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Nene? David West? No, the Nets want Humphries

Posted on: July 8, 2011 11:52 am
Posted by Matt Moore

The New Jersey Nets need to get good, fast. They've got pretty much a year (and probably a lockout-shortened one at that, if they get even one) to convince Deron Williams to stick around for the move to Brooklyn. Which means they need steep upgrades in player personnel inside that year. Whenever the lockout ends, they're going to have options to improve their frontcourt. They'll have the resources and market to attract players like Nene or David West to play next to Brook Lopez (and teach him to rebound). 

But instead the Nets are targeting Kris Humphries to return. And in actuality, it's a pretty smart move. From the New York Daily News
Despite two veteran power forwards becoming free agents, the Nets are still targeting Kris Humphries as their starting 4, according to a league source.

Denver’s Nene, 28, and New Orleans’ David West, 30, have been linked to the Nets after opting out of their respective contracts. But Humphries, 26, is both younger and likely cheaper than the pair of proven vets.

It seems the Nets, who are primed to have one of the best cap-space situations once the CBA is negotiated, want to maintain their flexibility for a trade or for the heralded 2012 free-agent class, which includes Dwight Howard.
via Source: Kris Humphries remains Nets target, even with D. West and Nene on the market | New York Daily News.

Humphries' value has been inflated a bit. Some people actually thought he played so well last season that he averaged a 20-10. In reality, his per-36 numbers only yielded a 13-14, but he did shoot 53 percent from the field, and had a 17.8 PER, good for second on the team among players who played at least five games, just behind Lopez.

Humphries is young, cheap, and unheralded, so he'll likely be a value pick-up versus Nene and David West, both of whom are older and will cost through the nose. Yes, Humphries is best known as being a Kardashian fiance, but he can actually play. The Nets are well-positioned to make smart moves that aren't knee-jerk.

Or, you know, to not do what the Knicks have done pretty much for the past ten years.  

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Posted on: July 8, 2011 8:31 pm

Nene? David West? No, the Nets want Humphries

This is a very smart move by the Nets. Humphries is a very good under rated player. I watched him in Toronto: he is a tough grinder with some skill who plays the game the right way. If Humphries goes somewhere else he could end up buried at the end of the bench because he isn't spectacular so Kris would be wise to sign with the Nets who want him and will play him. If the Nets did happen to catch Howard or another star post player in 2012, Humphries could easily be the third guy in a solid post rotation; he gives you energy off the bench.

The Nets are better off saving their cap space, signing a solid contributer and going after the superstars in 2012. West and Nene are not so much better than Humphries that the Nets should sell the farm to get them. Under the new contract if teams are forced to spend less money and teams can no longer pay 3+ superstars, Howard and D Will might want to consider the Nets. It could be a fit.

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Posted on: July 8, 2011 4:49 pm

Nene? David West? No, the Nets want Humphries

If you watched some Nets games this season you would realize that Kris Humphries should be a starter in the NBA.  The Nets would be smart to keep a player like this, he is a double-double machine.  You will be saving money to throw at Howard or someone else in efforts to keep Deron Williams around. Humphries defense is actually pretty good as well, he had some nice blocked shots this year.  I just don't think Nene and David West are worth paying more money. 

Smart move by the Nets.  Kris Humphries was a top recruit coming out of HS and actually commited to Duke before changing his mind and going to his father's alma mater(Minnesota).  The Nets finally gave this kid(26 years old) a shot to play ball and he did well averaging 10 and 10.  He never averaged over 12 minutes a game in his career, I realize he was on better teams in the past.  Point being he did well when given a chance.  Sign him cheap and throw money at STUDS not David West or Nene.

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Posted on: July 8, 2011 3:55 pm

Nene? David West? No, the Nets want Humphries

In the Humphries deal, they get Kim's butt and that might cost them a lot more than he should ever get.  Seriously, Kris is not that good or at least not good enough to offer some good cash to.  If they get a deal to be in a reality show (Ryan Seacrest listen up), the Nets are as dysfunctional as the Kardashians and as a group probably would work for less!  Otherwise, Humphries sucks and who really thinks that Deron Williams will stay there.

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Posted on: July 8, 2011 2:39 pm

Nene? David West? No, the Nets want Humphries

This should prove to Deron Williams the Nets are not the place he wants to be. David West is available, a guy who has average at least 17 points the past six years and is a proven commodity...and they prefer to target Kris Humphries, a guy who has been irrelevant garbage until last year, where he was debatably average. Even Nene is clearly a better option. Not sure how this is even debatable?

The most Humphries will ever accomplish is dating Kim Kardashian, which is proving less and less impressive with each athlete she gets with. And Kim, come on, you are getting desperate? Reggie Bush (A-list athlete), Miles Austin (B-list) and then Humphries (D-list). What's new? Brian Scalabrine?!

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Posted on: July 8, 2011 2:02 pm

Nene? David West? No, the Nets want Humphries

You can be interested in players without having contact with them.  Hell, I am interested in Halle Berry,  Erin Andrews and Kathy Ireland, but I have no contact with them.  Ya know???

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Posted on: July 8, 2011 12:34 pm

Nene? David West? No, the Nets want Humphries

I thought nobody is allowed to have any association with owners and players - so how can teams be interested in players?

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