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NBA Lockout talks break down

Posted on: October 20, 2011 7:39 pm
Edited on: October 20, 2011 8:40 pm
By Matt Moore

In short, nearly the worst kind of news. The NBA and NBPA met for another long mediated session Thursday. The result? At around 7:35 EST Adam Silver and Peter Holt held a press conference to announce that talks have broken down and no further meetings are scheduled. 

Silver would not confirm any further cancelations of games, but the mood is extremely grim.


Silver did confirm that the issue that lead to the breakdown between the owners and union was back to BRI. There had been a significant amount of talk about the issues being systemic issues, particularly the luxury tax and revenue sharing. Silver revealed that the union had lowered its offer to 52.5 percent of BRI, with the owners holding the line at 50/50, still.

Ken Berger reported Monday that the owners' 50/50 offer was back to a 49-51 range.  The question is whether the concessions made in the systemic issues pushed the players back to a flat 50/50. Silver also said that the two sides were "far apart" on systemic issues.

Silver told reporters that the players in essence wanted a trade-off. In essence, if the players were conceding on BRI, they wanted more from the systemic issues.

Spurs owner Peter Holt said that at this point, both sides felt "stuck" and that both sides had been "negotiating a long time." Holt said that one reason for the talks to end was due to fatigue, saying "both sides have been negotiating for a long time." 

With the gap down to 1.5 percent, $100 million as estimated by's Ken Berger for the 2010-2011, you would think that splitting the difference now more than ever would be a likelihood, particularly with mediation from George Cohen. But Silver revealed that the NBA is looking for a 10-year deal, which would make the 1.5 differential $1 billion. Silver and Holt both reiterated that 50 percent is the absolute figure they're willing to go "today" in the words of Holt.
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Posted on: October 20, 2011 10:05 pm
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Posted on: October 20, 2011 9:48 pm

NBA Lockout talks break down

Thank You NBA owners!!!

If it is true that 22 teams in the league lost money last season there is something wrong with the product.   While the majority of the owners are the ones holding the cards and showing solidaity that the finances behind the game need to be fixed...Why the hell are the 30 SUPERSTARS on the players sides calling all the shots...these Superstars dont give a #2 about the what happens to the 300+ guys that bust there butt year to year to make a roster and earn a life changing contract.  Instead, there ready to go on tour, making another 6-7 figure paycheck for showing off their talents.  Hopefully they have enough sense to send all of their "undeserving" teammates a postcard or two while overseas "promoting the NBA".   If these guys had any brains they would be taking the money they earn on this exhibition and send it back to the players that make them look good back in the states (and showing the owners, the fans, and other NBA players that its not just about them) , but i think thats a team concept these superstars just dont get.

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There is allot of inbreeding in America!

I  am shocked that most of you trash people, know even how to operate a computer.  And when i say Trash I refer to most Americans on this site.  From Brian Gumbel's comments on Stern to most of the uneducated comments below, it makes the rest of the world smile with pity.  ALL OF YOU WHITE, BLACK fools.  If you dont like the country you live in go back to what ever dirty, war torn, no toilet paper hell hole your ancestors came from.

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Posted on: October 20, 2011 9:46 pm

NBA Lockout talks break down

This is stunningly good news.  I prayed for no season....hopefully for multiple years.  Each year that goes by is another year without LeBum James winning anything.

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NBA Lockout talks break down

What are you talking about?  Gumbel?

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NBA Lockout talks break down

Dear NBA Players,

Have a great time in Europe.  Maybe we will see you on TV from time to time.  I know some nice places to eat in Italy if you need some good food.  Bye, bye. 

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NBA Lockout talks break down

What amazes me most about these comments sections for Sportsline is the amount of racism that is displayed.  Doesn't really matter what the story is about, so long as a black person is involved, some people just like to spew bitterness and hatred.

It's 2011.  Really,  I find this very sad.

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NBA Lockout talks break down

Yay, ill have a drink to that, no NBA this season.  That is worth celebrating

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NBA Lockout talks break down

Bunch of over paid prima donnas that can not even spell GED let alone get one.   Bring on Sully and the Buckeyes. Keep LBJ down in S Beach w/ all the other homos Most will miss these idiots about as much as missing a visit to the dentist. 95% of people do not care. Get some lab monkeys to replace them at least they would speak better English and you could understand them during an interview.

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NBA Lockout talks break down

Most of therse kids aren't going to school for a real education...these kids getting those full rides probably wouldn't be there in the first place if they couldn't play basketball.

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