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Report: Bulls to pursue Dwight Howard

Posted on: June 1, 2011 11:48 am
Edited on: June 1, 2011 11:49 am
Posted by Matt Moore

You want to know the real problem with the market inequality in the NBA? It's not the profit-margin differential. (Yes, it is.) It's not the lack of competitive equality. (Yes, it's that, too.) It's not the inability of small markets to sign or keep stars. (Yes, it so much is.) The real problem is that both fans, media, and sometimes team authorities start to believe when they're good that they can just go out and get anyone. Have a good team but need a point guard? "SIGN CP3!" even though he's under contract, the fans cry. Need a wing defender? "We can just go get Gerald Wallace, right?" is often the discussion. And in the case of Dwight Howard, no matter what he says, every big market and their fanbase will think they can go get him. Including, apparently, the Chicago Bulls.

Mike Wilbon of ESPN said last Friday on air that "credible people" in Chicago indicated to him that the Bulls intend to make a play for Dwight Howard. This was prior to Howard's outburst saying he loved Orlando and wants to be there and all the other things everyone says on their way out of town as is the new model A.D. (After Decision), and before rumors of a contract extension being worked on came out. 

Here's a question. Why would the Bulls think they need to upgrade so badly that they would go after a player who would demand the player cost in trade of Dwight Howard? Didn't they win 60 games this year? Didn't they get the top seed in the East? Weren't they right there in the four games they lost to Miami in the Conference Finals? And wasn't all of that success predicated on a "greater than the sum of its parts" approach to the roster, using timely and well-considered contributions from multiple players as opposed to raw star power? 

To acquire Howard, the Bulls would have to give up some combination of Joakim Noah, Luol Deng, and Carlos Boozer, plus some young talent and some picks. It's not an impossible situation, those are good players. The Magic would never come near Boozer's contract unless it was laden with a ton of other assets, but those other guys are worth the price, as long as, again, a lot of other nice things are thrown in. It would mean sacrificing the things that made the Bulls so good this year. Their depth down low (even with Asik coming back). Boozer's post offense. And most importantly, Deng's slashing, cutting, perimeter shooting and defense, which was downright phenomenal this season. 

And how would Howard work in Chicago? In case you haven't noticed, Derrick Rose likes to shoot quite a bit. Those are touches Dwight Howard's not getting, and he feels he needs the ball to be productive. Rose isn't a great alley-oop passer or high lobber out of the pick and roll. Yes, Howard makes it exceptionally easier by being a freak of nature, but there's still a zillion reasons why this wouldn't be a perfect fit. 

And what about what the Magic would demand they take back? Orlando's not doing this deal without sending back either Gilbert Arenas or Hedo Turkoglu's contracts. Those are sinkholes on the Bulls' roster, far more than Boozer, even with them being shorter. Do the Bulls really want to wind up paying the luxury tax just to get the Defensive Player of the Year and an MVP candidate with incredible size, speed, agility and finishing ability? 

Okay, yes, probably. But it's still an obstacle. 

Then again, anything the Magic would get from the Bulls would be better than what they'll pull in from a potential Lakers deal. But this just seems like it's wishful thinking in Chicago, especially with Chicago (just barely) not being the media market L.A. or New York is. But hey, it's been a year since The Decision, Amar'e is in New York, Melo's in New York, and no matter what Howard says, the question won't be closed till he signs that extension in the minds of front office officials or the reporters they talk to in those big cities. 

Get ready, kids. The Dwight Out (GET IT?!) is still coming soon. 


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Posted on: June 3, 2011 4:36 pm

Report: Bulls to pursue Dwight Howard

I'd move

Noah 10 mil
Boozer 13.5 mil
Deng 12.341 mil
Total: 35.8 mil

+ 1st rounder 2012 & 13 + rights to Cha pick.
Arenas 19.269 mil
Howard: 17.885 mil
37.154 mil

From teh bulls side then Start Taj at the 4 and Korver at the 3.  Arenas starts at the 2.

Depth wont change much but it puts better D at the 4 and a inside scorer in the paint.  2 is stronger and we lose some at the 3 but I'd run a rotation of Brewer/Korver there depending on the match up.  Bogans works as a back up 2 then.  

The picks lost are low ended and Boozer's lack of D makes his game incomplete and not worthy of a max deal that he got.

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Posted on: June 3, 2011 4:10 pm

Report: Bulls to pursue Dwight Howard

I gotta agree with BearsKool.  Before the playoffs, and even now, I would not want have traded Noah for anything.  Greater rebounder, great passer, blocks some shots, high energy, active on defense.  But after seeing the combination of him and Boozer in all three series I now would have no problem packaging Noah for a blockbuster for Howard.  Noah may end up being no better than he is now and in the playoffs he was good on defense, horrible on offense.  He couldn't even execute the tip ins.  He was afraid to shoot and gave defenders no reason to cover him.  As a result everyone doubled on Rose, Deng and even Boozer.  You can't have two starter who are essentially defensive specialists.  As for Boozer, what a waste of $75 million.  We should actually be happy that he came back for the playoffs rather than begging out due to injury.  But what we got was a slow, undersized, no defense playin', bobble handed guy who offensively looked like a rookie.  Gosh, how many layups did he miss.  As for Deng, well he was outstanding, but is again limited.  We've seen his best and quite frankly if we have to give up him and Noah for Howard I would now consider that deal.  The playoffs showed that close series are won by the teams with the best superstars and the Bulls only have one. Without someone else to draw defenses, Rose will be smothered every year in the playoffs.  My only regret is that we can't get rid of Boozer in the deal as well; time to let Taj Gibson get some playing time.  But then again, I see Howard as a guy who wants the most money, over $100 mil, rather than just $90 mil.  I doubt he would sign with the Bulls for less than he can get with Orlando.  We'll see how this plays out.

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Posted on: June 3, 2011 3:47 pm

Report: Bulls to pursue Dwight Howard

Give me 2 phenominal young STARS (Howard & Rose for the slow out there) and you can always draft/free-agency  fill in the role players.  What is this love affair w/ Luol Deng, he's a good role player SF and he's paid like a perrenial all star. Noah is an undrsized center w/ his best offensive move being the tip in, and Carlos Boozer plays no defense and his offensive explosion has been MIA since 2010.

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Posted on: June 3, 2011 3:34 pm

Report: Bulls to pursue Dwight Howard

In this N.B.A the best player or combination of players wins. Bench depth will not win in the playoffs. acquire as many elite players as possible and fill in the holes. If I'm  the Bulls I'm shipping evryone short of Drose out to get Howard. However I do not belikve this will happen. The Bulls never really get who they actually want or we as fans actually want. Another big name trade that will never happen. Howard will probably just get an extension.

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Posted on: June 3, 2011 3:31 pm

Report: Bulls to pursue Dwight Howard

Mr sound like a Miami´s fan who does not want a Bulls team get better by getting Howrad......

If the Bulls get Howard, they will get better, no matter what they trade.....with Rose and Howard, they will get the neccesary pieces to win a championship.....

So mr Moore....stop talking crap..thx

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Posted on: June 3, 2011 3:27 pm

Report: Bulls to pursue Dwight Howard

Bulls Fans
I'm new at this but I should have included this; as much as we may love J.Noah I would replace him with D.Howard in a heart beat. I don't believe O.Smith of Orlando would touch Carlos Boozer's enormous contract and suspect production but in a real sense we may have to part with Deng, Gipson or even the Turkish Delight or a combination with draft choices. Still a player of Howard's abilities does not present itself very often considerating that your main competition is going to get better and be a constant thorn in your side for several years to come. Personally coming in second even though I live in the supposely SECOND CITY doesn't sit well with me.
lawrencespau; out and thanks for the opportunity to share some thoughts about the BULLS 

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Posted on: June 3, 2011 3:08 pm

Report: Bulls to pursue Dwight Howard

Bulls Fans:
Miami is not going to go away and if anything they along with New York will become even better. If Dwight Howard becomes available and there's a remote possibility of the Bulls obtaining him GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!! Derick is good enough to make the necessary adjustments to play with an inside presence and keep Dwight happy with his touches. As long as the Bulls find a servicable third option they'll be able to contend with any team in the NBA for years.


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Posted on: June 3, 2011 2:34 pm

Report: Bulls to pursue Dwight Howard

And please God, do not compare Rose to Iverson, they are nothing alike besides their quickness.  Rose is a hard working practice junkie who busted his butt in the off-season. Rose says all the right things and keeps himself out of trouble off the court.  To compare him to Iverson is an insult to him and his family.  Don't get me wrong, Iverson was an unbelievable talent and played tough but his off-court demeanor was garbage.  Derrick Rose is the anti-Iverson in my opinion.

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Posted on: June 3, 2011 2:31 pm

Report: Bulls to pursue Dwight Howard

The Magic need to give Howard the choice- sign an extension or trade him. You can't wait for free agency and risk getting nothing. Howard could even just add a second year on his contract- two years would give him time to see what happens in Orlando.

But he will not sign thus he needs to be moved. Get a short list from him then approach those 5 or 6 teams he will sign with- approach each one to make their best offer- pick up some great pieces and move on!

Plan B you end up with the face of your franchise being Arenas and Hedo- yikes!

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Posted on: June 3, 2011 2:29 pm

Report: Bulls to pursue Dwight Howard

This writer is a jabroni.  I don't care if the Bulls won 60, 65, even 70 games.  Like it or not, it all comes down to how the Bulls stack up against the Miami Heat.  If you're happy to be a regular season success and lose in the playoffs every year, fine.  But I think they are looking for a championship out of Derek Rose.  Look at past champions.  Every team that wins anymore has AT LEAST 2 superstars.  The Bulls only have one.  Rose is good, but not good enough to beat the Heat with the surrounding cast he has.  Noah, Korver, Boozer, Bogans, etc...these guys are alright, but not even close to a lineup of Bibby, Wade, James, Miller, Bosh. 

I don't care WHO or WHAT you have to trade, if you have Dwight Howard and Derek Rose as the groundwork for your team, you are set for multiple championships.  Once you have those 2, you will be able to sign veterans at a reduced rate to play on a championship team (just like we saw Mike Miller and Mike Bibby sign with the Heat.  I don't care if you have to trade Boozer, Noah, a bunch of 1st round picks, it doesn't matter.  You go after Howard if you're the Bulls (or any team for that matter).

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