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NBA Draft: Kings get Jimmer Fredette 10th overall

Posted on: June 23, 2011 8:38 pm
Edited on: June 23, 2011 10:47 pm
Posted by Royce Young

It's officially Jimmer Time, Sacramento.

The feeling earlier today when the Kings moved back to 10th in a three-way trade that also brought them John Salmons was that they had Jimmer Fredette in mind.

They got him.

The questions with Jimmer obviously start with his defense and where he'll play. But with the Kings moving Beno Udrih and basically committing to Tyreke Evans off the ball at shooting guard, Jimmer will likely start from day one at point guard in Sacramento. In reality, that's a pretty fun, dynamic backcourt in Evans and Fredette.

What kind of pro will Jimmer be though? Is he good with becoming a Steve Nash pass-first type of player or does he want to keep scoring and firing long distance shots? Jimmer is the type of player, though, that's willing to fit in. He's coachable, smart and has the ability to learn. Can he guard Derrick Rose? Can he guard Russell Westbrook? Heck, can he guard guys like Jose Calderon and Derek Fisher? We'll have to see.

But the Kings have added some punch and some excitement to the roster. With Jimmer, Evans, Marcus Thornton and DeMarcus Cousins, they've got a pretty exciting young core of talent.

Now, can they win? Jimmer will bring a bit of excitement and energy to a fanbase that needs it as the Kings hang on for dear life in Sacramento. But that new car smell will wear off quickly if the team doesn't start winning. Jimmer will bring a little jolt of excitement, but ultimately, winning is what really gets people buying tickets.

And that's what the Kings drafted Jimmer to do.


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Posted on: June 23, 2011 11:50 pm

NBA Draft: Kings get Jimmer Fredette 10th overall

Can't wait to see this. A Jimmer/Tyreke/Thornton/Thompson/Cou

sins lineup could be nasty good.

Since: Jun 23, 2011
Posted on: June 23, 2011 10:13 pm

NBA Draft: Kings get Jimmer Fredette 10th overall

Hey if Jimmer is slow why don't you look at his measured speed at the
NBA combine.  He is very quick laterally along with his first step.  He only posseses
average speed in the full court.  He may take a little while to adjust to the
NBA game but, he will burn his man at least as much as anyone hurts him
defensively. Those who think he needs 20 seconds of dribbling to make a move 
to beat his man have not watched Jimmer.  When he was double and triple teamed
he sometimes required additonal time to shift the defense when he had few options
to pass to.  He has had naysayers his whole life.  Sooo ...go ahead and disbelieve.
He will amaze you, entertain you, make everyone around him better.  He will 
cause mismatches.  He will probably also have too many turnovers his first year
but...will improve because that is what he has done every year.  He will outwork every
other player on and off the court.  I have never enjoyed watching a college basketball
player more than Jimmer.  I got to watch and enjoy him for all 4 years at BYU! 

When he gets hot from the field.  He gets torch red hot from 35+ feet in.  His tendancy
to shoot well from the field is fairly consistent.  When he is off with his outside shooting
he will come inside and penetrate - dish, shoot, and just hurt you.  If you foul him he
has ice in his veins from the freethrow line.  89.4% especially if the game is on the line.
He is a winner.  Too bad Sac. got him before I could find out if the Jazz brass would have
taken him.  He will improve his defense.  He is a high IQ very savvy player.  Against
freak athletes with speed and athleticism galore...they were helpless against him.  
I'm sure he could struggle at times especially at first.  No doubt he will have some bad
games and off nights.  He, however, will have many more good and great games than bad.



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Posted on: June 23, 2011 9:31 pm

NBA Draft: Kings get Jimmer Fredette 10th overall

Beside Derrick Williams, this draft is about as bad as it gets, yet it seems like there is more teams trying to move up in the draft or get a first round draft pick.  Why? There are so many experience players available out there, go get someone who already has been in the NBA for a while and can help better your team. 

By the way, is there a worse celebrity to be linked to your team than Spike Lee.  They just interviewed him after the Knicks first round pick and nothing he said made sense, he said the Knicks needed defense and rebounding, but they drafted a guard, then he said if that's what Donny Walsh wants to pick, then that's who we got.  WHAT???  First of all Walsh is gone from the team and second, WTF?  Seriously, Spike Lee is a joke and moron obviously.  If I were the Knicks I would force him to sit up in a booth or the cheap seats, because they have never done anything since he started sitting court side.  All that really doesn't matter because any team with Carmelo Anthony on it will never get to a NBA championship, let alone win one.  The Knicks really screwed up by trading for him and gave up way to much.  I hope the Lakers can pull off a trade for Raymond Felton, because he exactly the type of player the Lakers need on their team.  Plus it will be another punch in the face to Knicks fans who lost him in the Carmelo "lala" Anthony trade.

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