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Cavs still on the fence about top pick?

Posted on: June 16, 2011 4:51 pm
Edited on: June 16, 2011 5:42 pm
Posted by Matt Moore

 The Cleveland Cavaliers have seven days to make a decision. After that, there's no more time for second-guessing or consideration about who the No.1 pick in the 2011 NBA Draft will be. The pick will have to be sent in, and the direction of a franchise will be decided. You would think that after having started scouting months ago (you'd hope), knowing they had the pick for nearly a month, and having had the book on all possible prospects since the end of their season, a decision would be clear. And you would be wrong, according to Byron Scott. From Yahoo! Sports: 
“The main reason is we want to do our due diligence on the other guys as well,” Scott said on why a decision hasn’t been made. “We have a few more workouts we want to get in before we really want to start evaluating on who we think is the best possible pick at No. 1 and who we think is the best at No. 4. So, by no means has anyone in our organization who has been to our workouts said, ‘Derrick Williams is our first pick’ or ‘Kyrie Irving is our first pick.’

“We’re all keeping an open mind and understand we have a few more workouts to go through. Both of those guys are very, very good basketball players in our minds. Both are going to have a long career, but no way are we set on a guy.”
via Cavs still debating No. 1 pick - NBA - Yahoo! Sports.

The Cavs have the luxury of debating the pick to the last moment while they try to see what value they can get for the fourth or try to move up for the second. But if we're looking at this from a purely objective standpoint, they should know who the guy is going to be. They may just not be saying who that is, but if we take them at their word, this is a little unnecessary. They've had the time, they know what they're getting. If we're talking ceilings, it's pretty much Chris Paul for Irving vs. Carmelo Anthony for Williams, though Williams has more physicality and size. Antawn Jamison and Paul Pierce are other forwards Williams is compared to. The Cavs can go in whatever direction they want, provided they have that direction set in stone by the time the clock hits zero. No need to be scrambling on Thursday trying to make up your mind.

Make a choice and go with it.

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Posted on: June 17, 2011 1:15 pm

Cavs still on the fence about top pick?

Full of typos: Can't go back for all of them. working on mock at another site and uploading vacation pics to you tube before I have to go to work.

" make triangle work for him"

"I understand why Cleveland would want the next Jamison."

Moving on, unless T-wolves are trying to replace Darko with best center prospect (needed but which I doubt), then they are looking for some player to be an important part of the rotation AND lead these young men. A coaching staff can't always do enough in giving leadership.

Bottom line: I can understand the T-wolves want some vet leadership to control young egos and show team how to win in NBA. Jason Kidd could tell quite a story about young players unable to work together because of their need to create a pecking order. Leadership is needed to help these players grow into NBA "team players".

But T-wolves need more than just any vet talent. They need a vet who is a leader and they should have 1 or 2 guys in mind to add. Not just a guy they "think" can lead. They need a vet who has proven it and can still produce on the court.

And I think if they knew some player who fit that bill they would have him already.

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Posted on: June 17, 2011 12:30 pm

Cavs still on the fence about top pick?

This still feels as if the Cavs areworking for an edge in the talks with the T-wolves. Cavs want the 1 and 2 slots but can't agree on what to give up to move from 4.

Somehow T-wolves see Beasley in Williams.Their games don't really overlap that much to me. Beasley does have longer range but he does not seem to go to the hole and take the defender as well as Williams. Williams is right now looking like a much better 1-on-1 player.

I see the Jamison/Carmelo talk but Pierce, no way. But that is still different from Beasley, who needs a different system to be better than what he is showing. He does not do iso well enough to may triangle work for him.

I wouldl think a good 3 man rotation at the foward spots would be great for any team. Throw Johnson to full time SG and have Rubio handle and see how it works.

I can understand why Cleveland would eas the next Jamison.

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Posted on: June 16, 2011 11:53 pm

Cavs still on the fence about top pick?

aI agree that the Cavs should take DWill. I think Irving will be a good player and possibly an all-star, but I think D Will is just so rare with that type of size and ability. In a league where so many big men can't pass, dribble or shoot, Williams can do all three and is only going to get better. I think it will be easier to find a PG either with the 4th pick or later down the line.

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Posted on: June 16, 2011 7:50 pm

Cavs still on the fence about top pick?

What is there to think about draft D-Will and be done with it lol. The guy is legit, Cavs need someon that can be a playmaker and a leader and that guy is Derrick Williams.

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