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Irving still needs three months to be 100 percent

Posted on: September 25, 2011 7:54 pm
Edited on: September 25, 2011 7:58 pm
Posted by Royce Young

So maybe THIS is why Dan Gilbert's (reportedly) being so stubborn about a new collective bargaining agreement. He's just trying to hold out to give his No. 1 pick a little time to get completely healthy.

Via the Plain-Dealer, Kyrie Irving is still about three months from being "fully healed" from his broken foot. Don't worry Cavs fans, he's been practicing and conditioning without restriction and even says he's "150 percent."

Irving was still taken No. 1 overall despite only appearing in 11 games at Duke during his freshman season. Why? His talent is pretty much undeniable.

The question is though, what's this mean for the Cavs if the season starts on time Nov. 1? Will Irving trot out as the starter? Will Byron Scott rest him for those couple weeks to get him entirely healthy? Is he eased in? Is Baron Davis the starter and if so, how fat will he be?

Obviously Irving's pretty much fine, but a broken foot isn't something to mess around with. They can alter careers, especially if you have a setback. That's why it's best to take it slow for Irving and make sure that he's completely healed, according to doctors, fans, himself, the janitorial staff -- whoever. You're rebuilding, there's no big rush. It's easy to rag on Baron Davis, but the Cavs do have the luxury of easing Irving into the rotation. They have a proven starter already that can handle the load. Heck, that might be the plan regardless of Irving's health.

So fear not, Cavs fans (and Cavs Dan). Irving probably wouldn't prefer the extra time an extended lockout would give him anyway. I mean, he's only played 11 games over the past year and half. I'm sure he's itching to get on the court again.
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