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Wade: The way the Heat were treated was 'unfair'

Posted on: August 22, 2011 2:58 pm
Posted by Royce Young

Dwyane Wade loved playing up the "us against the world" idea last season. He'd makes jokes like, "Oh, a bunch of reporters here today so I guess the Heat lost last night." He said that everyone got what they wanted with Miami falling in The Finals.

He was mostly right, but the "woe is us" theme was kind of annoying. Actually check that. Really annoying. Especially when it was pretty much entirely brought on by themselves with "The Decision" and then the celebration party before they'd even practiced.

In an interview with ESPN Radio in Milwaukee, Wade was asked about his comments after Game 6 how he said everyone was happy the Heat lost. His response:

“At that point it was me. Obviously we went through a lot last year. It was unfair some of the stuff that we had to endure but we grew from it. That’s over with. We move on to whenever we play basketball again and we will be a different team.”

Was it unfair? Yeah, probably so. The Heat were under an incredible microscope all season long with every loss, every bad possession, every accidental bump, every locker room cry being broken down and analyzed every which way. But like I said, they knew this way coming because they kind of asked for it. Going out and proclaiming multiple titles are coming their way and basically acting like everything would be cake is what raised everyone's ire.

Were people happy the Heat lost? Absolutely. Was the coverage and treatment of them probably unfair? Yeah, most likely. But is that any kind of excuse? No way. You've got to play with distractions whatever they may be. Just because the Heat column ratio between wins and losses was something like one to 100 doesn't mean it's an excuse. Like Wade said, you've got to endure.

Problem was, they didn't ever even learn. Remember when they intentionally made fun of Dirk's sickness during The Finals? At least that's what Wade said they were doing. They were just "testing" the media. I guess they got us good because everyone made a big stink. But that lack of awareness is ultimately one of the reasons the Heat didn't work this first season. Wade can say it was unfair all he wants, but if that's the case, don't ask for more of it. Handle your business, play ball and shut up. And eventually, everyone else will too.
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Posted on: August 23, 2011 2:49 pm

Wade: The way the Heat were treated was 'unfair'

Everyone talking smack about the Heat, but one thing is true these guys only been together for one season and made it to the Finals.  There is only one thing for them to do now and that is win baby win.  I'm not a Heat fan but, you gotta give props where props are do and these guys get them.  LBJ is the most hated guy in basketball by people who didnt even like the Cavs, so why do you guys even bother?  LBJ never assualted anyone, or raped anyone, how about shoot at some one,punched a fan or spit on'em.  But, yet you ppl hate him but can forgive a guy who cheats on his wife to do a white girl in the butt. Good players and teams are always hated on tho, you ppl once hated I. Thomas, then M. Jordan, cant forget Shaq, C. Barkley, R.Miller, then K. Bryant now ya wanna hate on the whole Heat team....LOL  C'Mon Man!!!  just enjoy the sport ppl.

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Wade: The way the Heat were treated was 'unfair'


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Wade: The way the Heat were treated was 'unfair'

There is only a one word response to this post....EXACTLY!!!!

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Posted on: August 22, 2011 8:43 pm

Wade: The way the Heat were treated was 'unfair' made a spectacle of your team before the season started.  You dug the hole, and now your crying cuz you can't get out of it.  "The Decision" was possibly the most humorous thing because all LBJ proved was he can't get it done in the clutch in Cleveland....and it carried over in Miami.  I've never seen a player of his caliber hide on the court as much as possible.  I know some critics would say they didn't ask for the media, but honestly I think LBJ did, maybe not Wade, but he and Bosh chose to stand on that stage and star into the crowd with their arms crossed all goofy looking like they had already one forced him to get up there, and it backfired...big time.  It's hard to get to the finals and if they can't get back there next season you gotta believe there are going to be a lot of questions asked regarding keeping this team in tact.  The one huge issue is Wade's health because it's clear that LeBron can't carry a team

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Posted on: August 22, 2011 8:25 pm

Wade: The way the Heat were treated was 'unfair'


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Posted on: August 22, 2011 8:07 pm

Wade: The way the Heat were treated was 'unfair'

Unfair? Nope. Why? You asked for it. It's that simple.

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Posted on: August 22, 2011 7:54 pm

Wade: The way the Heat were treated was 'unfair'

Unfair?..... You've got to be kidding

Labron acted like a moron and received A LOT less than he deserved.  Wade went along for the ride.

If the only thing that Labron did was hang his home-town team out to dry for his own amusement, that would be more than enough to justify the treatment he received.  (no, I am not from Ohio)

But that was just the tip of the ice berg.

Labron and Wade acted like grade school kids.  They only want to play if all of the best players were on their team, then they cry when they lose and their feelings get hurt when people say mean things about them. 

Things could be better for them, but they won't shut-up long enough for things to blow over.     

Labron even made the comment that the NBA should get rid of a few teams, so more good players could play together - he later retracted the statement when someone reminded him that each team pays its players 50 to 60 Million dollars. 

Labron and Wade's situation is the result of their own actions and decisions - grow-up and deal with it 

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Posted on: August 22, 2011 7:47 pm

Wade: The way the Heat were treated was 'unfair'

Unfair???  You have to be kidding.  I have always liked DWade as a player, but he needs to keep his mouth shut. This is not the first time he has cried about fans and the media being harsh on the Heat.  There are several reasons why people hate this team, including myself, and why it is not unfair that they are the most hated team in America:
1)  The Decision--Like others have said, LePrince could have announced on SportsCenter what he was doing.  Instead, he let the Cavs and all the other teams sweat until the TV special on ESPN.  That show was a self-promotion and used the Boys and GIrls Club as a way to hide his selfish intentions.  Instead, he had a public spectacle to announce where he was going.
2)  LBJ knew that Wade and Bosh signed, so he took the easy road and teamed with superstars.  While it gets people to watch, these teams with superstars teaming up the way they did (talking and planning it out together) also turns fans away.  The other teams without 2 or more superstars won't be able to beat them, eliminating any parody. He abandoned the fans who rooted for him all his life just to team up with his buddies and did not even let management know about it.  The teaming up the way they did, fans are not going to root for you if you are not on their favorite team.  At least the C's big three were traded for.  They did not scheme together like LBJ, Wade, and Bosh did.  And they were also three of the most respected players in the league.
3)  The post-signing WWE-style celebration--they declared they were the champs and the team to beat in July and not even having won a single title or played ONE game together, LeQueen said they will win "not one, not two, not six, not seven".  This celebration when they did not even win a game (they only won in free agency) immediately caused people to hate them and root against them.
4)  The constant Tweets and comments made to the media/ESPN during the season:  from the "Heatles" reference to all the moaning and groaning all season long, people had even more reason to hate this team.
5)  LeQueen and your mocking Dirk for being sick when he stepped it up when you couldn't being healthy.  Everyone, even those rooting for your team, found it classless how you not only mocked him, but did it just because the cameras were in your face made people like myself and most of the nation root for the Mavs even more.

While I am a Wade fan and have always liked the way he played, your teammate LeQueen/LeChoke/LePrince and his drama and big mouth is the reason you think your team was treated "unfair."  As leader of the Heat, you should have told him to keep his mouth shut and to let his play do the talking.  Instead, his talk was bigger than his performance and he choked again.  And you and LeJerk's behavior during the Finals was embarassing when you made fun of Dirk.  I do feel it was unfair that you and Bosh may have gotten some criticism that you should not have gotten, but all of the criticism of LeBaby was fair because of all of his actions and comments.  Since the Heat was your team, you could have avoided the treatment you felt was unfair if you would have been the bigger man and telling him to just play rather than attract the cameras.  Maybe, just maybe, there would not have been as much hatred toward you and Bosh.  But as far as LeBum, the damage was done with The Decision and he will always be treated with scrutiny.

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Posted on: August 22, 2011 7:45 pm

Wade: The way the Heat were treated was 'unfair'

Lockout= slow news day in the NBA.

Wade can say this was unfair? Maybe a short memory: Mocking Dirk, Lebron telling people they will go back to their miserable lives, the decision, the celebration. Sorry, all you and your chums had to do was live and learn but you kept doing these annoying obnoxious things- one after the other.

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Posted on: August 22, 2011 7:16 pm

Wade: The way the Heat were treated was 'unfair'

Wade is right but so wrong.  The unfairness was how much the rest of the NBA was a non-story.  USA Today carried a daily box score of the performances of The Little Three!  What a load of crap that was.  It made me sick.  Wade and company can call foul all they want but it is just the Whine leading the whine.  We already get that Wade.  You're a big star and we hurt your feelings.  Dirk and company shoved it in your face in the classiest of ways.  Of course, any class would be lost on you clowns mimicking Dirk.  No, you didn't get us with your joke, if it was a joke.  Like everything else about you, that backfired too.

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