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Pistons fire John Kuester as head coach

Posted on: June 5, 2011 3:28 pm
Edited on: June 6, 2011 6:34 am
Posted by Royce Young

It was expected, but John Kuester was relieved of his head coaching position in Detroit, the team announced today.

“Decisions like this are difficult to make,” said general manager Joe Dumars in a statement. “I want to thank John for his hard work and dedication to the organization over the last two years, however, at this time we have decided to make a change.”

Kuester became Detroit's head coach in July of 2009, replacing Michael Curry. In two seasons on the bench, Kuester led Detroit to just a record of 57-107.  As an assistant on Larry Brown's staff, he helped lead the Pistons to their 2004 championship.

It was a pretty rocky season in Detroit for Kuester and not just because the team stunk. At one point late in the year, the team arranged a bit of a protest against him as players were upset with him. It appeared Kuester had lost control of his team as veterans such as Tayshaun Prince, Richard Hamilton and Charlie Villanueva publicly voiced dissenting opinions.

Kuester butted heads with both Prince and Hamilton over playing time, sitting both for extended periods including a deactivation of Hamilton for nearly a month. Late in March, the team had even privately nicknamed Kuester "Sean Penn" because of the Penn movie "Dead Man Walking."

This firing was entirely expected, but the Pistons wanted to wait until the ownership transfer with Tom Gores' group was finished up. After David Stern announced before Game 1 of the NBA Finals that the sale was complete, it was only a matter of time. As is protocol, the new ownership group first met with Kuester and Dumars to decide any future plans. Once that meeting happened, Kuester was out.

Kuester was an assistant to new Laker head coach Mike Brown in Cleveland and is expected to join Brown's staff in Los Angeles. As for who the Pistons are looking at, reportedly former Atlanta coach Mike Woodson is an early leading candidate along with the usual list we've come to know -- Lawrence Frank, Dwane Casey, Mark Jackson, Mike Budenholzer.

Woodson though was an assistant under Larry Brown in Detroit and with a pretty solid tenure in Atlanta, would likely be a good fit for the Pistons.


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Posted on: June 5, 2011 9:26 pm

Pistons fire John Kuester as head coach

Suck it CHris.  Wherever you live is probaby full a$$-eating trash.

Since: Dec 10, 2006
Posted on: June 5, 2011 6:52 pm

Pistons fire John Kuester as head coach

So the coach gets sacked, with that record no surprise but the players were the real problem. Refusing to play? Playing on their terms only? Making millions yet sabotaging their team? And Charlie V protesting coaching? What has Charlie V ever done to deserve that type of power? Prince and Hamilton needed to look in the mirror if they wanted to see the problems with the Pistons.

I think at this point anyone would be unsuccessful coaching the Pistons based on personel, contracts, attitude and effort from players.

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Posted on: June 5, 2011 6:10 pm

Pistons fire John Kuester as head coach

   Who in the hell would want to live in Detroit? Dump

Since: Dec 18, 2007
Posted on: June 5, 2011 5:54 pm

Pistons fire John Kuester as head coach

Youre in Cinci, idiot.  The weather is soooo f'n great down there. 

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Posted on: June 5, 2011 5:52 pm

Pistons fire John Kuester as head coach

You have to be well and truly addicted to coaching in the NBA to want to spend your winters (and falls and springs) in Detroit.  Good luck to whoever gets the job, because you'll need it!

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Posted on: June 5, 2011 5:51 pm

Pistons fire John Kuester as head coach

Well the writing was on the wall for him but now that is all in the past. someone mentioned you need to work with the talent you have and really there are still some talented ball players in Detroit but a tem needs a good, if not great captian to guide the ship. Someone else also mentioned one of my personal favorite names and I am hoping the possibility is out there. Laimbeer was always a great player in Detroit and a great defender in my opinion. I think he would be able to get control of this group and possibly make something a bit more respectable out of them. !!!

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Posted on: June 5, 2011 4:46 pm

Pistons fire John Kuester as head coach

NBA has changed....The era and days of "Bad Boy" basketball are over. Now its coddle the stars and send babies like LeBroom to the line for 20 FT's a game.....Lets look elsewhere and start diping into a luxury tax.

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Posted on: June 5, 2011 4:33 pm

Pistons fire John Kuester as head coach

 Anyone dumb enough to give Gordon and bald Charlie max deals should not be allowed to be a GM in any sport.
$10M and $7M are max contracts?  Both were paid less than either Prince and Hamilton and neither was involved in the petulent mutiny.  Maybe if there were a decent coach he could find a lineup that these guys work with, or actually teach some defense.  Yes, both Gordon and Villanueva are currently overpaid, but used correctly they could earn their money, they do have talents.

I sure hope it isn't Woodson who they bring in, he got massive underperformance from the Hawks lineup; not what is needed in Detroit.

It is time to give Laimbeer a chance!

Since: Sep 15, 2006
Posted on: June 5, 2011 4:30 pm

Pistons fire John Kuester as head coach

He's not responsible for the bad signings and bad contracts, he has to manage what he has....I won't say he is a good coach, I just don't know...I just know you can only play with the hand you were dealt.

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Posted on: June 5, 2011 4:26 pm

Pistons fire John Kuester as head coach

Thank God, the man had to go. I like Joe Dumars but with some of the bonehead things he's done I have a hard time sticking up for him. What's wrong with trying to get Bill Laimbeer in here to coach, give him a season and see what he can do.

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