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David Stern calls Gilbert/Sarver report 'fiction'

Posted on: September 16, 2011 3:15 pm
Posted by Royce Young

We shouldn't have expected anything less, but David Stern chimed in on the Dan Gilbert/Robert Sarver report that the two slowed down progress on a new labor deal Wednesday while Jerry Buss and James Dolan sat perturbed.

Stern, to "It is so wrong and incorrect and fictional" he said, "that I think I can understand why they would only attribute it to sources and that nobody would be willing to stand behind it."

Not that anyone should be surprised, but Stern really tried to hammer it home. He said, "wrong," "incorrect" and "fictional" to get that across.

Dan Gilbert of course had his own response via Twitter yesterday, calling the report "sad and pathetic."

As for a divide among owners, says the players shouldn't put that into the strategy.
One person who was inside the Board of Governors meeting told that, if the players are banking on a splintering of the owners as their best path to a favorable deal, "they would be making a mistake."
Right now reports have the owners split on the value of a hard cap system, or at least to a degree. By most accounts, the two sides are closing the gap in terms of revenue splits (which is big), but systematic issues are holding up progress. Smaller market people like Gilbert and Sarver are said to be at that forefront.

Did they hold up labor progress Wednesday? I guess that just depends on who you want to believe.

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Posted on: September 19, 2011 12:24 pm

David Stern calls Gilbert/Sarver report 'fiction'

The owners are pushing for a hard cap which, in theory, would provide a decent level of competition.  In practice however, not so much!!!  World Champion Dallas was roughly 40 Million Dollars over the cap.  The Lakers, well over, meanwhile the heat and their Big 3 are at the cap.  The Magic, Cavs, Spurs, Grizz and several other teams are well over the cap also.  If owners really wanted to take a hard line approach over something that has a meaningful bearing on revenue, they should stop giving guys huge contracts to be 4th options at best.  You cant win a championship with Joe Johnson, Rashard Lewis and Rudy Gay as your go to guys with Max contracts.  The players arent at fault for taking whats given to them.  If your boss comes to you and says "I will give you 80 Million Dollars" are you supposed to say "No, Im not worth that, Ill take 40"?  We are going to be forced to miss a year of NBA Basketball because the owners want protection from themselves.  I dont feel bad for the players, they have and will continue to make more money in a year than the average American makes in 10.  I definitely dont feel bad for the Owners, they are wealthy enough to pay hundreds of millions of dollars a year in salary.  I do feel bad for the janitors, ticket takers, parking attendants and security that make $30,000 a year and are now in limbo status from this. 

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Posted on: September 17, 2011 9:58 pm

David Stern calls Gilbert/Sarver report 'fiction'

I have been really critical in the past about Robert Sarver and Dan Gilbert but the truth is these guys are doing what the league needs done in so many ways. If these owners can get the salary cap into the 45 million dollar range then there is a high probability that the NBA will become marketable world wide rather than to just a few cities here in the US.
As it stands now the billionare owners do not want the competitive field to compete against. These owners love being the icons, moguls, and referenced as geniuses when all along there are just playing with a stacked deck from the onset. When NY or LA whens a title in any sport it should never be viewed as something great because it is the equivalent of a major college beating a junior college. The disparity in revenue is just that vast.
To truly give fans across the United States a fair game give the teams a true hard cap and some revenue to operate under. Collectively the game will become bigger and more successful than ever.

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