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Jerry West recounts slights from Phil Jackson

Posted on: September 12, 2011 9:37 am
Edited on: September 12, 2011 9:42 am
By Matt Moore

Jerry West has a new autobiography coming out, and the San Jose Mercury News has some excerpts and a look at West who recently purchased a small stake of the Warriors and is working as a consultant on the basketball side. Most notable is his description of how Phil Jackson treated the former Laker great when Jackson took over as Lakers head coach:
West says he was definitely troubled by Jackson’s relationship with Jeanie Buss and was put off by much of what Jackson was doing (Jackson’s first year was West’s last with the Lakers).

”So one of the problems I had with Phil was this,” West writes. “His office was right near mine and when he would arrive in the morning, he would walk right past and never even bother to wave or duck his head in to say hello.

“He would later say that he felt the need to stake out his territory, that on top of that he was ’a wack job,’ but I am sure it was more than that.”

West compares Jackson’s attitude to Pat Riley’s reach for more power after winning titles as the Laker coach, but West suggests that Jackson’s display was a colder version to experience.

“Phil and I had no relationship,” West writes. “None. He didn’t want me around and had absolutely no respect for me–of that, I have no doubt.”
via Jerry West on Phil Jackson, Wilt, Kareem, Kobe, Magic and everything : A searing, searching autobiography | Talking Points. 

West goes on to discuss the time when Jackson threw him out of the locker room dismissively. It's a wholly ugly situation that doesn't speak well of Jackson, who so often is discussed as the lovable "Zen Master" despite a long standing history of dismissing and disparaging other coaches, players, and league personnel. For West, it's a window into the hurt he felt over his separation from the Lakers, and puts a pretty big nail in any remaning coffin concerning his possible involvement in the Pau Gasol trade (which occurred after West had left the Grizzlies anyway). 

West is known to be sensitive. He takes things very personally and suffers through the negative events in his life. But the excerpt provides a clearer window into the Lakers' organization and Jackson's acerbic behavior. It also serves, along with a discussion of the deterioration of West's relationship with Jerry Buss, as an example of how the Lakers organization generally throws its history in the garbage pail. Magic Johnson is the rare exception of a player to continue having a good relationship with the team. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Shaquille O'Neal, Bryan Shaw, the list goes on for people torched by the organization once their usefulness had run its course. It happens a lot in sports. I just happens a lot with the Lakers. Kind of odd for arguably the greatest franchise in sports. 

Then again, the Lakers did just give him his own statue outside Staples Center. So things can't be that bad. 


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Jerry West recounts slights from Phil Jackson

<img src="" alt="Cool" />  I hope you are having a better day and all of children (if you have any) are safe!<br />BECAUSE YOU TOTALLY MISSED THE POINT!  I hope the Penn State Scandal had a more profound effect than my personal story did!<br /><br />Peace.<br /><br /><br /> 

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Jerry West recounts slights from Phil Jackson

You missed the point like the previous!  I got you all riled up!<br />That what I do on both courts : Basketball and the Law is what I do<br />and VERY WELL.  <br /><br />I'm glad no one has heard of me: I am famous though; in the history books (the one and only me)<br />read my latest post...I'm an advocate fool...I fight for KIDS.  <br /><br />THAT's WHY I'M ON THIS BOARD.....People care about BS before CHILDREN...what have you done lately? besides miss points and curse people out.  I lovge it--gets my juices flowing...mmm good.<br /><br />I'm good at what you do...I was laughing the WHOLE TIME I POSTED HERE knowing in advance what to expect! <img src="" alt="Cool" /> <br /><br /><br />Watch the child you think may be your own!<br /><br /><br /> 

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Jerry West recounts slights from Phil Jackson

I thought it appropriate to post at least one more time on this SPECIFIC post for all of you who showed hate instead of "understanding."  I don't mind because as previously stated--THAT'S MY STYLE on both courts.  Unlike the attackers on <br />this board WHO ONLY TALK--I'm a doer.  I do for others what they WON'T OR CAN'T do for themselves.  Kids are VULNERABLE.<br />Point: Penn State Scandal...Who would have ever thought it possible?  Me!  I went to "Catholic School" for 11 of my 12 high school years.  My own parents believed these priests/brothers/sisters COULD DO NO WRONG.  Sorry, us kids knew otherwise!<br /><br />Add like all the jerks on this board WHO MISSED THE POINT OF MY POST,,,,wake up and smell the coffee--IT COULD BE ONE OF YOUR OWN GETTTING "robbbed."  The personal crime on me: "hired slavery".  AND ANYONE ON THIS BOARD OR IN THIS WORLD THAT AGREES WITH SLAVERY...then your opinion don't matter anyway.<br /><br />Simply said, I told you so...its about the kids! Or is it?  You saw the FIRST REACTION from those Penn Staters: it was all about Joe Pa.<br />F$$$c Joe Pa--RIP!  It's about all those Kids that could have been ONE OF YOURS.<br /><br />


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Jerry West recounts slights from Phil Jackson

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Oh. and he's in the Hall of Fame, nah, he wasnt that good.

All you did was "hoist trophies for your sorry team". LMFAO

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Jerry West recounts slights from Phil Jackson

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Jerry West recounts slights from Phil Jackson

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Jerry West recounts slights from Phil Jackson

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Jerry West recounts slights from Phil Jackson

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Jerry West recounts slights from Phil Jackson

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Jerry West recounts slights from Phil Jackson

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