yes, probably. But it's still an obstacle. 

Then again, anything the Magic would get from the Bulls would be better than what they'll pull in from a potential Lakers deal. But this just seems like it's wishful thinking in Chicago, especially with Chicago (just barely) not being the media market L.A. or New York is. But hey, it's been a year since The Decision, Amar'e is in New York, Melo's in New York, and no matter what Howard says, the question won't be closed till he signs that extension in the minds of front office officials or the reporters they talk to in those big cities. 

Get ready, kids. The Dwight Out (GET IT?!) is still coming soon. 


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Posted on: September 3, 2011 2:17 pm

Report: Bulls to pursue Dwight Howard

Couldn't agree more!!!

Anybody who has watched Bulls basketball this year knows Rose has to carry that offense, and not only that his teammates stand around in the 4th quarter waiting for him to do it. 

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Posted on: June 29, 2011 11:23 am

Report: Bulls to pursue Dwight Howard

I just wanted to add that the logic in this article is flawed in that Rose is not a shooter in the sense that he needs to or even wants to shoot the volume of shots he has over the past couple seasons. He shoots that many shots because he HAS to. So the argument that him and Dwight wouldn't mix is ludicrous. We should make without question make this trade happen.

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Posted on: June 4, 2011 8:14 am

Report: Bulls to pursue Dwight Howard

For the Bulls to get rid of the players mentioned above in order to get D.Howard would set them back a little bit,but I would be willing to make that move. D.Howard alone makes up for Boozer and Noah combined,but Noah is that "glue guy" that every team needs.....someone to do the dirty work on the inside and Boozer's not that guy and the playoffs proved that! As for Deng he can be replaced by another athletic swingman.....there's enough of them in the NBA to go around. D.Rose wouldn't mind giving up some of his shots to D.Howard if the Bulls were able to get him. The Lakers really don't have anyone other than Bynum,Gasol or both of them in order to deal with the Magic. I just can't see the Knicks in the equation at all. They're already near the salary cap with Melo and Amare and  I can't see them giving up on either one of them so soon to get Howard....not to mention they're going to need whatever $$$$ left to acquire CP3 or any other premier point guard and it's not going to be cheap in order to do that.

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Posted on: June 4, 2011 12:17 am

Report: Bulls to pursue Dwight Howard

The simple rule to follow in any trade is: get the best player in the deal. There are exceptions to the rule, I suppose, but for the most part, when one team gets the best player, regardless of who that team gives up to get him, that team gets the best of the deal. Getting Howard to play with Rose, however costly, benefits the Bulls. 

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Posted on: June 3, 2011 6:42 pm

Report: Bulls to pursue Dwight Howard

In many ways this reminds me of Shaq going to LA.  However, I was very disappointed that so much pressure was on Rose during the playoffs while Boozer and Noah sat on the bench during crunch time.  Nonetheless, it will be difficult to integrate a poor free throw shooting super hero in the lineup unless there is a way to dump both Noah and Boozer (sounds like multiple teams might be needed).  A slasher such as Deng is still necessary to compliment the team.  And, Gibson is more than ready to fill the 4 spot.  As far filling the gaps, note how many "veterans" wanted to come to Miami after the trio was signed in pursuit of a ring eventhough most of them just filled spots during the regular season to save the legs of the stars.  While this was not new, it was different than the move by Peyton/Malone (who were past their prime but not role players) in LA and that did not work out.

If the Bulls can protect Deng, Brewer and Asik while still pulling off a deal (even if it includes taking on Arenas and Turk), I would go for it.  Forget draft choices.  The time is now.

Unfortunately, this trend in the NBA will eventually lead to contrition as not enough stars will want to play for "small" or "medium" market teams if the stars can go to the top half dozen or so markets.  That would be sad.  However, if 24 rather than 30 teams remained, can you imagine the competition?  (EVERY GAME)

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Posted on: June 3, 2011 6:13 pm

Report: Bulls to pursue Dwight Howard

     Do the Magic really have to give up the stud center of the 2000s and 2010s when they already gave up the stud of the 90s and 2000's. There are not very many teams that have more than 1 player if any players that wouldn't be expendable for Howard. I am a Magic fan dating back to the Scotty Skiles days, so of course any talks of sending Howard for anything worries me. Every team doesn't have a player that can lead them to the promise land, the Magic do. Why do we continue to collect Vince Carters and Gilberts? I am not sure, but everyone knows they both are not the final peice of the puzzle.

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Posted on: June 3, 2011 5:44 pm

Report: Bulls to pursue Dwight Howard

I'm all for the Bulls making a run at Howard as long as they don't have to give up Omer.  Asik and destroy!

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Posted on: June 3, 2011 5:30 pm

Report: Bulls to pursue Dwight Howard

On the Boozer front, if we could deal Noah, Boozer, and picks for Howard I would do it in a heartbeat.  Gibson is only a second year player, can hit a mid range jumper, and is a great defender and good rebounder.  Playing next to Howard he would be more than adequate.  Howard/Gibson/Asik, add someone for the vet minimum and you are set at the bigs.  Even if you stood pat at SG they would be way more dangerous with that lineup. 

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Posted on: June 3, 2011 5:26 pm

Report: Bulls to pursue Dwight Howard

The Bulls going after Dwight Howard should be the biggest no brainer in the world. Why anyone would even second guess this strategy is beyond me?

The most important thing in the NBA is to have multiple superstars on the same team. If you do that you will contend for championships....period.

Roles players can ALWAYS be added later. Get the foundation first and then build from there.

Rose + Howard = championship contenter for the next decade.

Did Miami regret trading a bunch of nice role players for Shaq?
Did Boston regret trading a bunch of nice role players for Garnett?

No one has ever regretted trading for a superstar in their prime?

Even the Knicks will be happy they traded for Carmelo. Give it time. That will work out too.

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Posted on: June 3, 2011 4:43 pm

Report: Bulls to pursue Dwight Howard

I agree with most of the commentators on here, if you want to be a serious NBA title contender, you need more superstars.  This is a rare chance to get a talent like Dwight, if I were the Bulls, I would make a great play for him.

The Bulls could work with a lineup of:

Dwight Howard/Asik
Taj Gibson

And then whoever else they could get to help with the starting lineup or backups.  Obviously they would be in play to get a veteran swing player for the small forward or shooting guard spots, but even without Boozer, Noah and Deng its workable!

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