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Len Bias video highlights -- 25th anniversary

Posted on: June 19, 2011 3:51 pm
Video highlights of basketball star Len Bias who died of a cocaine overdose 25 years ago. Posted by Ben Golliver.

June 19, 1986. 25 years ago on Sunday, Maryland basketball star Len Bias, who had just been selected by the Boston Celtics with the No. 2 pick in the 1986 NBA draft, passed away due to a cocaine overdose.

Here's a look at his video highlights.

A 6'8" forward with an explosive, versatile all-around offensive game, Bias never suited up for the Celtics. His death is considered one of the greatest tragedies in NBA history and is said to have impacted the Celtics franchise for at least a decade.

To watch his highlights is to see an intelligent, quick, powerful player, who is equally comfortable hitting a mid-range jumper or throwing down over multiple defenders. His vertical leap is excellent and his timing superb, making him a natural for finishing plays with alley-oop dunks or forceful two-hand slams. Watch the tape and an All-American jumps right out at you.

Bias passed away at the age of 22. When he died, Maryland coach Lefty Driesell told the Washington Post that Bias was "the greatest basketball player that ever played in the Atlantic Coast Conference."
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Posted on: June 20, 2011 2:27 pm

Len Bias video highlights -- 25th anniversary

This article really got me thinking. There were a lot of players from around that era whose NBA careers were not what we expected. The reasons are as varied as the players. Guys like, Sam Bowie, Wayman Tisdale, Danny Manning, Johnny Dawkins, Jeff Grayer, Walter Berry, Chris Washburn, and even (I'm from Kansas) Cliff Levingston and Antoine Carr. So oi really is speculative to try and consider what impact Bias would have had as an NBA player. But take a look at the photo of him on the CBS College Basketball homepage which preceeded this article. Look at those guns, not the type of body you see someone with a prolonged cocaine problem posess- is it? Also the eyes, they are bright and clear. The smile looks to be that of a young man with a bright future. He had the whole game to. Barring injury, I believe Len Bias would have owned a ring or two and maybe Mr. Jordan would have had a couple fewer. He may have wrestled some other hardware away from MJ as well, it's not hard to see him as an MVP. I hope that it is not too much to speculate that his death as a result would have stopped many others from making the same mistake. You see this is the saddest part. It's all speculative.   

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Posted on: June 20, 2011 1:41 pm

Len Bias video highlights -- 25th anniversary

Good video, but there was so much more.  I will never, ever forget the moment my jaw dropped watching Len Bias.  He was on the wing and flashed to the lane.  The player on the other wing threw him a high pass in the lane.  Bias jumped high to get the pass, caught it, and while he was still in the air with his body slowly turning towards the bucket he faked a pass (sold it bigtime) to the opposite side low post player, landed on two feet, immediately took one power dribble and one step and went back up off two fee towards the bucket and jammed it hard.  The announcers were stunned.  The crowd freaked out.  It was so fluid and easy it was monumental.  Len Bias made everything look easy.  It would have been Len vs. Michael for 15-20 years.  He was incredible and I will never forget the day he died.  He is Legend.

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Posted on: June 20, 2011 1:38 pm

Len Bias video highlights -- 25th anniversary

Wow 25 years! Hard to believe. I seldom think of Bias anymore. I was shocked and disappointed at the time. I was in my mid twenties and was and still am a Celtics fan. After the draft the Celtics had acquired another star for the future. Next thing you know, he's dead. There were questions then that have never been answered about the frequency of his drug use. The only answer we have is that he used one too many times. With the passing of time I had forgotten or maybe put out of my mind just how good Len Bias was. Now in my 50's, the legacy I see of Bias is not what it could have been. We can only speculate what it would have been. But there is one thing for certain, it would have been better than the one he left. Would have been a great pro in my opinion. Instead, 25 years later he's nearly forgotten by most fans or not even heatd of by others. That's the sad reality of Len Bias.  

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Posted on: June 20, 2011 1:22 pm

Len Bias video highlights -- 25th anniversary

Without a doubt, Len Bias was a great basketball player. I believe he made one stupid mistake and it cost him his life. The other tragedy this caused with the firing of Lefty. He was a great coach and was no more responsible for Lenny's death than the school president or any of his teachers/professors. Lenny would have changed the Celtics and made them a power for quite a few years.

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Len Bias video highlights -- 25th anniversary

he was a beast in 1986, and still is today.  I'll go on the record....if he would have played with Boston, Larry would have 2 more rings, Magic and MJ one less ring a piece.  The Pistons wouldn't have one any from that era.

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