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Updates from NBA-NBPA meeting in NYC

Posted on: September 28, 2011 2:34 pm
By Matt Moore

Ken Berger is at the CBA negotiations in New York. He is reporting on comments from both sides via Twitter:

Derek Fisher: Two sides agreed to meet again Friday, with full committees coming to NY.

In addition to negotiation committees for both sides, some "key players" and as many as 15 owners will be present.

Though Fisher said he could not state that common ground has been reached, the desire on both sides to get a deal is strong.

The weekend has been blocked out to continue negotiating, Fisher said.

As Hunter speaks on street, guy rolls up, pounds fist on door panel, and shouts, "We want basketball! Stop the playing and get it done!"

Union attorney Jeffrey Kessler: "We are not on the verge of a deal."

Silver: "It would be hard to characterize us as having made progress today."

Silver: Decisions we are about to make are "monumental."

Stern: "We're not near a deal."

Stern: "There are enormous consequences at play here" this weekend. "There will be a lot at risk in the absence of progress."

Stern: "Let's get the two committees in and see whether they can either have a season or not have a season. And that's what's at risk."
So there's some good and bad there. Kessler's statement obviously indicates that there's work to be done, but bringing in players and owners signals some movement. There has to be something for them to be talking about. 

But the tone of the comments reads more as the two sides being at a breaking point. They're either headed towards a breakthrough that could lead to a handshake deal to save the regular season, or on the verge of shutting it down and beginning to cancel regular season games. 

We're inside a minute and down two scores. Someone doesn't make a play soon, it's going to be time to turn out the lights. 
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