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Charles Oakley goes off on Knicks, Isiah

Posted on: October 17, 2011 10:17 am
Edited on: October 17, 2011 11:35 am
By Matt Moore

The list of things Charles Oakley is afraid of is pretty much death and giant spiders (everyone's afraid of giant spiders). Not on that list? The New York Knicks and their current organization. Oakley teed off over the weekend on all manner of Knicks personnel. And he started by replying to us, actually. 

We shared our post last week on Stoudemire's comments the players regarding starting a new league. Oakley replied: 
@EyeOnBasketball he need to win a playoff game first
via Twitter / @CharlesOakley34: @EyeOnBasketball he need t ....


(Stoudemire of course does have lots of playoff wins... but none in New York after their sweep by the Celtics this past spring.)

And Oak wasn't done. At the opening of his clothing collection at a store in New York, the former Knickerbocker unloaded on the Knicks, saying they have nothing but hype,  that Mike D'Antoni's system can't be successful, and criticizing upper management for not hiring Patrick Ewing or himself. He commented that instead they prefer to have Isiah Thomas around... who Oakley has some strong words for in particular. From the New York Post:
“Y’all should have tried to call me and talk to me, and maybe we could have gotten LeBron to New York. You went to Isiah [Thomas], and some of these other guys that don’t know the guy.”

Speaking of Thomas, Oakley did little to hide his feelings about the former team president.

“I don’t understand how he even got a job with management,” said Oakley, 47. “He had nothing to do with the Knicks, then he talked bad about the Knicks ... If I see him, he’d better turn around and go the other way.”
via Former Knicks star rips everyone from Amar’e to Isiah -

Let's see. Where does Oakley rank on the list of people I want saying they would confront me if they saw me? Ah, here we go:

2,664,868: Michael Myers
2,664,869: Charles Oakley
2,664,870: Bill Romanowski circa 1997

Good luck with that, Zeke. 

The Knicks are under no obligation to keep Oakley in the loop or even in good relations. But it doesn't look good for the organization to keep him at arm's length. But then again, if he's going to make comments like that, it's hard to see what kind of relationship they could have with him. Guy's not exactly known for not speaking his mind, you know?

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Posted on: October 19, 2011 5:28 pm

Charles Oakley goes off on Knicks, Isiah

You forgot to mention the year the fixed games did the suns in. Amare' getting 3 touch fouls in 1Q was not an accident ( Game 5? ). Minus the fix, I think the suns were better than the spurs that year.

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Posted on: October 18, 2011 8:54 am

Charles Oakley goes off on Knicks, Isiah

I was only a kid when Ewing was playing and never really appreciated him.  IMO probably the most underrated player of that generation. 

Ewing made the All-Star team eleven times.  He was a member of the 1992 "Dream Team".  He was named to the list of the 50 Greatest Players in NBA Nistory.  And in 2008 he was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame.  How does any of that translate into being "underrated:?

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Posted on: October 17, 2011 11:46 pm

Charles Oakley goes off on Knicks, Isiah

hahaha thats charles..would you confront him about it if you saw him?

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Posted on: October 17, 2011 11:37 pm

Charles Oakley goes off on Knicks, Isiah

Charles Oakley would have made a better hire than Mark Jackson. Jackson's main qualification is playing the most games of any point guard. Just how that translates into actual NBA coaching experience is beyond me. 

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Posted on: October 17, 2011 11:30 pm

Charles Oakley goes off on Knicks, Isiah

Gotta love Oakley.... He speaks the truth.... The Knicks have been paying for Isiah's bonehead moves for years.... He has been horrible in management, got hit for sexual harrassment and destroyed the CBA.... I think Isiah must have some photos of Dolan doing some bad stuff for him to even be involved with the Knicks...
As for Oakley's coaching future, he is already with the Bobcats and as a close friend of Jordan's he will always have a job... Not that Jordan has done anything as management either...

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Posted on: October 17, 2011 11:23 pm

Charles Oakley goes off on Knicks, Isiah

FortheLulz, well said.  As a Knicks fan, I cannot stomach Isiah.  For some reason, Dolan is in love with him and let him run this team into the ground by taking on bad contracts and selfish players like Cancerbury, Curry, Jerome James, Jeffries, Francis, Crawford, and the contract of a washed up Penny Hardaway to name a few.  Oakley is 100% right.  Isiah is a lowlife punk who sexually assuaulted a female coworker and put back the Knicks for years.  The last decade for me has been very painful watching them.  How Dolan still wants him around is beyond me.  There are former players who played here like Oakley and Ewing who actually care about the success of this team and want to see them win.  All Zeke cares about is putting money in his wallet.  He was a great player and horrible executive.  Why do you think the Pistons wanted nothing to do with him?  Dumars, say what you want about him, built a championship team, built on defense and was at or near the top of the league for several years.  For all that he did in Detroit, Pistons fans do not really have a high opinion of him anymore.  And he is also right about D'anphony.  I said it when we lost to the C's in the playoffs and that is this guy was the product of Steve Nash in PHX.  He does not know the meaning of the word defense and does not believe in it.  He thinks that outscoring and outrunning opponents will win games.  Well, that high tempo style does not work in the playoffs with the half-court style teams play defensively.  All those years the Suns were great, their defense did them in.  They need to bring in a defensive-minded coach and incorporate defense back into the NY culture, as it had been during the Ewing Era when Oakley was here as well.  Instead of Zeke, Dolan should have hired Oak as an adivsor.

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Posted on: October 17, 2011 10:01 pm

Charles Oakley goes off on Knicks, Isiah

Serphyx, I think it shows your age with that comment alone.  Patrick Ewing is listed among the top 100 to ever play the game.....underrated?  I think perhaps your ignorance for the game at a young age was the only thing that might have listed him as underrated.  He was a top 3 center his entire career

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Posted on: October 17, 2011 6:50 pm

Charles Oakley goes off on Knicks, Isiah

As a Detroit fan who's been around for several hundred years, I've seen a lot of athletes in this town. I can't think of any who accomplished so much here that I have a lower opinion of than Zeke, with the one possible exception of Denny McLain. More power to Oakley for calling this punk bitch out.

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Posted on: October 17, 2011 6:38 pm

Charles Oakley goes off on Knicks, Isiah

I was only a kid when Ewing was playing and never really appreciated him.  IMO probably the most underrated player of that generation. 

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Posted on: October 17, 2011 5:19 pm

Charles Oakley goes off on Knicks, Isiah

Going off like that is not going to get Oakley any calls for coaching jobs, but alot of what he said is true. If he truly wants people to listen and respect him, he went about it all wrong. By the way, Patrick Ewing should be the next Knick's coach, actually the Magic's coach, they will never win a title under Van Gundy. Ewing and Dwight Howard in NY, we can only hope.

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