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Kevin Durant was wearing a Chicago Bulls hat

Posted on: September 18, 2011 9:33 am
Posted by Royce Young

Is this news? Is this a big deal? Should we really care about this? Absolutely no on all accounts.

But... I couldn't help but wonder when I saw that picture whether or not we'd be making a big deal if that were say LeBron James wearing a Knicks hat. Or Chris Paul wearing a Heat hat. Or Dwight Howard wearing a Lakers hat. Or Kobe Bryant wearing a Timberwolves hat. (Yeah, I know that would never, ever happen, but it's funny to picture.)

Obviously, we'd be making a pretty huge deal if any of those guys did that. With LeBron, just because anything he does is a big deal. With CP3 because of his uncertain future in New Orleans. Same thing with Howard in Orlando. And Kobe just because that type of thing would never happen.

But it makes me wonder if this isn't a big deal just because it's the iron-clad, bulletproof Durant doing it or because it truly isn't a big deal. I mean, we all freaked over LeBron wearing a Yankees hat and while I realize that was under much different circumstances, it was still a story, while this definitely is not.

I can't really decide why though. It's probably just because we haven't reached a point with Durant where we freak over things. Not because he isn't a superstar, but just that we don't obsess over the minutia of his every little thing he does. Unless it's tattoos, of course

Durant is locked up with the Thunder through 2016 with the Thunder so it's not like he could actually go to the Bulls or anything. So forget that angle. Maybe he was just wearing it because the Thunder's logo isn't anywhere near as cool as the Bulls. That's what I'm thinking.

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Posted on: September 20, 2011 2:11 pm

Kevin Durant was wearing a Chicago Bulls hat

This is... kind of weird.  Durant probably didn't mean much by it, but at some point we gotta admit he's wearing memorabilia for a team in direct competition to the team that employs him (ok technically not 'employed' because of the lockout).  This isn't like LeBron wearing a Yankees hat while he was in Cleveland (which was blown out of proportion), because the Yankees are in a totally different sport and league.  The baseball cap isn't part of the NBA league uniform, so this would be a minor difference with someone in baseball wearing an opposing team's cap in their off time... But it's pretty close.  Maybe Durant's making some kind of point to the owners as part of player unity... in any case it's not like OKC could discipline or chastise him anyways because of the lockout.

I'll admit as a die-hard Bulls fan this was double-take / short-lived dream material... but he's under contract until 2016 and there's no way OKC would trade him unless he demanded a trade, which he would be crazy to do as OKC is well-stocked in young talent and positioned perfectly for a half-decade of dominance in the West.  Plus as mentioned if the season is lost (AAAAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!!), contracts don't get nullified.

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Posted on: September 19, 2011 8:36 pm

Kevin Durant was wearing a Chicago Bulls hat

Thanks for the clarification Brock. That is what I thought. So teams like Orlando, Jersy and NO have the most to lose if season is lost since Paul, Deron and Dwight would go directly to Free Agency without those teams having a chance to convince them to stay (which they might not be able to do anyways).

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Posted on: September 19, 2011 12:38 pm

Kevin Durant was wearing a Chicago Bulls hat

Wait...he's a Jordan fan just like the rest of us?  It is not news!

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Posted on: September 19, 2011 12:01 pm

Kevin Durant was wearing a Chicago Bulls hat

That isnt 100% correct.  If the season is lost then all contracts are not null and voided, they are simply not upheld.  In essence the players cant play because they have nowhere to play and with that the owners arent obligated to pay them.  The null and void statement was something thrown out as leverage by the NBA Owners to prevent the Players Union from decertifying.  Honestly, that may not even be legal(and there are two lawsuits going on now to figure that out).  Kevin Durant is and will be under contract with the Thunder regardless of if the season is cancelled or not.  He, and every other player for that matter, will simply lose this years salary and a year from their contractual obligations.  The free agent class of next year wont change, other than adding this years free agents to it also. 

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Posted on: September 19, 2011 11:09 am

Kevin Durant was wearing a Chicago Bulls hat

John: seriously? If the whole season is lost, all contracts are null and voided? I had never heard that before. Are you sure that is true? Not questioning your knowledge, just new info to me..

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Posted on: September 19, 2011 3:04 am

Kevin Durant was wearing a Chicago Bulls hat

....If the whole season is lost then all of the players contracts are null and voided.....

So he could actually be a Bull if this whole season is lost....

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Posted on: September 19, 2011 12:54 am

Kevin Durant was wearing a Chicago Bulls hat

lol just doesn't look right, i mean if he was wearing a throw back jordan jersey or anything that would say jordan on the shirt, then it would make sense to wear the hat. but just a bulls hat and notting more just does't look right.

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Posted on: September 19, 2011 12:17 am

Kevin Durant was wearing a Chicago Bulls hat

no news here, maybe he grew up a bulls fan. i understand he's a member of the thunder, but who cares about him wearing a hat of a team he likes, it doesnt mean he will go to that said team. everyone blew the LeBron James wearing a Yankee hat out of the water and were wrong on where he went.

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Posted on: September 18, 2011 9:52 pm

Kevin Durant was wearing a Chicago Bulls hat

I agree, no news here!

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Posted on: September 18, 2011 9:49 pm

Kevin Durant was wearing a Chicago Bulls hat

Hey maybe we should make a coke/ pepsi commercial with this theme. You saw the one where the pepsi driver gets the coke driver to drink pepsi then posts it on you tube? A brawl ensues. Was kind of funny.

Seriously: this is a loyalty factor; a basic employment requirement that too many young folks don't get. If you work for Apple you don't go around wearing Microsoft logos. And this guy is the face of OKC and he makes millions. You don't wear opponent's logos- you just don't. Durant could wear Penguins, Yankees, Manchester United- no problem- they are different sports. But an opponent's logo? What an insulting, stupid thing to do. His mama needs to give him a swat.

Think about Jeter wearing a Red Sox hat. THAT would be a HUGE story and something a Yankee would never do. A Red Sox wearing a Yankee Logo? Never! Because they are passionate about beating the crap out of each other. Durant should be passionate about his affiliation with OKC and do nothing to ever have his loyalty questioned.

OKC deserves the same respect that the Yankees and Red Sox receive from their players.

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