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Report: Blazers C Marcus Camby busted with pot

Posted on: September 22, 2011 2:20 pm
Edited on: September 22, 2011 3:03 pm
Posted by Ben Gollivermarcus-camby

Portland Trail Blazers centers have been cursed with joint problems for years now. Not this type of joint, though.

Marcus Camby has been an invaluable fill-in when fellow centers Greg Oden, Joel Przybilla and Jeff Pendergraph have gone down with knee injuries in the last 18 months. On Monday, reports that Camby was caught with "marijuana cigarettes" in Texas while driving under suspicious circumstances.
Two-time NBA all-star Marcus Camby, 37, of the Portland Trail Blazers, was arrested by Pearland police Monday and charged with marijuana possession.

Police officials say officers pulled over Camby’s black Porsche around midnight on when he was spotted driving north on Cullen Boulevard with a sun screen device blocking the front window.

Officers then questioned Camby and a passenger, later identified as Kendal Lance Johnson, 25. Officers say they noticed the smell of marijuana. Camby gave permission for the car to be searched and police said they discovered what appeared to be several marijuana cigarettes and a baggie with a small amount of the same substance hidden under the front seat. Both suspects denied ownership of the marijuana.
Camby was reportedly charged with a class A misdemeanor and released on bond. He could face a fine or, potentially, jail time. 

A trusted veteran voice and once one of the league's top rebounders and defensive specialists, Camby averaged 4.7 points, 10.3 rebounds and 1.6 blocks in 26.1 minutes per game last season. Camby, 37, is entering the final year of a two-year contract extension that will pay him $11.2 million in 2011-2012.

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Posted on: September 23, 2011 3:21 pm

Report: Blazers C Marcus Camby busted with pot

I am a little surprised about this. It was not a surprise about Michael Beasley smoking weed and getting caught or some of the other athletes but Marcus Camby is not someone you expect to hear about getting into this kind of trouble. Well I guess you can expect about anything during a lockout. On the flip side for Portland fans, you can be happy that come November Greg Oden will not be hurt this year since there is a lockout and he won't be playing. Just kidding Blazer fans. 

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Posted on: September 23, 2011 1:49 pm

Report: Blazers C Marcus Camby busted with pot

Why does this make the headlines? Everyone smokes weed, athlethes included, and the league is currently in lockdown mode. Find something else to report.

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Posted on: September 23, 2011 1:41 pm

Report: Blazers C Marcus Camby busted with pot

Redsfan is half right.  Getting arrested overseas could be an eye-opener for these guys.

However, threatening to sign replacements?   That is just bitterness talking.  More than half the teams cannot sell out an arena now.  You think the folks in New Orleans or Charlotte are going to fill up the gym to see replacement players?  yeah, the  salaries for replacements would be less, but sponsors would drop like mad.  Travel expenses would still be the same. Heck the coaches would still make the same money.  Basically, all 30 teams would lose money EVERY time they opened an arena, and THAT would actually strengthen the players' leverage. 

Meanwhile, if the "And-1" mixtape players are making about $100 grand per season, I am quite sure that a good number of players would be able to get by on that type of barnstorming long enough to make a point to the owner.

The fix to the system should merely be this.  (Since I know David Stern reads everything I write, I will spell it out here). 

1) There is a team salary cap (soft) - the amount can be negotiated (players win here).  

2) There is a 2-dollar-to-one tax for exceeding the luxury tax threshold (as opposed to the 1-dollar-to-dollar method now) - this is a win for competitive balance.  Even the Knicks and the Lakers will have to cringe at such a thing.   Go over the luxury tax threshold by $5 million will cost a team $10 million?  That will be the end of the $90 million payroll, UNLESS you have THAT guy.  Speaking of which....

3)  NO cap on individual salaries (A WIN FOR THE OWNERS AND PLAYERS - Lebron James would still be in Cleveland if they could have offered him $25 million per season but everyone else was limited to $17 million - he and Wade are close, but they are not THAT close).

4) ALL 5+ year contracts can be opted out by the team after 3 years with a buy out for 25% of remaining contract value.  So the Knicks could have bought out Eddie Curry 3 years ago for $7 million (no salary cap hit) instead of paying him $30 million to play fewer than 5 games over that time.

Basically, these fixes say that owners can overpay (or appropriately pay) players if they are willing to pay a hefty fee back to the league, and there would be no more long-term dead-weight contracts. Everybody wins, and I won't be forced to watch hockey highlights after football season is over. 

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Posted on: September 23, 2011 1:34 pm

Report: Blazers C Marcus Camby busted with pot

Marcus Camby isn't the only athlete that smoke's weed or does some kind of drug, he was just one of the idiots that got caught, my point is "WHO CARES", Marcus Camby sure doesn't care so why should anyone else, this guy is probably going to retire soon anyway.

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Posted on: September 23, 2011 12:19 pm

Report: Blazers C Marcus Camby busted with pot

I agree redsfan, these boys better watch their asses overseas

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Posted on: September 23, 2011 11:21 am

Report: Blazers C Marcus Camby busted with pot

It's just weed, who cares. This country needs to get it's head out of it's a$$ and legalize and tax it already. I'd bet a majority of professional athletes smoke marijuana in the off-season. WHO CARES.

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Posted on: September 23, 2011 10:59 am

Report: Blazers C Marcus Camby busted with pot imagine this would have happened a month from now, after Camby signed a NBA-lockout contract to play in China...or Turkey. He might be looking at 20 years of breaking rocks for a living.

The NBA needs to raise the bar on these guys...and call their ridiculous bluff...tell them to go back to work or they will sign relacements, and ban these slumdog millionaires for life. In a year, a new crop of college stars will be ready to make the millions these idiots didn't seem to want.  Players that have made a ton, like Camby might retire. Most, would report to camp.   

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Posted on: September 23, 2011 10:41 am

Report: Blazers C Marcus Camby busted with pot

Pearland police look for any reason to pull you over. They are either rejects from other departments around the area or 19-20 yo's on power trips. That being said, nothing good happens on Cullen at midnight. Makes me wonder why he was there in the first place.

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Posted on: September 23, 2011 6:37 am

Report: Blazers C Marcus Camby busted with pot

This is what's wrong with America an sports.  More people smoking weed om college than eating lunch and this is news?  If he wasn't an NBA player we don't hear of this.  Who cares?

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Posted on: September 23, 2011 2:18 am

Report: Blazers C Marcus Camby busted with pot

Dumb to get caught, but really, it's just weed. It shoud be legal in the first place. That said, wouldn't it make sense to write into a players contract that the contract would be void if the player is convicted of illegal activities? How many players would be willing to give up $10 million plus to get high?

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