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NBA executive: Jimmer Fredette 'could be a star'

Posted on: June 1, 2011 2:53 pm
Edited on: June 2, 2011 7:09 am
Jimmer Fredette reportedly impressed during a workout with the Indiana Pacers. Posted by Ben Golliver. jimmer-fredette

Conventional wisdom seemed to coalesce around BYU guard Jimmer Fredette this spring: He should be a solid rotation player and a potential spark plug off of someone's bench.

Is that line of thinking getting turned upside down?

On Tuesday, Fredette reportedly impressed during a group workout with the Indiana Pacers. So much so, in fact, that reports that he left talent evaluators with stars in their eyes.
One high placed NBA executive at the workout said, “He was Jimmer Fredette. He shot the ball well, he handled the point and he played at different speeds.  He needs to get better defensively.  He is a tough kid, he is mature, he is very poised.” 

The most interesting comment that was made was the “he could be a solid back-up or he could be a star.”  This is only the second personnel person I have talked to that had Jimmer as a star.  One other compared him to Mark Price and is adamant about it.  

The report also noted two fairly impressive facts: "Jimmer hit his first 12 3s and 82% of his unguarded 3s in his workout."

That performance left Fredette's workout partner, Duke guard Nolan Smith, impressed, according to
"Where he shot the ball from, what he did for his team, I enjoyed watching him, seeing how many points he was putting up," said Duke's Nolan Smith, who matched up with Fredette in the workout. "It was quite a show."
Coming out of the workout, Fredette sounded confident, telling Indianapolis' 1070 The Fan that he "definitely" feels that his athleticism is underrated (via
"I think athletic ability has to do with how you’re able to move your body. … It’s not the most flashy athleticism, but it’s being able to make the most use out of your body.” 
While Fredette is listed anywhere from 10 to 20 on most NBA mock drafts, positive early buzz like this could mean that the bottom side of those estimates are overly conservative. He's got two good shots to be drafted with the Jazz picking at No. 12 and the Pacers picking at No. 15. The Phoenix Suns at No. 13 and the Milwaukee Bucks at No. 10 reportedly have interest too. Does he slip through all four of those teams?


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Posted on: June 7, 2011 11:51 pm

NBA executive: Jimmer Fredette 'could be a star'

Actually, Jimmer played the point throughout college.  He averaged over four assists last year, which is a very respectable number for a college point guard.  

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Posted on: June 2, 2011 4:43 pm

NBA executive: Jimmer Fredette 'could be a star'

your first comment kinda ticked me off, and i was ready to strike and come back at you.... then over the next four paragraphs you seems to make total sense.... even though i think fredette is gonna shock even his biggest fans at the next level, i do not feel like u were hating in any way shape or form... u had great points i enjoyed after the first paragraph being totally surprised at well put ur opinion was.... i've heard of not judging a book by its cover; well heres to not judging a post by it first introduction paragraph.... respect. peace out

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Posted on: June 2, 2011 12:24 pm

NBA executive: Jimmer Fredette 'could be a star'

he'll be a better JJ.Reddick.....he could possibly start if he learns to play PG in the right system but the fact is he can't match up defensively with any SG in the league and the PG's are getting bigger. Offensively he has the skills to get playing time but defensively he'll be an iso liability. In the right system he could shine but if he becomes a ball handler more than a shooter then teams will crowd him and take away his best weapon. It all depends on the system and the players around him.

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Posted on: June 2, 2011 12:22 pm

NBA executive: Jimmer Fredette 'could be a star'

In regards to Klay Thompson all i have to say is two words...Reggie Miller. he is a clone of Reggie. If he learns how to use those picks and come off screens like Reggie he should have an impressive career.

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Posted on: June 2, 2011 4:30 am

NBA executive: Jimmer Fredette 'could be a star'

While there is no doubt Jimmer is over hyped and just this year's vanilla flavor of the month for the non-basketball fan, Fredette is a solid 1st round draft pick based on his pure shooting alone.

He is not very fast but he is not slow. Jimmer may have a better shot than Klay Thompson and he handles the ball better. While I feel Klay will be a better SG, that is his only spot.  Of the 2, I would take 6-2 and better handle over 6-6 who may only be able to get open off picks.

He has not played at the point but he was asked to score and he did that very well. He could work as a PG because his shot will keep his man from sagging back. He does not have Curry's background but he could be a PG like that, sooner than later. No scout really can say if he can pass because he has never been asked to do it often. that give him an upside based not on athletic ability but on position growth.

I have a hard time thinking he gets past Utah at 12 because they can't risk having him play well for another western conference team. Utah has to think 3 years of full seats watching Jimmer grow as a player. The worst I see him falling is to 18 for Charlotte, a team that need scoring and someone to get seats filled without getting a winning record.

He shoots too well to be a total flop and the NBA always finds a place for shooters who don't have to set up to get their shot off. In fact, most teams have a short (6-1 to 6-3) backcout player in their second unit and a Jason Terry style player (no, I did not say he was as quick as Terry) who can score well on backups is not a bad thing.

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Posted on: June 1, 2011 11:51 pm

NBA executive: Jimmer Fredette 'could be a star'

Seems like "The Jimmer" is one of the most polarizing draft prospects to come around in a long time. Really and truly, nobody knows what he'll be until he's a few years into the league and has established himself. He'll be what he'll be. Even scouts, coaches and execs, and especially average fans like me, can't make any sort of guarantee.

All of that being said, I'm cheering for the guy. He seems like somebody with good character, solid work ethic and a lot of heart. Hopefully he won't be the guy in an incident outside a strip club, indicted on rape charges, arrested for possession or distribution, pulling a gun on his teammate, or staging anything remotely resembling "The Delusion."

If he's a bust, that's too bad. And nobody will be surprised. But if he's a solid rotation player, starter, or star, I'll be among the first to feel good about it. And while I certainly wouldn't take him at number 3, I also won't complain if the Jazz take him at 12. Bring on the Jimmer Era, be it short and ugly, or long and entertaining.

Either way, give the kid a shot. Or 10-12 a night. 

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Posted on: June 1, 2011 4:50 pm

NBA executive: Jimmer Fredette 'could be a star'

If this is the same guy I saw in the NCAA tournament then he must have gotten an NBA trainer and workout coach before going to the workout.  I was impressed with his shooting range but I came away with the impression of Kyle kover, shorter, with handles.  I wish him success but I do not see him as a star.  I guess the only thing that really matters is if he sees himself as a star.

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