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Michael Jordan's advice for Tiger Woods

Posted on: July 29, 2011 4:23 pm
Edited on: July 29, 2011 4:41 pm
Posted by Ben Golliver


We can all agree that disgraced golfer Tiger Woods is a mess right now. There's not much point in rubbing in that fact as his career is in shambles, his marriage was dissolved and his health is touch-and-go.

But none of that stopped Charlotte Bobcats owner and NBA legend Michael Jordan from calling Woods "very fragile" and comparing him to a "wounded dog" in an interview with Australia's Herald Sun.

Jordan is uniquely qualified to give advice to Woods for at least three reasons. One: Because he understands how to deal with fame at its highest level. Two: Because he understands that elite athletes are still human and their private lives affect their on-court performance. Three: Because he is friendly with Woods and certainly commands his respect.

So what is the greatest basketball player of all time's current for the potential greatest golfer of all time? Turn the game into therapy.
"The biggest thing is that I've always - and I'm pretty sure Tiger has, too - used sport as a therapeutic tool," he said. "Once you're inside the lines, you can focus on what your jobs are and what you're doing on the court, or for him the course.

"The problem for him was that he wasn't physically capable of getting inside those lines and doing those things. I think he's been somewhat fragile mentally and physically. When I went through those [personal] issues, once I got on to the basketball court that became a therapeutic thing for me where I was able to forget all those other things."

"Once I finished playing basketball, I came out with a better understanding of the decisions I had to make. He doesn't have that now. Now he's going through something that's totally different, totally new for him and he's now acknowledging that. He needs to get healthy, mentally and physically, before he can really attack that."

Jordan was a notoriously competitive player and someone who never settled for anything short of peak performance from himself and his teammates. Here, his advice is sound.

But in the reference to a "wounded dog" and the use of the word "fragile" I vaguely detect a hint of Jordan the teammate and competitor rather than Jordan the big brother and mentor. Like the rest of us, Jordan knows that Woods is capable of so much more than he's shown recently. Like the rest of us, Jordan likely wants to watch that greatness unfold.

Sometimes competitors with lengthy, winning track records simply need to find a way to rededicate themselves, to rekindle their spark. Sometimes they simply need a new challenge or a new challenger. Perhaps Jordan is stepping into that role for Woods.

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Posted on: July 30, 2011 12:07 am

Michael Jordan's advice for Tiger Woods

Yahoo sports was able to get a recording of this epic conversation between Jordan and Woods. MJ says, "What the hell dude were you thinking when you were porking all those chicks?" El tigre responds with, "Mike, those hookers were fine and did stuff to me that Elin never dreamed of." He counters with, "Come on my man, us brothers don't need to pay for it. You're Tiger Woods and some Mendy's waitress shouldn't turn your head. That is; if the service was good." The cheetah then says, "What should I tip a chick that does a 8 minute lap dance on my broken down body?" Jordan throws his arms up and states that Eldrick just will never get it and hits his tee shot. Sources say that Stevie Williams was lurking in the background during this historic event.

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Posted on: July 29, 2011 11:53 pm

Michael Jordan's advice for Tiger Woods

When will all you Tiger ball-washers finally admit the jerk is done, cooked, finished and never will be a major player from this point forward? His age and health alone makes him a dude who's game isn't up to what he once was. There's no shame in that. The reason el tigre will never win any tourney is his lack of confidence and ability to intimidate fellow players. These young guys look at him and laugh and chuckle how this clown threw everything away for liasons with hookers when you can get it for free. As for MJ being an inspiration to the cheetah, I'd be a bit worried about that all you Eldrick fans.

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Posted on: July 29, 2011 11:37 pm

Michael Jordan's advice for Tiger Woods

The only helpful advice Jordan can give Tiger is how to cover up better.  Jordan's wife knew the deal, just keep your indiscretions out of her face and out of the headlines.  Tiger was out of control. 

Jordan and Barkley should have advised a high priced hooker service to Tiger a long time ago.  They are pro's who have "professional management" and know what can happen if they try to make anything public. 

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Posted on: July 29, 2011 11:32 pm

Michael Jordan's advice for Tiger Woods

Jordan is ONLY a great basketball player.  Fact: he is too stupid and not physically gifted enough to play baseball.  I watched him in person as I'm sure some of you did, he missed simple things like hitting the cutoff man properly, properly rounding bases, etc.  The list goes on and on.  Secondly, he claimed he wanted to join the PGA after he retired.  There are plenty of guys besides my self who could beat Jordan on the golf course by 3-5 strokes consistently.  He is nothing special.  Don't throw the phrase great athelete around.  He's a great baskeball player and he's an athelete.
Without consulting a thesarus, it's hard to come up with enough pejorative terms to adequately convey how unfathomably, rediculously stupid this statement is....

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Posted on: July 29, 2011 11:25 pm

Michael Jordan's advice for Tiger Woods

You lack the juice that"s use has been demenstrated by the best golfer ever.

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Posted on: July 29, 2011 10:18 pm

Michael Jordan's advice for Tiger Woods

I'm sure Jordan gave him great advice on gambling and how to pick up hookers.
I think they do deserve each other now that I think about it!

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Michael Jordan's advice for Tiger Woods

Michael Jordan giveing advice on keeping your head right? Are you kidding me? Is the the same MJ that suited up last season at 48 years old, and practiced with the team, just to show everyone he's still got it? It would seem that Jordan is the one with some serious self confidence issues. Of course when your entire identity, self worth, and masculinity is defined entirely by the ability to push an inflatable sphere through a metal ring, it's not a good thing when you are aging and co no longer perform. Jordan has all the money in the world, and it doesn't seem to be enough. He seems to be a pretty bitter, self absrobed person, and still unhappy with himself. If the man feels like he still has to put on a uniform at nearly fifty, just to make a public statement that he's still got it, this guy has some serious wiring problems.

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Posted on: July 29, 2011 9:55 pm

Michael Jordan's advice for Tiger Woods

Please excuse the typos in my previous comment.  New keyboard.  No, really... I swear.

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Posted on: July 29, 2011 9:53 pm

Michael Jordan's advice for Tiger Woods


Extremely well put, sir.  Gotta love the hubris demonstrated by so many guys who've never competed in any sport at the highest levels, when they attempt to demean the accomplishments of those who have - like Jordan & Woods.

I have played golf for almost 45 years now, & I've spent thousands of hours working to improve... yet I can't come close to equalling ANY PGA tour player in skill or accomplishments.  I lack one or more qualities that the very best exhibit, be it raw talent, willingness to dedicate my life to s single pursuit, a level of competetiveness that demands victory & sees anything else as failure... could be any or all of the above, or things I failed to consider.

But I do have one talent that many seem to lack:  The ability top be astonished by athletic feats I only dream of, regardless of the sport, and to enjoy that without feeling any need to denigrate the athletes for faults we all share.

And by-the-by, my failure to achieve greatness on the links has never prevented me from reveling in the joy of the game, something that Tiger semms to have lost.  I hope he gets that joy back, even if he never wins another tournament in his life.

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Posted on: July 29, 2011 8:59 pm

Michael Jordan's advice for Tiger Woods

A very large majority of players in the MAJOR Leagues don't hit the cutoff man or properly round the bases (or lay down a good bunt which is one of the easiest things to do in baseball).  Just because someone cannot play multiple sports well does NOT mean they are not a great athlete.  If you can consistently beat Jordan on the course by 3 to 5 strokes....then why aren't you on at least the Nationwide Tour?  Jordan is not a bad golfer by any means.  My guess couldn't come close to his ability in any sport on your best day.  Before you start telling me how I couldn't.....remember this, I'm not claiming I can.  By your logic......there have been no great athletes since Deion Sanders or Bo Jackson.  For someone who wants to talk about how someone is too stupid to do could learn how to spell "athlete".

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