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Warriors push back on Monta Ellis trade talks

Posted on: June 11, 2011 3:56 pm
Golden State Warriors owner Joe Lacob and coach Mark Jackson push back against Monta Ellis trade rumors. Posted by Ben Golliver. monta-ellis

The cat is out of the bag.'s Ken Berger reported that the Golden State Warriors are interested in moving guard Monta Ellis, engaging in trade talks with multiple teams.

While he admits that his team has engaged in trade talks this summer, new Warriors owner Joe Lacob pushed back against the rumors in an interview with the San Jose Mercury-News.
"There’s a tremendous amount of speculation in the press, and I can’t believe where all this is coming from… because the stories are completely fabricated, by you or whoever. I don’t know who’s fabricating them. 

"They’re fabrications, complete and utter. All these teams that supposedly have talked to us. It’s not true. It’s just not true.

"I’m not saying we haven’t had any discussions, we have. But it’s nothing like what’s being reported."
Lacob went on to say: "We all really like Monta Ellis a lot. We think he's a great player." He then acknowledged that whether there was a player that was a better fit is an open question and predicted that Ellis wouldn't be traded.

Meanwhile, reports that Mark Jackson, hired to coach the Warriors this week, gave a similar message.
"The trades that have been discussed, I do not want to trade Monta Ellis - I want Monta Ellis to be in a Warriors uniform. Now if you told me we're trading Monta Ellis for Dwight Howard, I would hug Monta Ellis, tell him how much I appreciate him, and then make the deal. And I'm sure Monta Ellis would do the same thing: if you were trading me for Magic Johnson, make the trade."
Let's unpack these quotes. 

The owner is shocked that the media would speculate when he openly admits to trade talks including his near All-Star caliber player. Okay... Welcome to the NBA.

Both the owner and the coach like the player's game and want the player to stay ... unless he could bring back a better player or a better fit in trade. 

The Warriors did what they needed to do here: Show a public support of Ellis in the midst of the rumors. He's on your roster and he's your guy until the trade is approved by the league office. There's always a chance he isn't traded, and you don't want him to feel burned by the process. 

Despite that, they didn't do much to dispel the idea that he will be gone next year. Both Jacob and Jackson made it clear that Ellis is eminently tradeable. Indirectly, they poured even more fuel on the fire by publicly aknowledging that his fit is questionable when pressed about his future. A trade makes too much sense not to happen. This one feels like it just comes down to settling on the right price.

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Posted on: June 11, 2011 9:44 pm

Warriors push back on Monta Ellis trade talks

Both,Mark Jackson and the owner did what they're supposed to do....dispell any rumors regarding a possible trade involving Ellis. The last thing that they want to have on the team is a player who feels that he's not appreciated by the team or organization.Cool

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Posted on: June 11, 2011 6:24 pm

Warriors push back on Monta Ellis trade talks

I love Mark Jackson's comment.  I think the Bay areaisgoing to be very happy with Jackson.  He played in an era in college when freshman did not start but did at St. John's and helped lead the Redman to a rare Final Four appearance along with future NBA players Chris Mullin, Walter Berry, and Bill Wennington.  After being drafted by the NY Knicks in 1987 he won rookie of the year honors and in his second season the Knicks won the Atlantic Division for the first time in decades.  Then he was traded to the Clippers where his teams made the playoffs two years in a row which had never been done before in Clipperland.  Than as an aging player he went to Indiana where he led the Pacers to numerous Eastern Conference Finals which was impressive considering it was the Jordan years.  In 1996 the Pacers traded him to Denver but the team realized their mistake after missing the playoffs and got Jackson back a year later and would eventually make their only finals appearance with Jackson at the point.  It's tough to argue with his leadership abilities as he was never the star player on any of the teams but he sure knew how to lead on the court and get the best out of the player alongside him on the floor.

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Posted on: June 11, 2011 4:14 pm

Warriors push back on Monta Ellis trade talks

One of the reason why the Warriors are improving is because of Ellis and Curry so why dismantle a team that they can build around these 2 great players. These guys are not Wade and LeBron, they've proven they can co-exist. What the team needs to do is improving on their defense and by giving up their top scorer doesn't make much sense to me. In order to win games, you do need to outscore your opponents, even if you can hold your opponents down to 80 pts per game, you still need to outscore them. I hope they keep Ellis unless like MJ says, if it's involve Dwight, than that's a different story.

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