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Report: Adelman hired despite Kahn

Posted on: September 13, 2011 9:43 am
Edited on: September 13, 2011 9:51 am
By Matt Moore

When Rick Adelman started to be considered a serious candidate for the Timberwolves job, everyone had the same thought. "How did Kahn pull that off?" For years, David Kahn has seemingly been running a sinking ship. It started immediately. He made a brilliant trade with the Timberwolves before the 2009 to acquire back to back top-five picks. Then he spent them on two point guards (and later brought in more in free agency). He brought in Kurt Rambis as his head coach, despite Rambis not having the requisite success as a head coach to warrant the position, and despite Rambis running the triangle, which essentially neutralizes the point guard position. Kahn gave Darko Milicic a long-term deal, and reportedly sought to bury Kevin Love. In short, his tenure has not been the kind of thing that a prospective head coach, the best on the market, would look at and say "Wow, that's a guy I want to work for." So how is it he was announcedas the new Timberwolves head coach Tuesday? Well, according to Yahoo Sports, it wasn't Kahn that brought in Rick Adelman. Not one bit.
Once Kurt Rambis was fired, Kahn reached out, and Adelman resisted. Ultimately, Kahn needed Minnesota owner Glen Taylor to get involved in the recruitment of Adelman, because the GM had no chance with him.

Five months ago, Adelman never would’ve imagined he’d coach the Timberwolves. He was 65 years old, wanted a contender, and the Wolves are a long, long way away. Well, $5 million a season can change a man’s mind. It’s no crime, but understand: The money mattered here. Probably mattered the most. Yes, Adelman wanted to coach Kevin Love, but he had no intention of doing it on a discount. In the end, money overrode everything – including the presence of Kahn.

“Rick would never agree to anything with Kahn,” one league official connected to Adelman said Monday. “This had to be [a deal] with Taylor. …Rick has talked many times of his dislike for Kahn.”
via Love and money lure Adelman to Minny - NBA - Yahoo! Sports.

Basically, the Wolves had to overspend to get Adelman in order to compensate for Adelman having to work with their GM. If so many of the decisions weren't based around Taylor's thinking, you'd start to feel bad for the guy. Taylor, more than any other owner, is in need of the so-called "idiot-proof" CBA revisions to prevent the ability of bad decisions to impact profit. That said, landing Adelman is a huge one, and Yahoo predicts he'll wind up taking over Kahn's turf.

And that's a huge element in all this. While it may make for an uncomfortable and unstable situation, if Adelman were to take over the reins, it could save the Timberwolves. They've managed to collect enough talent (nearly by accident - Love was never valued by the franchise decision-makers until he became an All-Star last season, it took them two years to get Rubio, and Derrick Williams fell in their lap and they still tried to trade the pick all the way until the last minute) to have a core that's worth building around. Having someone who knows what to do with it could be huge. Adelman had his problems in Houston, sure. But his biggest was injuries, which he couldn't prevent. Watching the power play in Minnesota will be something important early and often.

Until such a move is made, expect both sides to heavily refute this kind of report, as they put out strong statements denying this kind of dynamic. Sure, it makes sense, given Adelman's reticence and the eventual meeting with Taylor, but they'll say it's just a distorted view of the facts. Rule No.1 in these kinds of situations is to put up a strong united front.

Just ask Kurt Rambis.

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Posted on: September 14, 2011 5:26 pm

Report: Adelman hired despite Kahn

Any team can obtain talent when they are continualy the worst team in basketball (getting top picks).  What happened to our #6 Flynn?  We haven't seen Rubio (which has also been 2 years comin).  He choose a #1 head coach who ran the triangle then went out and drafted two PGs who couldn't run the system.  Kahn had no choice but to find a coach who could run the show.  We'll see what talent the Wolves have but Adelman will get them turned around.  5 years $25 will be worth the dough, I'm actually looking forward to watching the Wolves again.

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Posted on: September 14, 2011 11:56 am

Report: Adelman hired despite Kahn

The Twolves have tallent to work with. Sorry boys who are Kahn hatters but he has made some great moves to put exciting players on the roster. Love, williams,beasley,randolf,ridnour,johnson and rubio will be a great coar group for adelman to come in with and teach a winning system. I'm excited about Twolves moves and direction. 35 wins if we have a season.

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Posted on: September 14, 2011 6:47 am

Laughable Article!

This is the newest in a long line of ridiculous articles about David Kahn.  I know I'm just adding to the problem by responding, but Matt Moore's lazy Kahn-bashing article peaked my interest.  Obviously Matt Moore has absolutely no credible source that Adelman doesn't like Kahn, or that he was hired despite Kahn being the GM. Drafting Jonny Flynn was a mistake, but are suggesting drafting Ricky Rubio was a mistake?  Obviously no one was saying that then, and we'll see whenever we play basketball if the wolves should have drafted them.  Your problem is two point guards back to back?  Your saying drafting Rubio and Stephen Curry back to back would be mistake? When Rambis was hired, both he and David Kahn said the offense would be more like the Showtime Laker teams that Rambis played on.  They both adamantly admitted they didn't run the Triangle as their primary offense, even though they ran it a fair share.  The problems for T-Wolves was defense.  It was horrendous last year.  Don't get me wrong, Rambis was a horrible hire, just like drafting Jonny Flynn was a mistake. Your claim that Darko was brought is to reportedly bury Kevin Love is just stupid.  Darko is a center and Kevin Love is a power forward.  If Kahn was trying to bury Kevin Love he never would have traded away Al Jefferson (which I think was a fair trade for both parties objectives). Matt Moore clearly hasn't watched one T-wolves in game in four years, or listened to any of David Kahn's interviews or press conferences.  A lot of these writers are very jealous that someone who was writer like them is now a GM.  It doesn't happen often when somebody has no playing experience and makes their way up through the media side.  Not saying Matt Moore is jealous, I'm assuming he gets more of his info talking to his buddies in the industry who are jealous with David Kahn.  Matt Moore writes so many articles a day, that it makes sense this guy doesn't have a chance to ever make an informed opinion.  Who is your source?  Obviously it isn't anyone who has any informed opinion about the Timberwolves or Rick Adelman. Just give credit where credit is due! Rick Adelman is in Minnesota.  The team has a bunch of young talent with Love, Rubio, Williams, Randolph, Beasley, and W. Johnson. The team had the worst record in basketball last year and has no where to go but up.  I really wish the T-Wolves would have got all this GM hate when Kevin McHale created one of the worst rosters in the NBA after wasting multiple opportunities with Kevin Garnet to put together a Championship team.  McHale rode the back of Garnett while being one of the laziest GMs in the league.  (However, I think McHale will do well in Houston as a coach, he's just one of the worst GMs of all time).

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Posted on: September 13, 2011 8:18 pm

his player personnel moves have not been terrible

while the wolves record and general play is still horrible, most of the personnel moves he has made have not been bad.  he traded a decent power forward in al jefferson for 2 future first round picks and let love have the starting position.  he signed anthony tolliver who is a very good backup forward.  he also signed luke ridnour who is a decent point guard (much better than ramon sessions).   he picked up anthony randolph for an expiring contract in corey brewer. he traded a mid first round pick and gomes for martell webster.  he also traded 2 2nd round picks for michael beasley and foye and miller for the eventual pick for rubio.   he has accumulated draft picks when mchale gave them away (such as next years number one pick to the clippers).  he has cleared cap space.  yes he did swing and miss on flynn but wes johnson shows good potential and rubio has not had a chance to show what he can do yet.  his big mistake was rambis, who could not coach up a young, inexperienced team into a competive basketball team.   yes millicic's prior reputation was warranted but last year he was 6th in the league in blocks at 4.7 million year.  I don;t hear any other GM's called out for gadzuric 7.2 mill, foster 6.6, thabett 5.1, pachulia 4.8, diop 6.9, przybilla 7.7, dalembert 13.4, and gortat 6.8.   the roster he accumulated should have done much better than it did.  to his credit he also reacts to his mistake (rambis for adelman, sessions for ridnour, flynn and late first round for future first round pick).

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Posted on: September 13, 2011 7:36 pm

Report: Adelman hired despite Kahn

Good Luck in 2013 when there might be an NBA Season.

Laugh at me if you want, but I would love to be a Wolves fan just because of all the young talent that's out on the court.Kind of reminds me of the Trailblazers resurgence that they had a few years back going from a bottom feeder to a playoff team...done pretty much solely through draft picks. Even if some of there picks don't work out for them, young players hold pretty good trade value.Some other team might see more or something else that there current team doesn't.

I hope to get to watch them this season, but doesn't appear to be that way.

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Posted on: September 13, 2011 5:29 pm

Report: Adelman hired despite Kahn

Best guess is that Taylor gave Adelman assurances that he'd have major input in running the Wolves, or even the assurance that Kahn's days are numbered.

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Posted on: September 13, 2011 4:18 pm

Report: Adelman hired despite Kahn

I'm sure not to many people watched this or really even cared. But I think it was the Rubio press confrence. Kahn was sitting in front of the Wolves logo and the ears lined up perfectly over his head. Just thought I'd share. I thought it was funny.

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Posted on: September 13, 2011 4:16 pm

Report: Adelman hired despite Kahn

Please FIRE David Kahn.

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Posted on: September 13, 2011 1:04 pm

Report: Adelman hired despite Kahn

kahn is an idiot. plain and simple. i don't blame adelman

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Posted on: September 13, 2011 12:38 pm

Report: Adelman hired despite Kahn

I still think that the Timberwolves should move Love before he gets exposed. I understand he is a good player, but if the Timberwolves plan on become a playoff team in the future they cannot have such a defensive liability on their roster. He can't compete with the Gasol's, Aldridge, or Blake Griffin's at the power forward position. I would move him and try to steal a young wing or post player with superstar potential, and some players that would add depth to this team. Regardless of what they do, the T-Wolves are in the best position they have been in for years.

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