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LaMarcus Aldridge supports Blazers adding Landry

Posted on: August 28, 2011 3:39 pm
By Matt Moore

Earlier this month, Carl Landry said that he saw himself as a good fit in Portland.  It was odd considering they currently have LaMarcus Aldridge on roster and Landry is a power forward who struggles with rebounding.  He's got great scoring instincts and work ethic though, making him one of the better free agents when the market opens. 

Turns out someone with the Blazers thinks the same way. SLAM Online spoke to LaMarcus Aldridge and it turns out Aldridge thinks Landry would be a good fit as well. From SLAM:
“That’s big of him to speak out and I’m glad he spoke out and said he wants to play with us,” Aldridge told SLAMonline. “He’s a good player and I definitely feel like he can help us immediately.”

“Landry’s a really good player and good players know how to fit in,” Aldridge said. “Wouldn’t be a problem at all.”
via SLAM ONLINE | » Aldridge Signs Off on Landry

The problem? Let's pretend for a moment that the new CBA at least keeps things within scale. So either the Blazers are in the same position, cap-space-wise, or the contracts are scaled back proportionally. Let's take three contracts for next season, outside of their best player, LMA. Brandon Roy, Marcus Camby, Gerald Wallace. That's nearly $37.5 million. Wesley Matthews is $6.1 million.  In short, finding room for a back-up role player who will likely draw a better contract, even under a new CBA within a weaker free agency class than the last time he struck out might be tough for Portland. 

With the Blazers still trying to figure out a plan in terms of their organization, making a major move like Landry might be a longshot. But if it's made, Aldridge is out in front to quell any talk of issues with the should-be-All-Star. 

Here's a question? Who on earth is going to play power forward in New Orleans next year? 

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Posted on: August 29, 2011 6:52 am

LaMarcus Aldridge supports Blazers adding Landry

I have been a HUGE fan of Landry's for a couple of years. While I don't think Landry will win the Blazers a championship I believe he will position them well for deep playoff runs.

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Posted on: August 28, 2011 8:11 pm

LaMarcus Aldridge supports Blazers adding Landry

LaMarcus plays about half of his time at center and his team does a little better while he is there. So adding Carl Landry does not detract from the Blazers. With Greg Oden only likely to play about 25 minutes a night (and please, let's not curse him with injury notes) there are at least 30 minutes available for Landry with Camby serving as a backup or starter at times. At Camby's age, his time should be in smaller increments.

What will the money look like in the new CBA? That is the question preventing any negotiations from progressing. The league must realize over $300M in savings per year. The NBPA is refusing to talk to them about it. Will contracts be rolled back? If so, the offer to maintain the salary levels @ $2B will look awfully good in hindsight. But money has not normally been a problem in Portland where they sell out every game and possess the richest owner. So Landry signing there will depend on the cap and the mid-level exception.

As for New Orleans, although the commissioner denied New Orleans is a candidate for contraction that franchise leads the likely if the players force such a move. With CP3 not likely to return following this year the franchise has bigger issues than thus one. The league owns the franchise already and has invested so much into keeping them in New Orleans.

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