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David Falk: I'd get a deal done in one day

Posted on: September 26, 2011 5:07 pm
Edited on: September 26, 2011 5:08 pm
Posted by Royce Young

A few months ago, power agent David Falk said he wanted to mediate the NBA lockout negotiations. You can't think he was just going to go away after that, right?

He's back with some more comments and thoughts on the lockout, joining The Fan 590 in Toronto.
“We’re right up against the deadline. Unlike ’98, when we had a 50-game season, I would bet a lot of money that if we miss one or two games, we’re going to miss the whole season. This is like Texas Hold’em; it’s all in. Everyone has to understand what’s at stake. It’s my understanding that the owners project if there’s no season, they’ll lose $1.5 billion and if there’s no season the players will lose $2.167 billion in salary, probably another $200 or $300 million more in endorsements.”
Oh joy. How's that for doom and gloom?

Falk was then asked what he thinks he could do if he was able to play mediator. It's a doozy:
“I volunteered. I’ve given both sides very, very specific suggestions on how to get over the hurdle. … I think that I could make this deal in one day, with either party. I really do. I know it sounds egotistical saying that, but I know all the owners well. … Obviously I’ve represented players for 37 years. … I’m disappointed that the young stars of the NBA today, the LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade, Dwight Howard, those guys need to be involved full-time, not part-time. … I think that they are allowing other people to determine their future financial fortunes, which is a terrible mistake.”
You hear that everyone? David Falk says he could make the deal in one day. That's it. All this haggling, all this back-and-forth -- forget it. One long meeting (presumably with some tasy sandwiches) would get it done.

A lot of people feel the way Falk does. Heck, I do too. Give me five minutes with those people and I'd get it done! You know why we all think this way? Because we're thinking reasonably. We understand what's at stake. We understand how ridiculous each side's position really is. And we realize that compromise is in the best interest of both sides.

But they aren't approaching it that way. They have their priorities, their agendas. They want every last penny they can milk out of it and the owners (and players) are going to see that through until the end. With the way it sounds like these negotiations are going there's some seriously stubborn people involved, so even if David Falk had a brilliant solution, it's not going to hit home.

Then again, at this point, if Paris Hilton said she thought she had a good idea to get this thing settled, I'd be all for it. We're running out of time, you know.
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